The new world of collaboration

Human beings are rational animal. By nature, they cannot stay alone. They want to create proper networking to spread their awareness and test their scope of rationality. It augments power to think properly and disseminate good from bad. In the old times, especially in millennium years we have seen sprouting from desktops, wired networks, large number of softwares and virtual private networks within certain hemisphere of organisation. Human wishes speed network that should have been

nearer to the speed of thinking of rational minds. In addition to this presence of large number of wired networks do tend to create one of most severe as well as the most awkward moments where it takes large number space and that creates too much problem for users.

Now in the next generation of collaborative techniques we are experiencing a completely newer and smarter wireless view where everything now is on the wire mechanisms as well as do provide some smarter opportunities to cover most of the space without any such wired presence. Now, collaborations within certain official sphere do not restrict itself to its physical boundaries. It also includes clients and other people who connect through front end office system and bring about real time information in order to showcase and provide augmented realities of presentation of information all over. In the earlier presence and term of collaboration it is all about network movement and connecting most of person as it could but now it is all about presenting users, clients and other about current element as well as updated their information in real time through cloud computing as well as connecting every other computers and clients through logical computing management that update in real time.


In a corporate enterprise system, we cannot ignore the presence of legacy system of collaboration. In the next generation system, we are experiencing the presence of well compatible environment between legacy and present system. It is true that we cannot ignore the presence of legacy system and we have to take it forward as the cost factor in implementation of the legacy system is always at higher sides. The Information Technology department of the enterprise must reduce the gap between legacy and presence system.

Some of the most basic functions of organisation such as document sharing, document management and workflow come about through differential management of delegation of powers and it continues to stay within the premises of organisation. With due course of time, we have seen some of most of comprehensive changes in these spheres with the effect of some of the most new and innovative approaches to management. Within legacy framework external transactional matters do take time and sometimes it take for some week to reach information to head office. This delays the entire process of functioning of organisation and it needs to be tested with time with the introduction of more and more proficient and energy options for wireless management of information and sharing.

Cloud computing infrastructure

Cloud computing infrastructure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For every collaborative elements and segmentation some things have never ever changed all across in every sphere of organisation. Submission, response, revision and approval after the creation of documents do not change at all in all these processes need the proper and manageable involvement of humans so as to create the entire process of matrices of information sharing in a good and convenient manner. With due course of time environment and scope of business organisation moves from simple structure towards complex and most business oriented structure where we find the present of global presence of multinational companies as well as enterprise do provide differential standards of collaboration and the distance between clients and customers now becomes through out the world.

Paperless office are becoming a reality:

Now, sending large files of legal or business documents, to one client or a customer is easier than ever being thought. Now, with the advent of different digital document standards and proper path of encryption sending and receiving of documents from one person to the other becomes easier and the all these become in real time and without any such delay. What it makes is that the sender knows that receiver received the document and the whatever updation and consultation process that needs to be embarked upon slowly putting forward and mentions it and process of fully optimisation and systematic invitation of work through collaboration in real time goes on and this reduces the performance output time and this makes decision making of organisation swift and speed of performance improvements.

In a world of cut throat business competition and where the gap between the market leader and follower is inching closer day by day, it is the proper time management and well documented and superbly guided collaborative display of information sharing and management of time and sending and receiving of all informations in real time without delay that creates a superlative business opportunities. This goes on to prove that there is no chance for second opinion on whatever we think about how an organisation runs as we have to move towards complete core system where everything should stay within the specifications of cloud computing and every informations and every other content sharing among staffs and executives should be done in real time and should be seen by the legislative people who are entitled to see within hemisphere of organisation.

All these systems create a set up differential challenges and prospective intimation for the information technology department of organisation to move forward and think more about how an organisation slowly moves towards complete and proper paperless environment. Every part of documentation of organisations stays within the specifications of management where we do find many levels of systematic understanding of document sharing as well as cloud computing where every information stays within the front office documents and then within specifications of proper database management all such informations stays within scope and perimeters of organisation.

English: Diagram showing overview of cloud com...

English: Diagram showing overview of cloud computing including Google, Salesforce, Amazon, Axios Systems, Microsoft, Yahoo & Zoho (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What it makes super easier for organisation is that day by day on with depending upon differential propositions of organisational standards we do come across many such informations and sharing standards where we do find the complex bit and pieces of informations in sharing different enabled information sharing where in the case of humans there could be every possibilities of chances of wrongs but with proper establishment of enterprise system planning we do find the presence and occurrence of stubborn and wonderful systematic arrangement of information where every thing occurs at the computing levels through proper scanning and management of information all occurs at the real time. Proper collaborative elements do provide a wide array of benefits for organisation as it complements and augments proper information sharing and do occur all at real time so that information management takes ample turn and the right time to create the stage of a new world of collaborative management.

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