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There has been many smarter economic indicators such as Gross National Product (GNP), Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Balance of Payment (BOP), foreign exchange reserves, per capital income, state of inflation which all provides minimum standards of idea of where the economic might of country is currently moving into. It provides bird’s eye view of every situation from which one could find and no definitive information about how the economic situation of a country is moving into. Whether every other people?s oriented action aimed at welfare of the masses is leading to the exact direction of absolute and whether, all these agendas related to masses are working in realistic situations or not.

Whether all such productive employment opportunities are working in real or in papers, increment of nutritional food elements to people, providing them with and insurance are actually working at ground stage or not. All such do provide smarter and wider view angle of whether the economic situation of a nation is actually moving into the state of economic development. House for all, clean nation, sanitation facilities, insurance, well to-do living conditions are available to people in general or not. It goes on to showcase the economic and strategic strength of a nation in a clear and visible manner and whether all these developments move to the stage of sustained and productive development at the grass root stage is the matter of economic development.

Clarity of national vision:

For a stronger nation the fundamental and basic of nations should be stronger and mightier. We have moved from the era of cold war and now every other possibilities of development agendas moved into the stage of economic welfare and development of nations. It is imperative for to sustain and create large scale domestic production and industry segment which demand to be armed and stronger technology. A stronger and clearer national vision is the need of hour. It provides different and simultaneous goal towards a stronger goal which provides clearer and maximum amplitude towards developing nations towards the stage of stronger and mightier move forward in reaching towards the driving force of complete development.

A nation emerges as economic power due to growth in the sector of economy, agriculture and technological development. It is indeed necessary for clarity of national vision so that by pursuing development agendas one could reach towards a path of excellence in moving towards complete development. Growth story of every economic powers is different. They pursue their own goal of development agendas and move into create a stronger and mightier economic power as a nation. It is important for India to create its own set up economic process so as to see how these work and find out a different way of contributed living standards emerge as a whole. Most nations do have abundant natural resources and it is those untapped arenas which need to be utilized in full capacity in order to develop a nation economically.

Apart from all these one need to build its strength in terms of military, industrial, commercial powers as well as utilization of natural resources. It also needs of the hour that people should be adventurous enough to pursue national agenda so as to create and build a stronger and mightiest nation. Plan of economic segment should be long term as well as short term in nature so as to provide differential visionary elements to people to be presented with immediate as well as distant vision to work out long-term economic standards of people. Germany and France always built their technological vision on the long term technological advancement so as to find their way out for possible developed stage in the past.

English: New Zealand private, government and t...

English: New Zealand private, government and total overseas debt and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) from 1993 to 2010. Data Source: New Zealand Reserve Bank (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the path of development comes upon differential stages of odds which need to be overcome from time to time, with the help of reliable technology so as to present the nation with the power and might of economic development. Most of these developed countries always move towards clean and environmentally friendly atmosphere so as to present the world with a mightier work standards. Subsequently its moves into the stage of complete cleanness where citizens pursue these standards so as to make it as the way of life to live in general. For India it is important to create the sense of complete development was the first and foremost difficulties to attain this is all about attending the path of complete security. India is surrounded all over by some of hostile neighbors, and it is important for India to create the sense of complete security all over and everywhere in order to create the environment of complete safer place for business standards.

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It is important for India to tap the untouched business arenas and create the aim for sustained and speedy development within the shortest span of time so as to create the sense of core competencies. It can be in the sense of technological brilliance or in the sense of human resources. India is filled with stronger human potential which is important and except China there is no other country does have such huge human resource within the world sphere. Human resource is core competency of India and it is needed to be tapped with full potential in order to find more and more productive output. India needs to have a stronger and intellectual work force as well as focus on crucial sector such as development of infrastructure is the need of hour. India is basically an agro-based economy. India needs to tap these resources and create the most important technological advancements in these segment coupled with insurance scheme as a cover for farmers.

vision 2020


We need entrepreneurial farmers who should utilize every means to produce larger output of food grain as well as productive elements so as to make it as the stronger and possibly the most important segment of business arenas. All these sectors of economy are important and one need to focus on these crucial sectors such as agro-food processing, road transportation, civil aviation, water ways, electric power, non conventional power sources, technological advancements, applications, raw materials availability within shortest span of time, electronics and communications, proper and advanced training, health care and services. Development of all these elements provides advancement of the economy and does implement larger and possibly wider scale of economic development in these arenas.

Once a nation reached the stage of absolute development of the first and foremost demand from people is a wider range of food products. People have additional sum of money and for this they want to spend those money and that is why availability of abundant food products be it in normal food or processed food becomes order of the day. If a nation does not have sufficient food materials for its citizens then it has to be imported from outside. That can weaken the state of the economy. For this it is important to create a larger production of food grains to meet the demands of people. That is why with the increase of technological brilliance and economic development it is important to create the stage of increase of food grain production in the country.

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That provides the reason for conserving water, afforestation, creating grazing lands, and conserves the waters in the community. Large percentages of rain water flow down and are being wasted. If such amount of rain water is preserved, then these can be utilized heavily all year long in agriculture fields. Irrigation is the age old technologies to distribute the waters from rivers all over in these areas. It provides a continuous flow of water all over in these agricultural fields.

Technology does provide awesome way to develop business growth. It provides additional level of information as well as inform farmers about the latest developments in these areas so as to know about weather forecasts as well as the development of crops and that makes them complete educated to work out in agricultural fields. Farming sectors needs to be encouraged and also means to achieve more and more productivity gains must sure to make it the most fertile area so that more and more educated youths so that every other possibility of fast increase of output could be possibly begin with. Every segment area or cause of India should be able to produce all kinds of agricultural productivity so that ultimately total output of production should be on the higher side.

Eastern India should be able to produce large number of wheat. If it should be possible then ultimately total output of production should yield higher. Water management is key to success of production and for this more emphasis on conservation of rain water should be done in a comprehensive manner so as to present year long agricultural productivity of different kinds of agricultural outputs. Ultimately, nation with a vast array of agricultural productivity should be able to foresee a greater degree of economic dominance so as to create the stage of lasting prosperity in terms of economic output. Post harvest technology is important to preserve production output so as to continue keeping it in various warehouses so as to distribute these agricultural products year long without any difficulties.

We have seen and experienced that most of the developed civilizations all over the world and history of human civilization have seen the signs of growth when these people able to use these materials with a vast degree of proficiency that can shape the future of these production output. India has a large array of good natural minerals and all these are good for the country. It is important to create newer and modern technological brilliance so as to convert these materials into knowledge base products. Many such materials need excellent and close attention and it is important to develop such modern technologies that could bring about higher yield of business output within the shortest span of expenditure. It is important to acquire competitive advantages of materials so as to create a niche field within the mineral sector. We have lost competitive advantages over steel sector as cost of production and waste of materials is on the higher side. It is important to create such technological brilliance so that factors affecting costs should be kept to a bare minimum.

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Most of engineering industries which mostly dealing with electronics and telecommunications needs the strategic brilliance of technological brilliance coupled with proper telecommunications as well as presence of biotechnology and strategic business brilliance. The installation of latest manufacturing technologies depending higher on presence of technology could bring forward essential inputs of products in general, completely depends upon essential inputs, through higher processing of electronic data management, create marketing communication technologies, so that collaborative calibration and technical consultancy should provide enough assistance for proper dissection of economy out put to generate large scale demands as the gap between supply and demand reduces to a considerable extent to create and occur stringent service parameters for global platforms.

In the long run all these measures should provide higher degree of food security as well as providing nutritious foods to needy individual so as to provide efficient service management as well as introduction of welfare measures in a developed economy to introduce precarious economic balance all over entire parts of the state. Every strong economies face different iota of technological pressures and it is, important to wipe out such measures in larger number so as to create differential welfare measure that should efficiently cover each and every segment of the population. It provides welfare insurance for people in general to cover each and every aspect of population in creating some degree of treatments all over entire reasons.

High productivity requires a high degree of healthy population. That is why it is important for a developed economy to have efficient health care system for every segment of the population. A healthy nation can work multiple times as well as continue to provide more and more economic brilliance for people in general. It needs a suitable and constant flow of health checks with proper delivery mechanisms and efficient health care maintenance systems. Another important part of health care system is completely secure for health care, of maternal and child health. A healthy nation grows with strong child, where people?s pain and agony should be dealt with properly and healthy manners. For this it needs a stronger and efficient work force with an enabling infrastructure that modern economy should be dealing with modern business and manufacturing segments.

Every modern economy does need speedy health care system. Health and modern day health care deals with more insurance of the health system where the cost of health should be kept to a bare minimum. Modern health care system does demand for higher cost of treatment but still it goes on to show that with proper participation of government with the health care system could possibly reduce the cost and price of treatment. All these are signs of stronger economy where people spend less for costly treatment and participation of government or other agencies in these segment does provide higher impetus of growth that could present itself with stronger sense of growth with stronger and healthier citizens that could present higher participation of people, that could create further stronger steps of development of economy in the long term.

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