She continue to talk with me while the prayer going on and that keeps me somewhat in an awkward situation as I know the mistress is standing there from some distance and she continue to look at me and her as I still did not know her name but how could being the newbie of sections still knows me. That is surprising as in this hill town of Tensa which remains cut off from the rest of the country for more than three months and she as a newbie how she could recognise me and calling by me with my nick name. She might have heard this from something but in my school everyone is calling for my first name but not with my nickname and only my family and relatives are calling me with my nick name.

This thought processes continue to haunt me for some time and for the first time I could not hear what the headmaster is talking about the thought of the day which provides nicer food of thought for me as well as for the entire school. I continue to think about it and in the mean time, the head master calls me which is surprising as well as some sort of jolts for me to hear this as I am sure he would ask me to explain the thought of the day and that becomes one of the most difficult phase of seconds for me. I slowly moved from there to the first row, and in the mean time while moving, she got to hold my hand and slowly whispered about what is thought of the day the headmaster was talking about.

I listened to her and then I smiled back for her help and slowly moved towards the front row and stood silently in front of the head master. Headmaster asked me Mohan what is the thought of the day I was speaking about as it seems you are not listening to it, and I slowly spoke about it and then he smiles and was very much happier in listening that even though I was not concentrating but still able to hear what he says about it and then he smiles and and said to me that try to come earlier and stand in the front of yours section row, I nodded in agreement and slowly moved towards the back, in the mean time I slowly crossed mistress and she glared at me and then told me that she saved you as I looked downwards and continue to walk towards my row.

In the mean time, after reaching there, she smiled back and told me to thank her, I thanked her for her help and then I think that due to her constant questioning I was not able to hear the quote of the day but still due to her I am able to get the point and thanked her again. It seems I am beginning to fall into the trap of no where, as before the girl appears suddenly I was about to be more cooler in thought and concentration and continues to concentrate on what I was thinking about and listening about but now am supposedly forced to listen to her and then make mistakes of not listening to thought of the day and then slowly continue to take her help to understand what I was missing to. All these seems to make me some sort of worried but then all these thoughts seem to be broken all around at once after she suddenly called me again tapping slowly on my back shoulder, let us go buddy, now the prayer class is finished.

In the meantime, I watched the mistress is smiling at my discomfiture of these states of happenings. I then slowly walked into the classroom which is hardly a few distances away from there and slowly moved into it. In the meantime, it was said that the concerned teacher should reach the class of 15 minutes late and during these times. I decided to concentrate more on my education and especially mathematics and its mensuration parts. I know to days should be the weekly tests for mathematics and in the meantime, during this 15 minutes of time I should be using this time to take on my mathematics part to recite all these so that in the coming days my regions should be done proper manner and greater accuracy.

After almost of ten minutes surprisingly instead of mathematics teacher ours class teacher reached the class. We all surprised and Mrs. Padhi reached to dashboard of class and then told to us for today there should not be any teaching as the new form of collaborative management in the form of group study will be introduced to day and for two hours that should take time to decide and the it should be holiday time for all of us for last two days. I asked why mam for the last two days there should be holiday time, she told that during weekends the school would be closed and it is time for all of us to move towards the state of revision and other contractual and group activities during these periods.

All these informations about new group activities seem to be bouncing upon us but we are still waiting for the class teacher to let us understand. She said all the students of her section to reach the laboratory which is just behind the head master’s chamber. We for the first time reached there and saw the seats are located like the gallery and there are some scientific instruments located out there. It was interesting room as a laboratory class is only for eleventh and twelfth standards as this can help you to understand how such a brilliant scientific laboratory it has been. I tend to know after completion of my graduation but still I remember those lucky days were for about 30 minutes we were shifted to laboratory inside school campuses.

The gallery was absolutely wonderful with the nice settings up chairs which are implanted with grounds and chairs are from top to bottom to present and showcase how such an wonderful and brilliant presentations chair settings which should let us show that each and every students seating on that chairs should feel absolutely comfortable out there. I sat at the upper corner of the gallery which is on the higher side as from there I could watch the dashboard classroom easily without any difficulties of obstructions of viewing angle. In the meantime, the new student of the class sat beside me and when I looked at her she smiled and then the class monitor reached to front of the class and urged all of us to stay calm and sit in peace out there.

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