Basic sources of competitive advantages

In the current economic scenario, when there is complete extinction of single market dominance, which meant to suggest that economies are slowly opening up to create the passage and motion of competitive advantages, in this source of current market scenario, all these same produce competitors always vouch for presentation and creation of some sort of competitive advantages over others to move towards the path of complete dominance. Over 60 years back, there are many companies which have competitive advantages over others in terms of presence of newer and innovative technologies has nothing to be afraid upon the force of other competitors in those segment as they knew it is almost difficult for them to cross over and achieve the same set up achievement as there are currently in.

Now, with the advent of technology things are changing thick and fast. Within the span of two years in entire competitive advantages changes from time to time as well as it creates the awesome opportunities for users to move from one segment to the other. Colgate is leader of toothpaste in India and for years it has been so. Now, the main reason for using toothpaste is to do away with the pain that has been there on teeth. It has been perceived by many that Colgate toothpaste could not handle this. In the mean time, another brand namely ?Sensodyne? comes about, and it slowly takes the chunk of premium market share from Colgate. It works nicely with tooth ache which many perceived normal toothpaste at Colgate unable to do so.

Similarly, another local brand of Chennai known as ?Sensora? works nicely with toothache and many people who especially go to Apollo Hospitals uses this and this works nicely. It is the form and factor of real technology that matter the most. Sensodyne has no competitive advantage over Colgate in removing toothache from teeth as well as in certain pockets and within specific communities for some time Sensora has the market share. Even the well established market player, such as Colgate has to face the brunt of market competitions and ultimately it lost the battle of competitive advantages over other niche players.

That is why people change brand within two years due to the advent of newer and innovative technologies many brands have to update their research and development scenarios in order to produce and meet the wider aspect of powerful brand attractions. Similarly, suppose, you return to a city after a gap of two years and it is for sure you will not be able to recognise its streets and other landmarks. Due to rapid growth of the economy and increase of power and resources, many such areas are going on constant technology degradations. It is for sure in any such industry scenarios some companies should do better than others but with due course of time it has been seen that. Followers should upgrade their technological parlance to create and develop more and more superior technological brilliances over the others.

Every company must strive to excel and succeed in creating one of stronger and potentially superior technological brilliances over the others. Many a times such technological parlance might have been very smaller in sizes but with due course of time it can increase to possibly greater and stronger parlance level and that can create more and more stronger and wider movement of ideas to succeed in these great competitive runs. Some companies, like ?Patanjali? have realised their potential for complete competitive advantages over the others in the form of creating healthier marketable products.

As and when the economy grows up and moves towards the stage of complete superiority it slowly creates the senses and identifications of one?s own strategic brilliance which other already established products failed to match on. In the earlier times, these authentic and pure products costs highly but due to price rise, we have seen the price of other products are now similar to these products. That is why it no chance fo such companies such as ?Patanjali? to move towards the stage of complete competitive brilliances. With the rise of the economy so as comes the increase of wealth and purchasing powers of individuals.

This leads to thinking of well defined life styles which ultimately meant towards the achievements of complete competitive brilliance of using natural products which should be good for health as well as do provide extreme cognitive advantages over others. Entire circulating mechanisms, of ?Patanjali? products have been going on with its own set up franchises as well as some big retail market merchandises such as ?Big Bazar?. It is the source and posses of competitive brilliances which provides a high degree of competitive brilliances over others as well as it does provide a high degree of product appeal and perfect pricing which makes the product sold and purchase by individuals better at various institutionns.

Michael Porter has announced that there are three major factors that influence propagation of competitive advantages over others. These are cost leadership, differentiation and focus. First is the cost leadership of products over the others are that. Cost factor of these products refers to the cost of similar products but that might have different compositions. If organic products have almost same sort of competitive advantages over the other set up products then it is the price and success of natural products that gains the most momentum over the other products categories. With the same pricing levels we find the focus and the value of natural products, seems to the showcase, that value of natural products is higher than that of values of chemical products.

Now, after gaining vastly with cost leaderships and differentiation part now it is time to move towards the point of focus where we do find, that there are many sources of competitive advantages where we do find the most vivid and fascinated part of increasing part of competitive advantages where we do find the most attractive product categories where we do find increase number of product augmentation and stronger bond of product categorisation.

What it makes its huge competitive advantages over the others is that the presence of large segment of its own retain chain known as ?Apollo Medicines? which is runs by it and its own employees and most of these are well connected with central systems and there are Apollo products related with natural ingredients. It deals with product ranges that are completely natural and as Apollo has its own brand name and with due course of time the people who used to have their treatment with Apollo chains of hospitals tend to find usefulness in these ranges of products. Slowly, it is building its structure of relationships with individuals which ultimately pave the ways for superior customer satisfaction in the days to come.

It is the range and factors of customer satisfactions which guarantees utmost diligent and perfect balance of trades which seems to be closer to people than ever before and does provide one of most satisfaction and utmost careful way to trade in with these kinds of products ranges which ultimately showcase and found to be most useful by many such users. It is the sheer focus of achieving the ultimate form of perfections in marketing that creates and generates the most preferred and anticipated forms of marketing where people tend to have a greater degree of faith on such products. Here there are single forms of differentiation of Apollo products with that of patanjalli range of products as it is all about selling products on its own set up branches that have been spread all over India now.

With the chains of Apollo Medicines it not only spread the name of the brand Apollo, but also with it also spreads the names of other popular Apollo products and that makes entire set up spreading up brands towards different levels and slowly people feel the difference of it. Where as Patanjali has to depend upon its spreading of franchises which is good but Apollo is developing its own set up branches with its own staffs and followed by constant checks and balances makes the life of people as well as living there on a perfection brands of living the life as usual. It is the fundamental sources of competitions that occurs and searching for competitive positions in this world of extreme political competitivenesses, which makes entire product positioning as well as the range of products the most vital aspect of understanding what constitute the life of products.

In the world of extreme competitions the first and foremost to remove the competitions one creates brilliant products as well as does indicate that such wide variety of natural range of products one can find the better balance and cost factors. Where as we have seen now in the product range of natural products there are two such brilliant and tractable brands now that of Patanjali and Apollo and now there is the cost factor that determines the forms and factors of cost leadership. Cost leadership does not simply depend upon the factors and manners of what the cost factors runs but cost leaderships does depend upon the quantity of substances that we are dealing with it.

Suppose we are buying of Aloe Vera juice from both the brands as a customer we should be carefully looking forward to the thickness of such juice in order to understand how such cost factor does work in nicely as if one with these substance does cost more but still people afford it as they think the amount of aloe Vera is on higher side and this leads to form and factor of understanding of cost leaderships that creates more and more visible understanding of what constitutes of a great form factor of market segmentations.

Slowly, while determining the cost factors we do discover the forms and factors of the next step for competitive advantage that is differentiation. Even in closely, knitted company such as Patanjali and Apollo still we find they try hard to show the differentiation as we have found that most of daily used products are cheaper than normal brands as well as its range of toothpastes are cheaper than the market leader Colgate which makes it see that with the direct marketing such as through its chain of Apollo Medicines where we do find the range of products where most of these directly marketed as well as through its electronic commerce vendor ships we do find many such products are easily deliverable through its own set up chains of Apollo Medicines which does makes distribution of such products easily manageable without the need to understand that such long chain of supply chain management does not need at this point at all.

Now, we need to closely understand what it meant to be focuses on particular set up products such that even in these times from extreme competitions from electronic commerce sites as well as from other vendors which tries hard to generate more and more competitive advantages over others try hard to find more and more information about how such set up ideas are generated as well as functions so as to find more and more functional excellence. Reliance stores are one of the most widely distributed shopping plazas where people do find plenty of cheaper products which are generally of higher costs of similar ingredients and characteristics generated products.

There are many ranges of detergent related products from Reliance and being sold exclusively on Reliance stores are of cheaper and does work nicely like cleaning up floors, bathrooms, latrines, utensils and all these are of cheaper range of products and does not cost that much. What it makes that it is almost giving away the two products with the same pricing of that of the same one product and which is supposed to be the market leader. What it does impact to the pricing bracket of people as well as the product quantity are of nicer and viable ranges. People perceive that with the same price of one product they are getting almost two products and that makes their shopping experiences to focus from the market leader on this product ranges.

In every forms of market orientations and segmentations we do find many factors and forms of creating more and more conscious and targeted marketing and everything stops at the same set up prices bracket where we do finds many such forms and factors related with the pricing ranges of products. Now, people depend upon such brands which slowly move from the ranges of premium pricing and slowly move towards the ranges and factors of suitable pricing where people tend to love the presence of perceive ideas where they feel that from their pockets they tend to increase the purchase power and they found the products are similar to the market leader so why not go with it instead of market leader. This is what competitive advantages tend to make of it and slowly it is being built upon it and creates the most vital aspect of forms and factors that makes entire prospective of customer satisfaction with hugely ideas generated that are constantly being developed to built the trust as well as create the most favorable price range for customers.

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