Day dream

Oh what a laboratory is it. Wonderful features with plenty of scientific instruments with the awesome presence of most of valuable experiments. All these seems to be feeling the same sort of dreams to me and I continue to look at different positions out there in order to observe and seen some newer inventions. I was dreaming about thinking when our class should be here and learning about some newer technologies and attendances of newer scientific inventions. In the mean time, she sat beside me at which point of time unable to know but again the same old tapping to back of shoulder just broke one of excellent day dreams of mine which it feels have been broken into a number of pieces within seconds.

She again told me what are you just thinking about, and she uttered my nickname again. Being the newbie and I ever meet her at any point of time how could she know my name and continue to utter it that provides me added suprises to me but this time I wish to gather enough courage and then ask her about it. In the mean time, she said from time to time it seems you are immersing yourself into a deep sense of thinking which makes me feel that you have lots of questions but you have not yet solved them. Am I right are there any questions you wish to ask me. It just makes me feel that perhaps she is getting into my thinking processes of thinkings. I just surprised with it and continue keeping silences.

I fear that she might have been anticipated my questions but how could she know exactly what I am thinking about. This is the most difficult part of it as at some point of time I wish to ask questions but subsequently do not wish to ask questions, and in order to solve questions more and more questions comes tripping in and the unsolved questions remains as its and continue to stay as it and this is most confusing aspect of thinking as with due course of time I have seen that one should not find answers for every question as there are many questions which remains unanswered for ever.So, I decided to move from this question how the newbie knows my name from the first day itself and slowly I begin to feel light and then she again told me. Do you know why all the students of our section have been transformed here?

I think perhaps the mathematics teacher is absent today or has taken the leave and that is why we have all been transferred here for some time. That is a silly answer she said so, as from now on there should be a group formation of two persons and for every home tasks as well as for every other activities, the members of groups should work out in collaboration with. Now, every task should be done in collaboration manner and the amount of marks should be assigned to the group. In each month for every group one assigned project of outdoor activities and the other two assigned project of indoor activities to be done.

That makes me to think that now she should be knowing everything. That amounts to another additional mysteries of thoughts. How she knows my name in the first place and in the second place how she knowns in advance that entire section have been transferred temporarily to initiate the formation of group processes all has been seemingly present me with some of newer as well as surprising aspect of understanding of what is going on. Then for sometime I continue to think that I should not be thinking about these issues beyond certain level and I should not continue to think of what she was thinking about and how she think about all of these, in stead, I should think that all these are not bad for me and if it is true that ultimately the group is formed than it is my parameter and understanding that I know this prior time.

In the mean time, she said to me that her elder brother was reading five years back and he is now into college and he has told her that there should be formation of two person in one group and that should be staying for four years at a stretch. This has been going on and this trend has been on going for many years starting from standard eight ti twelfth classes. She then paused for sometime and asked me whom do you wish to take into your group, I said still not decided as it is never for me, I could not reach the right conclusion from here.

She said that she would like to form the group with me. I was surprised as well as thinking that what her merit level should have been. Being a meritorious student and topper in the class, I expect some same level of student to be group mate but surprisingly, to my utter honest, I find it nowhere but still some force just keep me of not denying this as if that force knew that she was a good student and I should not be feeling bad about it coming official school mate with her. I agreed with her proposal and then smiles were exchanged. She said that when the class teacher would call groups, she should say about it and I should be silent about it.

I asked why she said she wants to surprise the whole class. Then, I asked her about how do you know my name? As far as I am concerned I am at the wildest possible imagination unable to think about it that at some point of time we have ever met with each other. She smiled back and said that just remembers about the college lane English School, and remembers about the girl with standard four who used to wear the boy’s dress. Just remembering the primary school level where I studied upto standard five and there my study competitor was she and she continue to challenge me for various courses as well as rankings. I smiled back and asked the same question again which I used to ask her about that time, why you wear boys dresses during the primary school level.

She smiles back and said that it is simple, I fond of your dresses and smiled back, and said just see I remember as a school mate for all these four years afterwards but you have forgotten about it. I said, I have not yet perhaps to some extent but the vision of yours has been the same with that wearing the boy’s dress during that time. Both smiles and in, the mean time school teacher reached to the laboratory and the shouting of all students suddenly stops abruptly to move towards the step of complete silence.

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