Phone rang. It was nearly in the 6 am in the morning. Generally, I was there on the outside and in due course of time, it was time for my jogging. I was with ear phone listening to songs and then suddenly the phone rang. My phone was in driving mode. As with the case of galaxy devices, phones generally run with different modes. These are all customised mode in order to make the settings more comfortable for the layman. What it makes is that while running or driving and if you are with smart phones then it should automatically accept the calls, without touching the screen of your phone. Suddenly, the call automatically received and from the other side I heard the sound of one of the most remembered ones.

This is one of my school mates as well as, college mate, during my initial service period, and he called me after the gap of five years. This has been the most surprising aspect of living the life and it does provide the most awesome ways to manage the lives as with due course of time we have seen that if I was listening the songs without ear phones still most of these songs cannot be audible, but with due course of time with the advent of technology we have seen that the presence of such widely designed android phones which I have seen the meeting of one of my oldest friend after the gap of five years.

He is reaching here after the gap of five years and he should be reaching for Bhubaneswar within the shortest span of time and should be staying there for some more time and we should have a greater amount of get togetherness within ourselves. I was at that time at the coastal town of Puri and he should be reaching to Bhubaneswar in Rajdhani Express. It was mostly anticipated. The climate of coastal town of Puri has been, hotter but surprisingly we have seen the weather on that day is it cooler and that makes my entire journey to Bhubaneswar which is hardly 60 kilometers away should be enough to make the entire journey most comfortable.

I reached at Bhubaneswar on time, and reached to Bhubaneswar Railway station nearer to master canteen on time and then wait for the arrival of Rajdhani Express. First I reached to enquiry counter and asked about its arrival and generally they said about some time and then I made the platform ticket and then move into platform number one to wait for the arrival of the train. Last week I read the advertisements about free internet that is with wireless internet connectivity, and that too is free of cost. So waiting time. For training has not been so difficult for me.

In the mean time, we have seen the presence of high speed internet which first has to be authenticated for the first time use. At first with galaxy devices such the form and factor of wireless internet do not connect. At first I was bit worried about why this sort of happening as I have seen many others have been connecting to internet and have been using it but with due course of time I have seen the installation of Opera max that has been obstructing the connection of internet. Secondly, I have a third generation of internet connectivity from Vodafone and in the segment of Vodafone Odisha internet it does provide third generation of internet with roaming.

Perhaps that is what to do with connecting to free wireless internet and that makes the entire connection with wifi internet somewhat the most awkward aspect of internet connectivity. So, I first go into settings of android, and then from there on more settings and then to mobile networks and from network mode I changed into it, network mode and then to GSM so that the roaming of internet connectivity, cancels then you can go to into it, and then I just restart mobile and then after restarting, I find the existence of free internet and then connect to it and I found the signal is excellent and then, found that, for the first time use I have to authenticate mobile number for the first time. Then, it asks it to open it with the web browser, and I choose it with Google Chrome of android instead of Samsung’s own default web browser which seems it does not updated for the longer time and it does seem to suggest that, it is one of web browser just the times of internet explorer 6 which has been there for longer time before at some point of time due to extreme competition from Firefox and Opera.

During these times, Firefox is openly supported by Google and with the support from Google, the open source browser of Firefox has created the large number of vast and dedicated communities and this makes entire process of competition and the devaluation of internet explorer 6 comes into light and that compels Microsoft, to develop internet explorer on faster basis and that makes the development of this along with development of Chrome of Google at first for desktop and then for the android comes into light. With the complete success of Googlr Chrome, slowly, Google does not renew, its support to Firefox as it sees that the emergence of Internet Explorer with some newer and innovative ways such as hardware rendering support, but still it continues to provide, extreme competitions.

Now with android from Google, it is now best to provide its own customised android version, which has better data savings options as well as does provide high quality rendering services. Now, that is why I open authentication page of free rail internet and then in the subsequent page it asks for putting my phone number and after I put the number and click on authenticate page. It sends one authentication code as the message box. I open it and then put the authentication code sent to me from the server into that box and click on authenticate to complete the authentication process. Now, I am connected to internet, with high quality speed as well as I am now with one of the fastest and super internet within railways premises, and now I am connected with fast network and my boring time with waiting now gone and now am enjoying editing of my blog, as well as blogjob and enjoying some of the most inspired and well anticipated internet use.

This is nice venture from the government as with due course of time people enjoys the presence of such faster internet and it does provide many more ways to understand what internet is all about and slowly the experience with such faster internet network has provided me with some of most wonderful ways to make and understand it for better use.

Before the advent of the millennium years, we have been very much contented with the presence of everything that suits our need. We did not imagine that at some point of time we could be facing the voluminous presence of large number of mobile devices and mobile enabled devices and add one that suits ours daily needs to propensity better of ours lives to make it one of most vibrant and anticipated inventions of ours time. Now, with the advent of android enabled smartphones we have seen the presence of large number of activities that really concentrate more with the way these mobile devices functions and aims to augment functions of humans so as to find the better managed way to create one of most well anticipated life styles.

Mobiles now, it is with everyone’s hand. From team vendors to train vendor and it is now all over in every place. When mobiles devices find this sort of popularity among large section of masses this must be the most daring aspect of inventions of ours times which not only does provide affordable price ranges but also does provide one of most vibrant and most well anticipated inventions of ours time where we do find the propagations of most well deserved and most well documented presentations of ideas. This is not to say that use of mobile is a perfection but still there are many such positivity as well as negativity aspects to be well established in order to find the most anticipated and most vibrant details of our life.

Now, most of the jobs of networking can be done with mobiles. Now we can connect with outs near and dear ones without any such slightest bit of hesitation. Now, more and more networking options are available. Think of leaving with mobile for one day, that is going on tour for one day without mobiles then your parents should be worried about your reaching and well to do and how can they preach at you while you are on tour. With the introduction of mobile connectivity now everything can be talked upon with well to do manners, and that is why the importance of mobiles is most significant inventions of keeping the networking and sharing aspects of living the lives in well designed and most utterly well anticipated manner so that in the event of reaching to yours near and dear ones can be done with equal ease and without any need for disturbances.

Now, with the addition of mobiles comes upon the further additions of some other mobile enabled services, that makes the entire position of thinking and moving the entire decisive output of lives, where we do find that we wish to have more and more add on services, where we have found that, more and more add on services such as internet enabled services and sharing of internet through the form of wireless internet which makes sharing of internet, very much easy. Now receiving from the internet through the form of wi-fi can be much easier due to presence and creation of such wireless broadcasting of internet. Now, we have seen the presence of such high speed internet within particular wireless limits does propagate and provide one of most awesome ways to understand how sharing can be done with the internet.

The internet is all about sharing and let other people reading the contents, and there comes upon the perception of sharing. It comes about the sharing of photos in the form of status updates and that makes entire ways and means to understand internet in better ways. Why Facebook has becomes popular, to understand this we have to go through many such psychological understanding of it, as with due course of time it has been seen and understood that people loves to shares their information in the form of anything to their near and dear ones and that is why Facebook has becomes one of the better and well designed inventions of ours times. Prior to that digital imaging is the most anticipated inventions that could possibly make entire bit of understanding of why one should always been wish to capture various moments of lives in the form of still or motion photography and from time to time why one should always been looking forward to using these moments to understand it and that is why sharing of photos and being appreciated by others in the form of likes or expression does make many senses and does provide awesome ways to understand what life could have been and how one life could be understandable in the future.

With the advent of digital image into the realm of smartphones, we have seen the presence of more and more image taken as most of android phones images inclusion and sharing from there within is of easier and that makes entire understanding of android better and that with the form of various applications such as Facebook or any other photo sharing applications takes the mileage from it and continue to provide awesome ways to understand and share it to internet without any sort of difficulties. Internet and android from Google is the sole aim of producing the most anticipated way to share different contents which are now called as data from internet. Now, the amount of data is shared and networked all around, we have found that most of these sharing of data is now crossed millions of millions and at some point of time it should be difficult to store as data are stored inside physical server and most of physical servers does takes space and does consume large amount of electricity.

That is why we seen some data storing services are slowly vanishing from the scene and one of them is that of from Norton which offers free data storing services and now does not. Google has its own specialisation and it continues to store such vast amount of data all the time but with due course of time we have seen that the presence of Google has been so vastly influenced with many such of all of us that the data that are stored inside Google servers in terms of any such imaging services such as Picasa or so, it does indicate that one of the most vibrant aspect of understanding the life is all about creating one of the most anticipated use of such storage device is that even after ten years of its existence, Google does hold the same image that has been taken a decade back.

This is the beauty of internet where we do find plenty of significant information that has been stored inside servers of well designed and well reputed internet giants that has made use of internet at its best of times and it does provide one of the most proud moments of ours when we do see the same level of image over internet that has been taken a decade back.

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