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It is summer time. The vagaries of heat generation are at its peak. surprisingly for the last two days the climate here has been good with plenty of moving clouds all over and at some point of sky there have been some black clouds which reminds of forecast of rains and that should be eagerly anticipated to move out from this high powered summer heat. As always, after waking up my first possible task is to check out emails and as I opened it after some time internet connection connected but Vodafone 3G at my circle takes some time connect and that is why I have to wait for few more seconds to be connected. Speed is good but Vodafone 3G on my circle comes to connect for a few minuters and then disconnect and so on.

I have installed Opera Max which is brilliant data saver and for the satisfaction of mine from time to time I never ever failed to check how much of the data it has been saving till not. It becomes interesting with due course of time and I always eager to see whether some form of data is being saved or not. It shows some bytes saved and so on and since February the new feature initiated from there on is about, restricting background data services, which is good and now it checks the amount of data is transferred and then it can block those in order to save battery and save internet bandwidth.

In the prior time, I have been using several data saving options of android such as Onavo extend from Facebook, which seems to be heavy applications and most of times the measurement of data saving does not change in real time and that in the perception of users does not comes good and the performance of these applications in real time does not good and better with Opera max data saving applications. Neopard data savings compresses data and it says that it can compress https secure connections which even Opera max does not do so. Android has its own virtual private network, which automatically uses by such data saver applications so as to redirect the entire network through its virtual private network and then entire data. Images and video formats are compressed from the server and then redirect to your android mobile.

This goes on to show case the improvement of such data on savings has been known to Google and it continues to provide such settings in its own native applications. Chrome for android applications is major browsing application for an android. It has its own native data compression technology which uses better compression without losing data loss and quality. Google+ is better renowned as the most visible and picture sharing applications which do provide more and more ways to understand and find out images, and with its own data compression technology we do find the tons of data usages are being saved while using it. Update Google+ to its latest version so as to enable data compression and data saved with it.

If you have two android devices then updating applications on two android devices do not need for the hours. As you can update it from one device from Google Play Store and then download Shareit applications from Google Play Store and then connect both devices with Shareit and then transfer application of better and updated version from one device to the other and after that install those application on the second device. Before installation it should ask you to allow applications from third party sources and permit it and install it on your device. Always make sure that you should download and update an application from your own device and should not transfer apk files of applications from some other person’s devices. As it can contain viruses or other malwares as you should never ever know that whether that application is installed through Google Play services or some third party android applicatio environment.

Most of the third party android application environment do not have such security measures such as that of, what Google play services are offering. It makes all applications to go through the series of extreme investigation and constant up gradation of applications within particular time durations. Then every applications is installed through the sandboxing mechanisms which even though it shows some signs of instability and degradation of perfrormances with simple restarting of devies it can remove those rogged applications from application enviornments. Will Shareit you can download an application once but can use it for many more devices and preferably on your own devices.

Latest versions of Sharit also can inform you that some of yours applications which are on current devices are not updated and can update it from the other connected device, then click on it and then from the other share android phone a dialogue box should appear which ask you for permission and then permit it and those applications which have updated version on either devices are downloaded from either devices. This is beauty of installing such files and it does recreate and perform some of the most memorable and wonderful application sharing and you do not have to download these applications again and again for this.

Another beautiful application is ‘Snapseed’ from Google. It is by far the single most brilliant image editing applications which should make up yours everything image editing facilities and should not bother you to download any other applications from Google Play Store. It is one of the most versatile applications and if, you have both Google Photoes the photo viewing application from Google as well as Snapseed is installed then you should go directly ot image editing of snapped just by opening the picture and moving into the stage of snapseed. At the first instance of the opening picture either through Google Photoes or directly as using like a standalone application you can move forward and click on ‘open photo’ and then chooses the directory of contents visible there. Touch the individual image and then it should show that picture and then at its lower right hand side click on the edit icon which is a sliding pencil icon and then to reach a number of wonderful editing methods of snapseed.

It has two types of editing methods. One is ‘tools’ and the other is ‘filters’. Tools used to edit from the perspective of different color tones of images such as tuning images within the sub element of auto brightness which is application default and it does provide awesome ways to automate applications. It has brightness, construct, saturation, ambience, shadows, highlight and warmth of images and with it you do it and automatically manage different perspectives and augment images standards to work in its optimum-capacity. You need to see the changes and process of images with manageable image quality to change and tune-images. You can even edit and manage image in real time. If you want to sharpen image then go to details from tools and then by touching image and sliding finger forward and backward you can reach towards seeing two attributes such as structures and sharpening and then you can sharpen image more and from zero to 100 in number and similar is the position of structures and with this you can edit these attributes of image.

Then another attribute is about cropping the image and you should be presented with some default formats such as free to shape, original, square, din and any other shapes and then you should be presented to edit and crop the image so that unwanted visibility of image can be cut off from image and the central theme of image can be seen in bigger shape. Then you should be presented with rotate in tools section and here you should be moving image in accordance with yours preferences such as different angles of image and by touching the image it should be moving in different directions and it should show you and some unwanted parts of images can be cuts off easily and by using this you can make image looks like the live image and with this image must be seen in right context and it is important to use this attribute carefully in order to make image live and true to life. Next attribute of tools section of snapseed is about transformation. Transform tools have three attributes such as vertical, horizontal and rotation. Transform shows the perception of image in relation with the central position and it is one of better option than using rotate option as with transform option you get life like movement so that it should present you definitive perceptive of giving one of closer and high definition effect to concerned image which you are using for the time being.
The next tool option of snapseed application is brush and it is one of the best options to make your picture shown as red as it uses the most preferred NTFS quality to make image shining and brighter than ever before. It has four predefined option such as dodge and burn, exposure, temperature and saturation. Select the first option and touch the image slowly with it and slowly this should make the face of the image brighter and that should be present you the extra option to see and make the already picture as the brightest one. After performing with this then shift to saturation and touch the image slightly to make it look like reddish with these two option you can make the picture taken as the most vivid and enjoyable one and this is one of the best option in snapseed as it continues to make yours picture looks photogenic with it as it continues to provide more and more possibly the most wonderful and vivid optio to provide you with one of most vibrant and dynamic option to move forward with this editing.

Selective is the mote atomic version of brush and you can do the exactly same option as that of brush but in this case you can do it just in those dark spots which supposedly need to be whitened and that is why you should be using this if some very portion of image that needs to be whitened. Select the plus icon and then touch the dark spot of image and then see the three option such as brightness, saturation and construct and from above all these select the one and then increase the value of it so that ultimately this should provide you with removing those dark spots that surrounds the images in those particular area.

Next tool of snapseed is about healing. This is to eliminate unwanted portions of images completely. This is more pronouncing than crop portion in which you just want to delete those portions. In the case of healing you wish to remove those portions and with it those portions are removed completely but the blank space remains. The size of image remains exactly the same but still some elements of image remain cut off from the rest. Try this option with extreme care and any portion if you see any such unwanted arena then undo those portions to remove exactly the same of those portions.

The last but not the least options within the tools menu are vignetting. It is about two options that are outer brightness and inner brightness. Outer brightness with it you can brighten entire outer brightness and with it you can make it shinier and brighter with some part of reduction of lighting within the inner area. Generally, the inner area does contain elements of characters of images you have taken and in the contrary if you put the circle inside inner area that is characters within image taken and then increase the inner brightness to high number to make the faces of those characters inside inner area looks brighter and you should try this. In order to make appearances of image looks brighter as well as glow more then there are three options inside tools menu of snapseed and those are brush, selective and vignette and you can choose one of these to see how these are performing and what are the output of images they are providing considering the exact portions of image cropping out there.

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