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Oh what a summer. The heat from sun’s ray this time appears to be unbearable. While moving to office at the square, I saw traffic police are standing under the sun and consistently doing his duties to control traffic under scorching sun heat. The heat from the sky is pouring like the fire from the gas. It is more dangerous with a sprinkling of ultraviolet rays during these spaces. Humidity part is on higher side. It makes the heat not so tolerable. There are winds flowing but that too is coupled with a stronger sense of heat which makes the feel of summer even more hotter.

Summer heat stays from dawn to dusk and there are no signs of its reduction. The temperature of this space is close to 45 degrees and continues to provide more difficulties for people. What about traffic policy even under the thin shade the heat of summer is more dangerous that is thought to be. Even inside home the power of the air condition as well as coolers is not working as the summer heat is at its high time and that makes the entire stage of the feeling of heat more intense that it is thought to be. Due to the advent of modernisation and advent of newer forms of cementing structures we have seen the entire road is now hotter than the sun ray and it is impossible for us to tolerate such intense heat.

Just think a moment about the traffic police who used to stand on the road and sometimes open field and sometimes under the tin cover which makes feeling of summer heat more intense than even thought of. It seems meat balls are rolling out from sky to earth. Most people have been feeling the sense of heat during these periods. Traffic police used to stand in these places for almost eight hours undercut these scorching summer heat. Most of these traffic police do not have gloves and umbrella to cover them under the sun. Most of these instruments have gone for over two years old and some have turned into rags but still they are in use on it.

Some say that some have brought on their own money and continue to buy it at their own expenses in order to prevent themselves from the extreme summer heat. Due to large number of vehicles inside the capital city of Bhubaneswar we have seen extreme surge of traffics at those places. Traffic police have to stand under the tin traffic post and continue to stay there at these scorching summer heat continuously without any chance of disturbances. There is no provision for cooling water near traffic post as well as proper shades nearby these posts.

Traffic police have to stand at these squares for longer durations in order to control risky traffic. While standing under the sun for longer durations so as the water level of body increases and it continues to think about drinking of more water which is most times not available in nearby traffic police posts and that makes the entire standing under the sun unbearable.

In those circumstances, they heavily depend upon water pouches which are mostly and readily available in nearby shops. Researches have shown that these water pouces are full of polluted water and this could have make various health hazards and this should be avoidable, but they cannot ignore it as with due course of time drinking of water is must in order to adjust body with water. In today’s time when everything becomes costly and buying a good and qualitative drinking water from market becomes problematic for them and that is why they solely depend upon water pouches which is very light on purses.

Another difficulty they are facing is that with the increase of heat in most of these shops are now closing and that makes difficult for them to buy water pouches food even during scorching summer heat. They continue to stay with thirst from longer hours but they have to perform their duties for it and continue to provide non stop traffic awarenesses to the public in general. They wish to have sufficient provision for cooling water as well as glucoses in order to stay cool and make their health stable for it. Most of the traffic police do not have an umbrella to carry in those posts. They continue to wear a white cap and wrap white clothes around their face in order to stay safe from scorching summer heat.

On the othe hand, in and around national highway, the duty time for traffic police is of four hours, and it continues to provide breaks to traffic police. Most of these squares in and around national highway are accident prone and for their duties are now coming with breaks of four hours after four hours continuous traffic duties. During these break time they returned to their home but if location of their home is far distance from their duties place, then they have to continue to stand in the shades in nearby for four hours in order to attend the next shift of duties on time.

In this way they continue to stay for more than twelve hours in these scorching summer heat. Many a times it crosses the tolerance level of traffic police but they have to do it as this is their livelihood as well as they have to be always alert during national highways as most of time heavy vehicles running with stiff neck speed which needs to be controlled as these traffic check posts runs within high traffic zones of city. The government is aware of all these difficulties and continues to provide more and more conveniences for them in order to make them feel comfortable. There should be renovations in their clothing materials so that in due course of time these should be equally conducive to remove heat from the body so that they remain cool enough to make them feel comfortable.

Most of these traffic posts should be well constructed with plenty of shades around it so that when a traffic policeman stands in these posts should feel the shades and continue to provide well guarded advices to people who are driving their vehicles around it. Most of these traffic posts are constructed a year back but surprisingly most of these are locked and not in use and it is high time to construct these posts and make it more shade friendly so that traffic police always stays with shades and their mind should be cool enough to control extreme traffic in and around city area so that every person should feel safer and nicer in and around these places to have a safer and nicer driving experiences. Psychologists say that the summer heat does provide extreme form of effects on brains and this while doing traffic work the scorching summer heat need to be reduced in the form of above mentioned conveniences in order to make road safety and nice to ride on.

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