Does Managing Human Values Sometimes Make You Feel Stupid?

Human is the best creation of the Lord of Universe. As always we do find many such instances of complete achievement of humans and how they have turned the tide into their favour with brilliant and wonderful achievements. Human reasoning consists of ethics, morals and values. All these do separate ourselves from the animals. Most of living creatures of the earth do have a brain but the way these brains are used simply makes us to believe that we humans have superior reasoning power than any other animals. There has been more and more ethical entities which has been created by communities to control of behaviour so as to present such a system of environment where we do find more and more pervasive and sustained beliefs to understand how such an greatest form of managing ideas which affect the thinking of human values in its brilliant manners.

When we reach to an office and a seemingly corrupt assistant at the desk and always provides us with a good hearing but that is all not working what it is intended to be and that makes entire process of understanding that though at the first appearance the person seemingly nice and hear everything but still not been so responsive to act in hurry. Though at first appearances it does seem that the person is in nice spirits to help you out but in actually it does not as it seems that he wished some more money offered to him in exchange of doing this work. All these seemingly the most possibly form of outrageous office work in certain destinations which we have been experiencing so far. Why more and more offices and especially more and more front offices staffs are being so convincingly engaged themselves with the work if someone pays for it.

What is the government is paying them salary, perks and everything and still they want more and why such comparable limits of payments is still on the rise which is difficult to understand. Why there is always been the same sort of responses as well as the gentle human beings who used to help us in many forms but that does not happening for the time being and the entire process of understanding the movements and parameters of excellence in its smartest form is just making us believe that entire system is corrupt. There are many good persons in offices who also used to help others but still numbers of them are farely lesser.

When we reach into for buying of train reservation tickets for long distance journey at the front of ticket reservation counters the first impression which we got from it is that the most of these attendants are not interested in providing us as many information which we want from them. If we ask for some information, they simply show their raged face generally as if we are buying a ticket at free of cost. These sorts of predicament of behaviour do make us feel why not they smile at us and do provide us with some very good faces while booking railway tickets. Just think of this, one has got to get up early and then reach to railways reservation counter and then reach there and stay at the long row. Most of travel agents used to stay at the first of rows and easily followed by the other travel agents back by dark. Even if you are in the fourth or fifth of the row but the first hour of the ticketing system should always be taken over by these agents and some places it has been seen that some of the front office counter member also helped them out.

At the first row so called travel agents used to get the maximum number of tickets thus negating the aspect of getting the reserve tickets at the first hour.

Similarly, while driving on the road now-a-days we have found that some sort of glass breakers are there. Which meant one way traffic in the roads where the breadth of roads is generally that of not so wide for one way road system. In the middle of it, there are some glass stoppers which can be seen as one way road and most of bigger vehicles such as trucks and busses tend to move in between. That is acceptable but not so agreeable when the three wheeler auto or any bike in order to move forward and reach at its peak speed used to take the other one way road and that makes you slower if you happen to move into just opposite direction. This is what law breakers tend to do everytime you are on the road and that is why constant driving and careful driving in these roads are really tiring.

There is more and more law enforcing people out there but sadly no one does not see stop those. This is not the fault also. Due to heavier presence of sun out there it is almost difficult to remain there. The power of heat is so much so that it is almost unintelligible to stand under the sun all the time. That is why we were experiencing the presence of such rash driving which ultimately careful drivers to feel the presence of such hazards and that is why everytime I do drive within these roads especially do find to hard to drive in these roads. It seems that managing of human values does not have so much of values and the way these vehicles try to be advanced over others seems to make entire driving mechanisms difficult to sustain. This is the trend in smaller cities and in bigger cities the rash driving cases are in the news and in smaller cities most of these underrated drivers have a tendency to drive faster to reach to their destinations.

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Now with stronger implementation of the law we have seen the presence of traffic police along with general policy in each of square and mostly at the busiest and most controversial squares. In addition to it, we have seen the installation of close circuit cameras in and around those places. That is why it has been tremendously, reduced the power of criminals. Only owing to presence of close circuit cameras in public places we have seen vast decrease of criminality in those places. Such signs of reasoning on the part of administration can go a long way in making the entire traffic route better and nicer. This smaller gesture on the part of the administration can make the entire town or area peaceful.

One other aspect of the perfect town building is all about making the entire township nicer times. We have seen slowly, more and more small shops as well as small grocery shops have been mushrooming in and around these places where the road runs. It not only makes movement within these roads difficult but also moving in these spaces becomes extremely dangerous. Most of these spaces are meant for footpath and most pedestrians as well as cyclists tend to move into these spaces in order to avoid moving of heavy vehicles. In addition to this most of these shops do tend to sell most of these contraband substances which unite most of not so nice people out there. That is why most of these places are not so nice and most of these pedestrians who used to walk into these places find these places not so nice and most of these antisocial elements do reside out there.

It makes entire roaming in these places in two fold ways such as it stops the footpath areas of that place and people have to move sideways and to expose the road in order to walk in those places. That is why the probability of accidents does increase exponentially and this makes the entire movement in these roads difficult. Owing to presence of these shops in and around in these places, more and more people are standing nearer to roads and thus covering entire places and that makes movement in these roads difficult. It makes entire movements within these spaces tricky to manage.

That is why no shops to be allowed nearer to roads and that too nearer to footpath so that movement of people should be free and without any obstruction. Such obstruction of free movement of people within these spaces should be allowed freely. In some other spaces, especially from the roads that lead to villages from towns we have seen the presence of a large number of houses which are basically the smaller ones have been there in and around the places nearer to roads. There are small childs as well as ladies accustomed to stand beside it and used to stay there for longer hours. While driving in these roads it has now become almost difficult to walk and drive into it as more and more people are standing here and there and that makes the entire movement in those areas difficult.

All these important directions such as traffic rules need to be convinced and taken care of in a nicer manner in order to have the peaceful driving as well as most congenital atmosphere to sustain in these places. We are living in a democratic nation and here the most important factor of living is all about watching about how our rights as well as duties are simultaneously being filled up in equivocal manners. That is why with every right of freedom we do have simultaneous duties to perform and it is must for every citizen to attain.

As citizens we must at times forget about what are our duties and rights are and that is why most times we do feel these absent about and most times we feel we do only have rights and nothing else that matters apart from it. This is not the way to think about it and move forward with it. We should understand what are the basic premises as well as important factors that are making us to think seriously about our most of positive outcomes and that is why we should in every way to try hard to convince that how to contribute to the society.

When we see those people whoa re breaking laws openly we do find out that most of these people tend to show case and try hard to show us how such the state of complete fascination of independence in which they are living into but sadly most of these does not find the real place where they should have shown the signs of positive outcome such as providing duties to the nation in form of obeying laws and order and does everything to make the nation to be proud of. That is the whole crunch of problem lies as still to date we have not been able to find create natural acceptance of what the duties is but we have found the natural acceptances of what the rights are and all these suprises every human to its most of times.

There has been numerous instances of such occurrences which we have been witnessing from time to time all over in its entirety and it does hurt to believe that we are living in such the state of dire presence. Why such state of inconveniences does appear. Some says that it can be of such as that of, the state of illiteracy is there and it does not entitle us to understand that such state of complete obedience is the need of the hour. May be or ma not be as there are some state of human mind which is also emboldened by the presence of vote bank politics and patronages well by some politicians to stay as if there are real power center and that makes entire movement of making every person to perform his duty never ever completed.

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That is why every one says that by making mere start of democracy one could not find the real fruit of democracy but one has to continuously vouch for more and more superior opportunities to find out what it matters the most and the way democracy takes time to mature as well as the years have passed on we could find the real presence of real democracy which should have been more participatory than ever before.

Democracy form of government always finds itself amidst toughest competition test over time and continues to find more and more ways to sustain it with due course of time in the history of entire forms of democracy. There has been many forms of such presentation of democratically thoughts and ethos and it has been seen with due course of time where we do find more and more perfection in its making it entirely best out of others. Every form of democracy has exclusive provisions and the most beautiful aspect of it has the more power for customisation as well as changing in accordance with the times.

We have seen the constitution of India which has been inspired from many successful democracies still it has its own unique features attached with it. Stronger democracies like India, US, UK and so on does provide extreme importance to make it according to their own constitutional developments so as to present one of the better administrative parameters for their citizens.

Now in the subsequent segment we should find out what are the strongest measure to make the democracy stronger as well as mightiest to stay stronger with a taste of times. There have been many pillars of democracy and out if it the fourth pillar is to that of the media. For a stronger and healthier democracy we need to have a greatest form of stronger implementation as well as independent media houses so as to voice their opinions sans supporting parties. A stronger, independent and non-partisan media always continues to provide and highlight important short falls of governance as well as failures of opposition. That is why always need for a stronger media which can protect basic human values. Whenever such tendencies to highlight these then media plunges into action again.

Basic human values are related with liberty of individuals which always were there since the time of human civilisation. That is why provisions of rights to citizens. These rights are aimed at arranging the forms and factors to citizens in providing them with adequate power to exercise the liberties. These liberties are given to citizens so as to realise that there is no stopover over their feeling of being free but still one needs to understand if at any point of time when some one’s liberty is slowly making the form of distraction of liberties of the other then for sure it is evident that, those liberties of the other needs to be scrutinised in clear cut manner and from all these concepts comes out the real concept of duties which has some prime concern in these segments. Now, with rights which empowered citizen to act and roam freely simulataneously it comes with the added advantage of having duties attached with it.

No rights in any other countries do not have the need and the power to move towards the phenomena of complete success when it is not attached with duties. Rights and duties are attached and both of these plays a significant roles in attending to the success of organisation. So far we have seen many citizens do not have an iota of ideas that they have also many duties towards the nation. From where one gets the rights similarly should have to provide themselves with much required form of duties in order create a better and peaceful society with coherence for all so that ultimately all these fascination towards making the country produced could have been more pronounced towards achieving this with ultimate proportions. It is the duties towards the nation that creates perfection in nation building and does provide a huge sense of aid and relief for organisations.

Similarly, not only for citizens but also there is also the need of the hour to exemplify and dedicate the most pronounced form of understanding where we do find most of dedicated form of understanding and developing an organisation is to make it more and more organisations to tilt towards their duties to perform while they do on this land. In management words these duties of organisation is also known as corporate social responsibility where we do find plenty of such works of duties are performed by such corporates in the form of creating jogger’s park or any other form of amusement which always has been providing with more and more entertainment and convenience values for people who always wish to have more and more facilities at their disposal.

With the addition of duties to every citizens as well as organisations working in this administrative unit of land slowly we are moving towards the form and factor of generating more and more welfare measures from the cream layer of benefits sustained by organisations we do move towards the stage where we could find more and more positive and definite possessions of reaching towards ultimate goals of a welfare state. In order to create the notion and form of welfare state we should have the tendencies to see that not only the nation and government involved with it but also with it further additional stage of contributions from the other forms of acts like that recently discussed the forms and factors of creating one of better understanding about how such large enterprises should be playing the role of positive development notions.

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A nation does not solely constitute upon the presentation and availability of only the government. We tend to feel that most of times, that government of the day does not do this or government of the day does not do that but in reality we failed to see what we should do to the nation as the form of helping the nation in its fullest capacity. A nation is in the making in the form of every person who is involved with it. Together we go and then we move and march forward. This nation is not only the responsibility of the government at the center as well as that of the state but it is the cooperative federalism which makes understanding the movement of every notion of organisation for its best of its ability to sustain and manage.

It is the cooperation from all over side that makes the country to be proud of. Every political parties should move towards the tendencies for further encompassment of catching the trends and imagination of voters in terms of development and nothing more or less so that there should have been always been positive aspect of living the motionary presence of detecting what could have been the most pronounced part of deciding what lies the best of deciding the most brilliant aspect of understanding what an organisation could have done to this.

The term politics has been seen with some of most disastrous misguidedly where we do find plenty of different meanings attached with it and it is of high time to remove such misconceptions on it so that ultimately the country is being run by politicians and the way and the manner of the mode of democracy should be seen with the perfection context to understand how can the life of common people to be affected with. Everything is being done to affect the basic human values in thinking about and modifying their thought processes so as to let them understand how such and such presentation of modifications of influences could ultimately make them believe towards the greater considerate transparency of building the ideas of extreme perfection towards making and reaching to power.

Ultimately it comes out in real terms to understand of what is affecting the entire thought processes where we do find plenty of unintentionally organised perfection of misguided realities which ultimately creates and finds the plenty of meanings and people tend to move towards the realities where people of it understand what is making them to decide of which of such entitlement.

That is in every sphere the forms and factors of truthfulness has always been the prime and single most factor of seeing everything in its actual entities so as to present yourselves with perfection of ideas and most gigantic forms of people to make them understand about what are values of life and which values of life that needs to be taken into important consideration and slowly every form and factor of ideas that leads to reach towards ultimate perfection of reaching towards excellent management of ideas where ever form of decision making process does take huge bunch of reaching towards ultimate perfection.

Every action one do or wish to perform must reconcile with the ideas aiming at developing it in the perspective of creating and developing of human values so as in the long run for further development of these arena of progress does not put forward any such negative hindrances attached with it. That is why for every action and every other generation of ideas which we tend to find about must be looked within these glass frame so as to present users with excellent and perfection of ideas to make it sustain more in future.

Further sustenance of these so much and so called value additions need to be attended as well as continuous progression towards making it more and more viable alternative to make it towards moving into ultimate achieving point where every forms of action that has been related with it must be endured and passed into the forms of action oriented approach of everything so as to find every possible coordination that has been attached with it. It is the value addition towards each and every action of either of individuals as well as that of any such organisations within limits of its periphery and by obeying each and every actions of individuals which makes it understand the way we wish to perceive and see the presentations of development of organisations in terms of positive and natural development syndromes.

This is from the central forms and development of such scenarios where we tend to find more and more positive patronages towards achieving the matters of perfection. It is the way to increase and make it towards the stage of perfection of human values so as to make it tilt towards the most positive and most definitive towards ultimate achievements.

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