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WordPress is a popular blogging platform. More and more bloggers as well as corporates adopt it due to the scope of flexibility and the amount of customisation option it offers so that one can make it more suitable to one’s need. Self-hosted WordPress installation comes with many systematic customisation and addition of a large number of options for money making so that with due course of time one can make it more prone to use as the most satisfiable blogging pattern ever. For long years, the most drawback patterns of self-hosted WordPress have been its ability to go faster.

Why do we need a faster website?

Codes of WordPress is based upon php and that is the server side language which always takes time and it runs according to speed of internet connectivity of users as the php code converted from php to html in user’s computer and that takes huge loading times of website based upon WordPress. All these are now things of the past. Google is the major source of visitor’s supply of any website. Most of Google crawling mechanisms depend heavily upon faster website. So. This means that with a faster website you can now have Google indexing the site easily and making the most of the webpages of your site run within Google server. That is why we need a first website so that it should be compatible with Google.

English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...

English: The logo of the blogging software WordPress. Deutsch: WordPress Logo 中文: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In some place we have a fourth or fifth generation of Internet speed and in some other place we experience the slowest form of first generation of internet speed. As a webmaster prime motive and single important for your site is to find out how your site should be visible to each and every geographic locations so that with due course of time everyone who should access your site should not be bereft of browsing your site.

A faster WordPress website is just around the corner

Ultimately the primary and single most important factors in creating a website are to make it available publicly so that everyone should view it and make comments and learn from it. It is the duty of yours as webmaster to provide users with lighter site so that a lesser amount of the internet should be used while accessing your site. It is beneficial for you as well as for yours visitors as more and more lighter website means yours site should now be visible to every geographic localities, nd with it brings large number of website visitors and that amounts to increase of revenue share for yours site. It is good for you as well as for visitors.

WordPress dashboard interface

WordPress dashboard interface (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This tutorial is completely based upon personal experience of the author and try hard to provide some important suggestions so as to make the user feel at home as well as easier to apply a complete customisation. Do not install cache plugin as these plugin use caches from the hosting side and that can increase the amount of hosting file size and slows down website in reality. Cache plugins are based upon the principle of installing some offline files on wordpress installation on hosting sites. If you are one shared hosting then, slowly these files size should increase to a considerable extent and this can make your site unstable or move to offline in high loading times.

So, in a way it does speed up website but impact heavily on the hosting site and that can ruin the prospects of your site for running smoothly and being of living for most times. It is better to opt for content delivery networks which are third party services which provides caching of websites files at different geographic location in and around world and provides website to the people in nearest server location so that it loads faster and smoother to user’s computer. Modern content delivery network not only provides faster website but alas presents user with various modern technologies so that rendering of website becomes fast and smoother.

Most of content delivery networks works in the principle of distributing content world wide and it does not impact heavily on hosting. It distributes webpage world wide and it is preferable that search engine optimisation parameters. Generally website hosted on at a particular location. Hosting of website means all of its files are located at a computer and it is known, as server. That is why when a visitor from another location browse website in accordance with the distance the website loading time effects considerably. CDN your site on the end user’s computer reached from one single location instead of reaching from different geographic locations from the cached version of website.

This speeds up website to a large extent. Use a lightweight WordPress theme that should render easily and does not connect to different links so that server requests from end user computer do not take so much of the time. It is better to use some of the WordPress theme from WordPress itself such as twenty twelve and it is best for customisation and making the most out of it. You can even customise it to a larger extent so that ultimately use of plugins for read more or other website visibility factors does not need at all. Use lesser portions and use more customisation option in theme files of WordPress so that ultimately you should not have to worry about installing plugins for each and every additional characteristics of your website.

English: WordPress Logo

English: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is really important that you not to use plugin when you can use code instead. There are many learning resources within parameters of the internet on how to customise WordPress theme. Learn from it as you can easily put automated read more, pagination, archive, and other customisation without any such need for installing additional plugins. Coding of these consolidations do speeds up website than adding additional plugins from third party sources. Most of these additional plugins do tend to provide some third party links to your website and this makes higher loading time for your website. Putting additional codes for such customisation is not only secure but also makes your WordPress website faster with smarter loading times.

Always keep WordPress installation upto date. From time to time makers of WordPress releases newer and smarter versions of WordPress that not only makes it faster but also provide security and it is important to update it or configure your server to update it so that your website remains secure and faster. There are many WordPress customisation option which can be written but these are some of most favorable as well as most desirable WordPress tips which as the new users one should always follow so that in the long run yours site should not be getting into blacklisted from Google as the result of excessive spam or other options. It is your personal duty to make it completely safe so that when end user browse it that does not affect user’s computer at all and this makes the performance of the website brilliant with equal parameter to exceed in every occasion.

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