Jungle safari

The external project time is nearing. The topic assigned to both of us is all about why the climatic situation in this part of the world is of extreme cooler in nature. This seems to provide us to see the nature of plants and the local people living here and for this it does require to understand the better environmental facilities so as to provide awesome way to understand why such change of climate is there even the nearby places have not shown such strange climatic situation as there is of now. In order to write the lengthy three thousand page report we have to see and understand the process of the visibility factor as well as different environmental factors that has been completely dependable in these circumstances.

There has been plenty of trees in and around in these places. We have to observe these trees and then write about it and collect some samples and then see what are the major value factors of these trees that are making the entire atmosphere is very cool and sufficient to provide an awesome and wonderful climate. It was almost beginning of september, where both me and elee with android devices, and some offline notebooks begin the journey to nearby areas to understand and the process of environmental improvements works in the correct manner or not. The move down towards, the ground level is of extreme narrowest path and we have to watch both sides, in order to move carefully from side to side. It is of extremely critical journey due to the presence of stiffer slopes on one side and the dungeon at the other side.

In the mean time, due to presence of large number of hovering clouds all over in these places, visibility applications reduce to a bare minimum as the moving vehicle sounds with their lights on can only be seen in these places. We carefully moved towards down slope regions and we move with extreme caution as there are already signs of slipperiness in and around those places. In the mean time after crossing for some distances, we cross the presence of town club and then slowly the main road begins. Entire areas have also very few vehicles and most of these heavy vehicles tend to move slowly due extreme presence of bad roads and coupled with narrow roads and that too hilly and entirely visible factors just seem to provide awesome stoppages of seeing the moving vehicles.

The serpentine movements of roads in this vicinity do provide one of the awesome ways to see how such constructions could have been made. Entire regions are full of large number of forests as well as it has more and more dense jungles due to favorable regions. We decided to stop there for some time and as we go into, it which is on the right side of road, we see there were some pathways which lead to these jungles. We decided not to move deep into it as we have to watch and write down of various flora and fauna that existed inside of jungles. Entire jungle seems to suggest a wider array of peaceful feelings with nice and tall trees. Some trees seem to suggest they are very much older as we go into it. We watch one tree which is so tall that it is almost difficult to see the top of it and we stood there and take the note of it.

That tree has some sort of whitish skins which is surprising considering that it belongs to some of rarest of rare breeds of trees and its leaves are very wide just the half of banana leaves and we do not have any such idea whether these leaves can be used as supplement for bowls or not just like banana trees. All these seems to suggest that inside jungles there are many such strange breed of trees which we tend to find and if such research goes on then we should be finding more about it. After walking for about few meters, Elie saw one tree which is not so tall but that tree is full of different colors of flowers. We stopped there as it seems the leaves of the trees are not so visible as well as the amount of flowers that have been bestowed upon these trees seems to suggest some sort of nice decorative element from the distance.

It is very interesting. The flowers looks nice with each flower is subdivided into many parts of flowers and the smaller subelement of flower is just like the some of musical instrument and every sub element of flower is divided into so many different colors so much so that it ultimately provides awesome look as well as one need to observe the perfection of color blending out there and what an awesome experience of seeing such a colorful flowers and that too it has bestowed upon entire part of trees and that makes entire visibility parts of trees awesome to watch. What a beautiful flower, should I pluck it. This is a difficult question to me as in this unknown jungles it has become difficult to know whether this flower is good or bad and how should I say to this as I continue to think about it.

She laughs at it, it seems that you also been in the state of confusion just like me so we do not pluck it but we should take the photoes of it and then we took the image of it and decided to upload to photo search engines in order to know more about it. It was an awesome and beautiful experience to see how more the are different parts of nature out there and we are living inside it but still many more aspects of natural enviroments are not know to us and this has been more surprising to us than ever before. We just go into images and then zoom into it from Galaxy device and found that even each part of subelement of flower consists of many such parts and there are different colors attached with it which goes on to show hoe such beautiful blending of colors has been done by nature and what an awesome learning to know how such colors or so and so colors can be blended and equally mixed with it so as to provide one of awesome ways to find and manage the beauty of nature.

We smiled at each other and we feel we have found two rare breeds of plants. One is the tallest trees and the other is the smallest tree with plenty of flowers. It provides us with the sense of joy and extreme happiness and it does comes with most entertaining aspect of learning with nature which provides the single most manageable aspect of understanding what life could be all about and how such wonderful parts of life could have been created by nature and how we should be learning it from nature to understand its best possible presence out there.

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