Zakopane undisputed winter capital of Poland

Poland is the land of extreme modesty with nice people and smiles to greet you all about. Four years back I was about to be there for some official assignments and was very interested in reaching there and explore the beauty of . While taking leisure on this week day I able to revive those memories and try to write it in the blog so as to share my experiences to people about this charming resort. Zakopane is the undisputed winter capital of Poland and it is a charming place. Nice climate in summer and wonderful and pleasant winter to greet for visitors all across the globe.

The beautiful downhill old town simply amazing with its study classical structure and always remember to walk within those areas slowly to enjoy the beauty of nature and how mesmerising that place could it have been. It is amused that your eyes should remain in the state of standstill and you should feel the nice and vibrant way to understand how life it could have been in such a nice and wonderful place. The route from Krakow to Zakopane is enough to mesmerise you with its scenic brilliance which comes upon a wonderful presentation of life with stunning sights of invisible brilliance of the presence of nature all around.

Both sides of roads are covered with tall and modest in look of pine trees which are completely backgrounds with nicer and greener hills all across the road areas. Entire hill areas are covered with yellow flowers which make to feel the hill from the distance as a form of yellow cover. It lightens the entire space and makes the entire journey one of the most mesmerising spectacle of understanding of how life could it have been. It seems we are reaching towards Zakopane and the towering mountain of Tatra seems to be moving towards you with strongest might. It is a lovely sight to see how the mountain move towards you through all these due to a state of gravity on Earth.

Old world cottages:

Every classical elements within Zakopane have been preserved with and make it more beautiful and greenery to stay within a healthy environment. Its small old world cottages all over seems to give us some classical feelings which provide the presentation of gigantic environment as well as smarter and more vivid elements to pursue and reach it with. These old world cottages seem to provide the state of distinctive features with the sense of presentations of completely folk state where the attendance of living with the earth comes about.

Presence of beautiful wood cravings decorations within these old world cottages finds especial mentions and showcase the traditional elements of Poland in some vivid and vibrant ways. Presence of old world wooden carts which slowly move along these roads are well decorated with yellowish colors and some of, nice sideways decorations and cravings that have made these presentations of all these stuffs wonderful and real accumulation to see and enjoy. From Capital of Polan Krakow, the distance of Zakopin is hardly 109 kilometers and hardly takes two hours by road journey.

Villa Koliba:

Visiting to villa koliba is a charming experience and sometimes it is beyond boundaries of writings to describe it. It is all about to see and enjoy how such a beautiful place on the earth can be made of. It is the main building that has been constructed on native Zakopane style. It is situated at Koscieliska Street. It is the oldest street in Zakopane. Architect Stanislaw constructed this with his unique idea which makes most people feeling wonderful after reaching for this villa. This residence has been transformed into a museum since 1993. From here one could easily learn about life styles and the way of life of Zakopane natives.

Zakopane, Poland

Zakopane, Poland (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plenty of handmade cotton, artefacts, coffee pots and various daily use of native people who are somewhat different in nature and are shown and display in this museum. Wonderful presence of social life in the display and the construction and architectural excellence of Vila koliba are still reminiscing in my mindset and continue to stay within it. From there the seed of Tatra mountains which are in range of larger distance with plenty of yellow flowers reminds me some of the mountains of southern Odisha where in the winter able to see the presence of mustard seed trees which also resemble similar appearances in visibilities.

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Most visible part of Polar and Zakopane is the presence of the Tatras with its enchanting beauty that awaits you with awesome presentation of magical sermon which makes you feel at home with definitive attention. It is the sole alpine mountain in entire Poland. It is very high and many a time some of its peak should cross the eyesight boundaries. Most of these mountains have nicer and comfortable valleys all across so that most of these places are being used for picnicking and family gatherings during favorable seasons and holiday times.

Presentations of unique flora and fauna within traces of the Tatras do provide a wide array of education for research people to provide massive imagination as well as research on the presentation of a wide array of plants out there. Being an outdoor enthusiast, I prefer to move some of these places and watch the presentation of the real nature with some twist of addition of nicer flora and fauna all over to experience and wonder how comes such a wonderful place on earth can it be. Most of these valleys in and around these areas presence the path and full scale vision of picture perfect out there and sounds one of wonderful places of earth where I have found some nice oxygen with quieter environment all around and cooling and soothing breezes flowing in and across in those places.

Being hiking enthusiast. I prefer to go for a mountain hike to explore some of the wider and nicer places on the Tatras. It is a perfect learning out there. The entire mountain is full of solid rock materials and with wider and differential rock structure preferring in sedimentary ways does provide, illusive and wonderful experience and does reviews of trekking experiences owing to nicer and wider trekking structure out there. Beauty of Dunajec River from the upfront of the Tatras does provide one of enlightening glimpses of visionary presence out there.

Natives as well as tourists rafting in those places and the sheer reflection of mild sun shine on summer does provide wider array of liner movement of light and from the valleys of mountains all these glimpses and wonders of nature does provide the massive presentation of life with the smartest and possibly the most preferred form to anticipate and find the way life can it become and how should one think of creating one of massive implications of visionary beauty ever those places. It showcase the presence of enchanting summer out there. I love to go on a complete biking trail in those places, while moving those places I wonder and find out the most preferred and most enjoyable natural experiences ever.

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Undisputed winter capital of Poland:

Zakopane is undisputed winter capital of Poland. It is enjoyable in winter and presents one of the most beautiful and enjoyable natural presentation of climate with nicer snow environment. The horse riding course is a nice way to learn during these extreme climate as well as moving and riding on bikes during slow snow falls are mostly enjoyable part of living the life out there. If you are good at skiing then move towards Kasprowy Wierch and take snow boarding out there. Here, winter is long and snow fall continues till the month of May. So, here one can enjoy these snow games and enjoy the snow fall by nature with natural movements.

There are number of easier slopes inside Kaspowy Wierch and learn from there the beginner’s course and slowly take the challenging route out there so that in this manner you not only understand the bits and pieces of skiing and snow boarding but also remains in this process of constant learning about differential environmental standards and natural presence out with nature. Enjoy the panoramic presence of nature out there and simply enjoy the presence of nature but with an open mind and a poetic heart.

Kasprowy Wierch

Kasprowy Wierch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can reach to the nearby railway station and ride on to the train and it is available from 9am to 6pm and most of these trains are accessible within range of five to ten minutes. It runs within the Tatra mountains ranges and reaches towards every part of it and moves slowly and while it is running into deep into these mountains you can enjoy the probable feeling of nature in some of this most unique way. It is the journey from Krupowki Street towards the Gubalowka summit which is 1,120 feet above sea level. In return, you can either return with training or a cable car ride or simply by a walk which hardly takes one hour to return to Zakopane from the Tatras mountain ranges.

Cable car ride provide the awaiting adventure as well as stunning mountain and valley view and it is one most favorable and remembrance moment of life where we do find the most wonderful and strategically brilliant presentation of nature out there.


Oscypek is made from cheese. It is unusual in this place of Zakopane. It is hand made and created with traditional wooden kitchen materials. Most of these outmoded wooden tools are used for this creation. Cheese of it is made from milk of sheep. Then salts are in addition to sheep milk before making it cheese. The cheese is made from smoked kitchen so it tastes somewhat different from normal traditional cheese making. Then it is fried or grilled and was used with fresh cranberry juice. You can find this local delicacy everywhere but choose some good shops of Gubalowka market and taste this and you should find it extremely nice and wonderful to taste such a native food.

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In Gubalowka market, you should find the real taste of native food of Zakopane, with highland food structure backed by some of rustic music and slow lighting ambiences. Most of these places are decorated in such way and you should find the similar food environment all over and that creates one of the most desirable unique identities of this place out there. Some places do present the sprinkling live music performance by gaps where the locals are dressed in traditional costumes, with white shirts and knitted pants. This is very musical and symphonic brilliance within these people does previous occurrences of absolutely brilliant performance which are not only soothing to eyes but also nice to hear.

It is a unique place out there. Everything seems to indicate the uniqueness of this place. At every place, I do find traces of traditional elements from time to time which suggests massive levels of understanding of ideas of presentation of how a life could present and how a civilisation preserves nicer and smarter elements all around in these arenas. Zakopane styled wooden house still craving my memories even after four years where I do find the traces of wonderful presentation of live with earth and I do hate the brilliant and upcoming cement structures that has been seen as the matter of developed perception in different parts of the world.

Cedar wood ceilings, fire pit, rustic ambience and walls plastered with stuffed animals which does provide the signs of people living with nature and utilising every aspect of natural presence out ther which symbolises the presentations of wonderful world out there with utmost beauty and wonders attached with it. It does provide one of specially mentioned laying adventures syndromes in and around in those places to present extremely nicer foodly for nature lover like you and me to reach those places time and again and enjoy the power of nature signing with its ultimate glory. It is true that there is complete separation of ideas when one experience the perfect presence of Zakopane in reality by reaching out there as it offers something differential uniqueness to everyone and it does create one of mostly preferred and nicer way to reach towards roots of nature.

Presence of old world country side homes coupled with nicer and cleaner environment and wonderful climate present the ultimate amalgamation of life in motion where we tend to find and enquire into how such a beautiful place is there on earth. Food, art and culture of these places summarise a wonderful environment to reach out in these picture perfect valley. Even the exchange value of polish money to Indian rupees is not on a higher side. It is almost 17 to 18 rupees and this guarantees that you should be reaching to these places and enjoy these memorable moments to augment and find out what the nature is all about from the closest point of natural similarities.

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