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WordPress is composed of PHP scripts with able support from MySQL of its databases. WordPress enabled sites convert php scripts to html scripts inside a web browser. Additional PHP functionalities can be finished with the help of plugins. Plugins are php scripts and generally created by third parties and most of them are free to use. There is an enormous repository of plugins directory inside WordPress installation. All these intended to provide surplus values to website. It provides additional features as well as some supplementary provisions by adding different features to your site. WordPress is by its nature mostly customisation through installation of different codes at sidebar, footer, header or functions files. For only smaller functions such as stopping spams or customisation of website could only require some functions of plugins to be used.

There are various functions such as showing post counts, word counts, adding rating systems, etc. augments post functions as well as does provide some additional ways to make beautiful websites. All these functions can be carried out through, coding extension to host files settings of website. Now, all these functions do provide added advantages to users and slowly create more and more distringuishable functionalities where even a layman can run a nice website with nice infrastructure and a nice look and feel. That is why WordPress enabled website has become ever more popular among webmasters. The sheer strength of extreme customisation a website performs and provides does make it one of most beautiful and customised option to create the most wonderful website that can be great for any of situations.

WordPress dashboard interface

WordPress dashboard interface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Plugins installation is very easy and one can easily create such directory and all these can be done simply reaching to WordPress dashboard, where from its administrative panels one can reach towards plugin and from there one can find the installation plugins as well as can search and install for these plugins from vast plugin directory. Installation is super easy. That is why WordPress platform is equally suitable for the layman as well as geek webmasters. Most times, geeks just download the plugins files which are in zip formats. Then hang onto that for their computer. Then, they open cPanel hosting from their hosting provider and then open file explorer and then word press content and then open theme and then choose which theme is currently active and then open plugins and upload files and then after uploading of files and unzipping of files, that plugin is now installed on yours site.

Now, when you open WordPress through WordPress dashboard, you should soon discover that, plugin is now installed, then activate it and now you can use that plugins from WordPress directory. It does not want to install security plugins which are there in large numbers within WordPress installation directories. Most of these security plugins, does install within word press content folders and in many times can provide some of vivid and different ways of behaviour and that is why it is important not to use it and if you want to use some stronger and mighties security for yours website then adding to server such as site lock security or norton security can be used which can provide redirection of yours website traffic and then all the traffics are well checked for spams and bots.

Remember in this era of the internet world we have been seeing the growing presence of internet bots. Depending on reports on the number of internet bots inside internet world is more that what humans are present inside internet world. This goes to show. It is important to stop such internet bots so as to save precious bandwidth from going to waste. While using some plugins, they show some odd behaviour and it is essential in order to watch out for these behaviour and if that plugins is modifying access to some websites as well as making your website loading times to maximum.

If at any point of time, you wish to remove such plugins then by WordPress dashboard reached on plugins and then open it and uninstall it completely so as to provide awesome ways to uninstall it. If you want to delete such plugins from the side of hosting then reach to above mentioned methods to wordpress content and plugins and then select such plugins and remove it. Before doing it, it is better to reach the WordPress database and then deactivate that plugin. Similarly, with some other plugins such as, discuss the comment system, which does not require any third party plugins installation does provide an additional way of stopping spams in third party sites.

Generally, we use Akismet comment plugins, which stops spams and it impart heavier loads on database server, where as we have seen the presence of discs or other forms of comment system such as, discus which stops spams from its own server, and stops spams on third party server and stops all such heavier activities and makes website faster. Some plugins do take frequent backups, and there are many paid plugins out there, but still one should not contain it. It is not wise to provide uninterrupted access, to website to any not so tractable plugins of third party websites. Most of hosting providers does provide various add one related with, back up website data and all these back ups comes with the server side back up and most of these back is done directly from server and all these does have more and more, prudential increment installation facilities to provide more and more facilities and proper website restoration and most of these restoration are mostly, automated.

In case of such installation such as code guard backups which are completely automated and backup websites in due course of time and does provide more and more option to support an entire website in the case of coding part of your website goes something wrong. It does provide awesome ways to secure website content as well as provide additional approaches to function and derive how a website can perform and secure from unwanted days. It is best options than that of server side backups where we do find more and more configuration option to find out and derive some more ways to define and attend the level of extreme confidence. More and more websites are now dealing with such server side added and they are discarding more and more such WordPress sides dashboards plugins in order to make website completely secure and well established in these scenarios.

There is some additional amount of plugins which makes WordPress better with initiation of search engine optimisation and does provide additional ways to make and boost website better. WordPress is by default the best search engine enables website and it does provide some surplus and some more vibrant ways to make website perform better. There are a few very popular search engine optimisation plugins which aimed at making WordPress website perform better with better search engine rankings and higher amount of traffics moving into it. Most of bloggers first start their blog in Google’s blogger platform and then move to self-hosted WordPress platforms and in these circumstances they need some plugins like redirection which is better to tight the most loose ends so that properly managed website can be done and users should not reach towards any such redirected page where nothing of page or site happens. If you are changing the directory of WordPress installation there are chances that some of links might not have been alive and then in these circumstances those links should be recognised and then as an administrator you should make live those links either with newer articles or completely removing those links from WordPress directory.

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