Constraints in growth of infrastructure

After prolonged struggle of independence, India continues to plan for development in its post independence era. It is the primary focus to enable the proportion of self-sufficiency which moves towards the stage of developing of agricultural and industrial development in the years to come to generate more propensity towards generating employment and remove poverty. It is the poverty that remains the most vital concern and removing it becomes the most vital aspect of understanding and making India richer and financially stronger in the years to come. Then, started the concept of the green revolution and the white revolution. The Green Revolution brought back in many folds to make up internal demands for food grains and white revolutions are more critical in removing malnourishment among children so as to strengthen future generations.

After all these successive ventures, now India is a situation to export wheat, rice and edible oil to countries. This means the amount of such agricultural products is on the higher side of production which amounts to larger generations of food grains. What is sad that the amount of industrial revolution needed and accomplished during these last many years has not been reached to the expected heights and that is the major source of concerns. Even many successive governments have tried hard on this but sadly due to the advent of oppositions to industries in the form of environment as well as people?s movement has led to defiance of such projects.

That is why. There has been a growing number of unemployment as well as that amass to massive number of people staying below the poverty line. Due to lesser growth rate of industries all over India, during last so many years just after independence we have seen lesser people are getting employed and that creates lesser generation of incomes. Apart from all these major concerns the most important part of it is that the lesser presence of good infrastructure which in many cases negates the presence of good industries. Industries to build up one needs to have a good form of infrastructure as well as good amount of road, rail, air as well as nearby shopping arena so that those industries should spend a lesser amount while shipping of products.

When they spent less this means that ultimately their gains will be higher and that makes the larger share of income to people working there as well as large number of people can be employed with due course of time due to presence of more and more gains of industries. That can open different ancillary industries as well as expansion of industries on the basis of growth factors. That is why successive government has reposed their larger faith on creating one of the best and brilliant industrial corridors, where we do find more and more accomplished environment to do businesses.

On the other side what is the most disappointing aspect of the development of infrastructure is that it is considered to be the sole proprietor of government. That is why most industries which rely heavily on the development of infrastructures depend largely upon the development of these areas from government of the day. In India, we have seen the presence of a large number of industrial corridors which are meant for equal share of development by both private and government. Infrastructure development relates with the development of roads, railways, airports, ports, telecommunications, internet, powers, waters and so on. Most of government have tried hard to develop it but despite their continual efforts most of these developmental projects are still lacking in the progress of developments.

What should have been reasons for these tardy developments of India? There are various reasons attached with it the first and foremost is that there are limited government resources. We are not a rich and developed nation. We are even in so many years of independence still the country which labeled as a developing nation. This speaks a lot about this. We have not been so sufficient funds as well as not so sufficiently richer experiences to understand what constitutes basic amenities of lives. For so many years of the government of India has been delivering to remove poverty within people of India. That became the huge concern as well as mass enablement of understanding of how a life could be saved and how people from below poverty line able to have food and good health facilities so as to make them live the life and all these has become one of most prominent and important aspect of understanding of what life could have been.

In order to go for the continuance of such efforts on welfare measures for time and again we have seen more funds are transferred to these cases and most times the funds for other infrastructure projects seemingly lesser. More and more politics added to it such as which indicates more and more demand for welfare measures and developing more subsidies and that creates a huge burden on the exchequer. Taxation bases are so small to comprehend that amount to the lesser amount of money as well as the range of service taxes are of very lesser segments that results to a lesser amount of increase of money for government. That is the prime reason for lesser generation of income as well as a lesser amount of distribution percentages for the development of infrastructures.

Infrastructures projects does take huge amounts of payloads to government exchequer as well as due to advent of corruption and redtapism we have seen these projects lagging fro many years and ultimately providing more and more budget deficit due to rise of cost of projects. Why such stages of complete defiance of completion of projects as well as high expenditures on such infrastructure projects have been on the rise for last so many years. Apart from corruption and redtapism another aspect of this is the lack of focus and proper planning which results in delayed projects. That is why most of the developments have been at particular pockets of the country. It is time to focus on entire parts of the nation to understand and make it one most homogenous stages of development so that ultimately the spine of development should reach all over in the entire center stages of nation.

There might have been some strange aspect of development of nation as we have seen many sides of nations are still not developed in terms of industrial development indexes and for this it it especially important to make it the most wide range aspect of development so that ultimately the forms and factors of development. This goes on to provide that we have seen the forms and factors of some of the worst side of progress in all these years. That is why we have seen that some part of the arena is developed and some part is not so one which remains and makes the entire part of understanding the development has been lesser in most of these arenas.

In most countries, we have seen the presence of private and public partnerships where we do find that most times it has been these aspects which ultimately make it most of outstanding aspect of developing infrastructure facilities inside the nation. In all these years, most of times, we have seen that government is alone spending hugely for such developmental progression of infrastructure excellences where we do find most of times the process and progress of development has become somewhat limited to achieve and for this it is important to understand with due course of time there has been many such developmental progress and that makes entire process of development excellent and wonderful. Most of these developments in progress are highly subsidized as well as somewhat not so powerful which ultimately makes the entire state of development and progress not so of high qualitative in nature.

Progression of infra structural facilities, requires constant operation and maintenance otherwise, we can find that slow the progression of, infrastructure facilities do require more and more replacement of these so as to provide one of the excellent facilities for correction of such facilities. There has been complete lack of intention for removing corrupt practices as well as awarding contracts to party loyalists which ultimately pave the way for complete degradation works which ultimately showcase that, and coupled with lack of innovation practices as well as lack of approach that can recreate more and more stronger and possibly more precise part of creating and building a stronger part of understanding should lead for complete focus on development.

Now, all these leads to complete process of reforms in infrastructure stages where we do find more and more possibly the most outstanding aspect of development where we do find extreme hard works in removing all those bottlenecks in order to show case the strong case for developments. First we need to tackle the growth rate of economy that can affect in huge measures for development and that is why we should move forward and understand how the development indexed works and why such the processes of development needs a complete overhaul so much so that ultimately it amounts to stronger and mightier case for constant development scenarios. With the increase in growth rate of the economy we do find the amass of large number of financial strength as well as possibly larger amount of generation of revenues which could enforce and empower the amount of infrastructure facilities.

With equal growth of economy as well as decrease of inflation which could help to think about more and more amassment of money and empowering of private sector to take their own decisions in terms of productivity and gains which could make them realize the amount of increase of wealth which ultimately paves the way for mass generation of foreign direct investment which ultimately can recreate the performance presentations of such infrastructure ranges to recreate the perfection of presentation of such development scenarios. Reforms within infrastructure segment do needs complete overhaul of decision making processes such as reforms of existing infra structural legal systems which should facilitate the entrance of private sectors so as to make it more viable and amount of money flow into these segment should be on higher sides.

Government should forms various empowering groups to recommend it from time to time about creation of institutional facilities and arrangements with business to business for complete developments as well as it does provide huge amount of stronger and particularly the move vibrant ways to go for completion of development all over inside entire development agendas. These forms and factors of developments should be uniform and should be at all levels so as to distribute rich dividends of developments all across the entire nation. A developed economy does have equal distribution of shares of wealth all across the entire state of the nation so that no areas should be deprived of it at any stages of development. Roles and mode of flow of private capitals should be controlled nicely as well as should have proper regulations and should have the speed clearances of such projects so as to enable faster completion time of such projects.

Most of these such developments should have a stronger presence of commercialization of infrastructure projects which results in developing of selection of certain infrastructure projects which should make the processes of development should be detected. It is important for every source of development we do need proper sense of funding and integrated funding so that even after the completion of the project we tend to have the proper operation and maintenance part in order to make the life of such projects longer. That is why here comes the important role of capital markets which tends to authenticate the importance of such projects as well as organization so that with such authentication and identification of projects we do find more and more powerful as well as more and more institutional investors investing hugely on such projects.

Next closely looked after the institutional source of funds as the government needs to regulate it and make it more transparent so that flow of money should have been always from the right sources of money. It is also correct time to augment confidences of investors who are inside debt instrument so that the money they provide to institutional investors in the form of debt instruments should have sufficient safeguard measures to pay back the money as it is when required. Out of several investors confidence that is required as and when, should be included in government guarantees and special reserve accounts where it should increase comfort levels of investors in many folds. It has a level of confidence in two ways. One is that if the government continues to provide the similar level of confidence than for each and every level of confidence mechanisms a straight forward level of confidence mechanisms from the government is not always desirable.

If private participation within investor level in infrastructure set up is desired then, it can act in two fold ways. As it should be selected on the basis of competitive levels so as to augment the desire of the lowest level of debt interest or so it can become one such high level of partnerships between private and government sectors. The cost of capital invested within such high level of infrastructure projects needs to be accesses and comprehended within the highest point of mattes where it should be properly calculated with well guarded mechanisms to find out the real level of competitive formats within these sets up understandings. Settled dispute mechanisms need to be set up in order to settle every matter of private dispute. The roles of regulators in the case of dual responsibility where both private and public sector need to work in coherent manner so as to produce the most vital and productivity part of success that needs to be comprehended with equal positivity and vital authenticity of propagation of understanding of the ways the project comes up with.

An infrastructure coordination committee need to be set up to distribute the proportions of responsibility where every norms and work standards that need to undergo must be going under every level of decision making processes so as to find out the most favorable form of reaching to the stages of final decisions. Power as infrastructure project relates with a high level of utility which aims at providing high power drives to users. With lesser power supply to industries that does not go to have any sort of influence on business making and that should make the entire part of power sharing difficult to achieve. We have seen in the past how the road to success of the power sector have very difficulties with horror stories of Enron, Spectrum Power Generation which continues to provide lesser power and unable to achieve desired results. Potential hydel- power projects have a very low cost of generation of electricity and government as to increase the potential power output should tap into it by creating more and more such hydel projects to make up the power losses. It is estimated that only 20 percentages of potential hydel-power projects have been tapped and it is time to dwell in and find out more and more potential hydel power projects to cope with demands of consumer so as to make up the opportunities of power losses. That is why it is important to search for every natural opportunities of infrastructure segment so as to provide people more value of money in order to present the most vital aspect of understanding of the way of development which should in the longer run must develop and find out better and effective ways to manage entire infrastructure developments.

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