Wild fire

Wildfire occurs during summer time. When the town is nearer to hills and such wildfires occurs in those places. The amount of heat that generates from the wild fire multiplies the heat of summer in quadruple ways. That makes the entire atmosphere unbearable to sustain and manage. Nayagarh is a place where there are lesser number of trees due to the nature of soil out there. The soil of this place is reddish and it is mostly favorable for some crops and less number of trees makes it call this place as iron land by natives. Here, summer is very intolerable and entire town is surrounded by two hills known as Rukhi and Balaram. I have never seen such establishment of town or people living close to the hill.

Most of times, due to some unwanted reasons wild fire occurs in these hills. Due to proximity of town nearer to hills the power of heat blown from eastern wind comes with the fire power to make unmitigated climate unbearable to basic human tolerance levels. Entire place is mostly devoid of large number of trees due to nature of soil and environmental standards as well as entire place is surrounded by these two above mentioned hills which covers entire town to stop advent of cooler winds from eastern side and coupled with when these hills caught hold of wild fire then it moves cold air to above side and in its place the hot air comes moving in and touch the town and that multiplies the summer heat.

On the other hand, people of Nayagarh who live at the foot of these mountains tend to take fear from the continuous and unwanted wild fires that have been there within mountain rangers. They fear these fires can reach to townships and can cause extreme havoc as well as the amount of heat flows within these spaces has been mostly not tolerable and this makes entire living standards difficult for them to keep. After seeing bright fire within hill ranges of people comes out from home with awe and the fire department assured them to remove the fire within some hours.

English: This is the picture of Nayagarh Auton...

English: This is the picture of Nayagarh Autonomous college. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unfortunately this has not happened. No one can also say with huge confidence to remove such traces of fires within hill ranges within some possible time durations. After removing the files from these hills in the next day, fire again erupts. This has been mostly due to the fact that due to extreme summer time and the nature of soil in Nayagarh, most trees shed their leaves and due extreme summer those dry leaves caught hold of fire and that creates all possibilities of wild fire. Wildfire again erupts there for two consecutive days and more than 100 forest workers and ability guided by three rangers have been constantly doing their efforts to wipe out those fires, but their process of efforts is on.

The district forest officer (DFO) assured people of Nayagarh that the fire that brokes out within tow hill ranges should be controlled within the shortest possible of time. Every effort is on to control it beyond hill levels. Due continuous wild fire temperature of Nayagarh has risen to 47 degree celsius. Cattles and animals in the fear of fire have been running to nearby villages to save their lives. Humans also find the lives living in those places extremely difficult. Both of these hills have very valuable woods as well as some rare medicinal plants. Due to occurrences of these wild fires all these medicinal plants has been burnt into ashes and that seems to possess a huge loss to the exchequer.

Most of governmental offices as well as session court have been situated on the banks of this hill town and due to extreme heat flowing all across in these spaces we have seen recurrences and occurrences of disturbances of office work in and around those places. Being district headcount town the cost of works of district standards has been going on here but due to extreme summer heat people from these offices unable to do constant work there and that hampers the development of these areas. Due to elevation of distraction to Nayagarh a few years back the standards of works as well as amount of works in those places increases in many folds.

On the last Saturday, the wild fire increases in many folds, and the hot winds come towards homes and it reaches into the town and increases the heat to many folds. It became difficult for people to maintain such heat of summer. People in awe come out from their homes and stay outside for an entire night in awe of catching fire as well as to tolerate heat that has been staying inside four walls of the house. In the nearby areas, the wild animals and creatures that were stating inside these hills, comes out from their nests and reached towards nearby villages as this creates the sense of fear as most of these wild animals and snakes can attack humans and this makes living inside those villages miserable and disturbing.

Most of these snakes which are found in large numbers in and around these places reaches to farm lands and that creates fear among farming communities out there. This makes extremely difficult for them to go for farming as during these times, cultivation of land is the need of hour but they could not move out due to extreme summer heat as well as fear of snakes reaching to these farmlands makes them stay indoors or inside of village communities. People of those places have said, there has been fires in those hills for many times in last decades, but such huge gigantic fire of this proportion and that too during summer and such huge amount have never ever occurs in these parts for last two decades and considering all aspects of this, the wild fire that has been occurring in this time certainly more damaging and ferocious that all the other times and government should take this more seriously to remove it from the start.

Both of these hills are the nesting grounds for many rare birds. It has been estimated that many such birds must have been burned to death as the result of such titanic and ferocious wild fire. People feel generally some villagers who indulge in cultivation in hill areas, tend to burnt some part of hill patches in order to clear that space from small trees, and with due course of time without proper care those fires seems to caught from place to place to become wild fire. Due to availabilities of rare woods, in these hills some wood mafia during summer time also burnt some places of hills in order to put rangers and foresters reaching those places and slowly at the other side they cut those trees and take those woods from there.

Even though the rangers offices as well as other forest department are at the foot of these hills surprisingly enough they have not able to stop these signs of wild fire and which continues till today unabatedly and this makes life of entire reason at bay and now they are suffering extreme heat as well as extreme fear from these wild animals who are now reaching to these plain lands after their home has been ravaged through wild fires.

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