After discovering some of rarest of rare plants inside this small jungles of this hill side which has many different presence of flora and fauna existences out there and does provide awesome ways to manage the performance of nature and this goes on this how there are many shades of nature which are still not been revealed and with the curiosity of individuals as well as with the intention of making good performance within the spheres of school we tend to move forward to find out some more interesting thing about jungles so that while submitting the project we should be writing in detail about these real time experiences which has been going on with the perception of encountering these from time and again.

There has been some small stretches of roads that have been there. These roads are of mud ridden roads but due to advent of cooler season these roads seems to be in good shape and there are no trees or small grasses within these periphery of roads that means that people are moving through this and this means that this jungle is being covered by some people and might have some people reaching there in search of fun or seeing the nature at its very best out there.

She said just see the amount of trees and the amount of leaves is there which makes looking at the outside world just been taking up with the prospect of darknesses. The visibility amplification factor just makes entire scenarios of dynamic presence in these arena somewhat utterly desirable and with we both the group partners of this project we tend to move slowly and have made the alarm so that we should not be moving that far away distance and we should have sufficient time to return back.

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In the mean time, we slowly move forward and whenever we see some sort of newer presence of nature than we tend to make the note of it and take the screenshot with our galaxy devices. We should preserve ours mobile devices if while returning there could have been darker then we should use the flash portion of mobile device for better use, it could have been but I said in reply that I have brought the power bank along with me so it should have been any difficulties for us and that power bank is fully charged to charge the mobile in case the battery is running out. Elie said there is no signal inside this place, as I said, these private mobile career only install those towers in the place where people live and leave these places, if there was signal then we could search for some interesting place, I said good idea but we have to go without mobile connectivity.

I have downloaded the offline map file but still those are not working but we move forward in the hope of seeing any such river so that some sort of new addition to our project. In the mean time, she said to stop for some time, as due to continuous walking along with these soil roads, she is feeling tired of it and we saw one of the bigger and wider tree there and decided to stand there for some time in order to take rest and revive ours energy. I was also feeling tired so it is a perfect place with shades all over and that makes the entire movement out there completely comfortable. We drank some water. Then eat some bananas, as it aims to revive our energy part to make it more productive and then we discuss about what should have been ours themes of the project. She said that first the tallest tree and now this one could have been the oldest tree and we have taken the picture of it and then the small flower tree and we had taken the image earlier and then we need some sort of another form of interesting aspect so that ultimately we could be moving towards finding this as we does not know what are waiting for us and we slowly move forward in finding this and we both sure to find it ultimately.

Elie said let us begin ours research, and after standing for ten minutes under the larger tree we move forward and decide to go mostly half a kilometers to one kilometer and then return back as it should be enough ingredient for ours project and then we have to write down these incidents and then print it and submit it and one day ours project teacher should be calling us to present this paper and we should be presenting this and before that we should be discussing about it and create the scenes of mock presentation so that ultimately while presenting there should not any loss of concentration as well as loss of memory and these are plenty after projects works than needs to be done but now the prime motive is to find one more landmark inside of this jungle.

We move forward and after walking for about half a kilometers straight into jungle, suddenly, we saw the smaller roads which we have been walking suddenly stops and there were no roads ahead of now, it is a dead end now. We both looked at each other as we know one more element of this journey which we have been looking forward to being now not being seen. It seems we have to move to another jungle to search for this element. We are both sad and we decided to move back as the next smaller patch to roads leads to dungeon with strongest and possibly the most steepest slopes of lands. Elie and I both disappointed to the point. Suddenly, stronger winds flows and this means in this part of the world when the wind blows with stronger speed this means it is already past the noon and the night comes suddenly this means within two hours so we have little time left and for this we have to return back in hurry but with the moving of strong air we see some of the trees at the end of the road moves into different sides and this shows that there is some sort of roads leading to it.

Oh, another road moving there but why it is still dark and it seems that there is some sort of down roads or what is it we could understand what should be waiting for this. We move forward, walking slowly at the end of road and then we slowly sidewards the sides of roads to find out that there is a cave, a bigger cave with wider angled of entrances out there, the entrance road is so still and downward that we have to stand from there at some distance in order to save us accidentally falling into it. Oh it is caving, a great discovery. I said we should not move into it as the roads seems to be so stiff and the downward slope is so stiff that even if some one go into it then it needs some other’s help to comes out and for this we have to understand that, we should take photos of it and never ever should enter into it. We have taken images and some images we try to take with flash with lights on from power bank to show us that some parts of entrance should be visible and after taking images we decided to move back with sufficient, and enough resources for us so that ours project on jungle could be one of most visible and most anticipated incidents and resourceful events of ours life ever.

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