Pothole Man

Every human is different. There is no single person who has the similarity of the other person. That is why we tend to recognize each and every person and that makes our life most beautiful and wonderful. Otherwise this world should have been full of many more confusions and negativity crippling all over everywhere. There are good persons and bad persons. There is some wonderful and extremely talented person who always vows to go for creating the sense of absolute welfare for the masses all the time. This writing is about such a person who always thinks for others without caring of his own conveniences.

He always thinks for society and nation and putting his own interest in backburner. In reality, these personalities are the greatest asset of human societies. His name is Gangadhar Tilak from Hyderabad, India. His age is now touching seventy. He was serving with Indian Railways. He attended his retirement for eight years. Now, he utilises his pension funds which are meant for livelihood, to patch up different pot holes in and around the city so that people should not face accident or other calamities while walking across roads.

He wishes to patch every pot hole of the city so that people should not face the slightest bit of inconveniences while moving across the roads. There has been many incidents of how accidents occur due to potholes and that makes him feel sad and that is why he began this mission and continues to be in it for the last several years. He is busy feeling the potholes on roads on main and subway streets of the city so that every part of roads filled and patched and the pot holes should not remain in any part of these roads. Actually, potholes are due to the bad materials used for constructions of roads as more and more corruption in creating these tender process of road construction lead to this.

The path to this not only presents him with plenty of laurels but also there are many hardships attached with it. Change is the only constant and in order to initiate. Change, it is the hardships and the opposition that create more and more confusion attached to it. The great person Ganagashar never ever attached to all these he continues to do his work irrespective of all these accolades and opposition as his concentration is more towards making entire route pot free so that there should not have been any such incidents of accidents as a result of this.

One such day some years back, while walking across road, he saw one accident as a result of pot hole and that seen and experience changes his mind set entirely and he moved towards the determined perception of creating one such smarter and wonderful road environment so much so that ultimately this should reduce the amount of accident and reduce the convenience of vehicle owner while driving across roads. He paused for some time and thinks about it that these works should be done by the government of the day instead why not he should be doing this so that this can be done immediately for entire convenience of the passer by. He became determined to it and continue to provide more and more awesome ways to amend and make it most of it.

A group of large potholes in Whitepit Lane, Ne...

A group of large potholes in Whitepit Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight seen in February 2010. It was caused partly due to very cold weather during January 2010 causing water to freeze and cracks to form in the road surface. The damage has now been repaired. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He began his mission to patch these potholes. He took sands, cements and other raw materials for patching of roads in his own car and reached to these places and began patching these potholes all by himself without taking any other financial as well as personal help from others. In the initial stages people of these locality where he reached to repair those potholes thought that he was a temporary worker of the concerned municipality but slowly these messages of this great work done by individual spread in every nuke and corner of the city like wild fire. Slowly, people of Hyderabad city of India, love him and whenever he reaches at some locality to repair those potholes people come towards him and always look at him with great respect. This slowly put pressure on local municipality to repair those pot holes and slowly entire city has cleaner and smoother roads in offerings.

People give him due respect and honor and come forward to help him out for these noble job, he has been doing. On the other side, he has been spending heavily for this work and all his earning from pension funds seems to be reducing and his better half seems to feel sad at about it and most of time opposes to this idea of doing this noble work at the cost of reducing cost for their day to day livings. His son also opposes this idea of him but slowly with due course of time, at the time, they also supported his idea of doing this noble work all around city. His son is a technocrat and working in United States having high salaried job, and he opened one face book page for this noble act of his and slowly people all over the world come to know about this and donate funds for this and this reduces financial burden on him to a great extent and that makes his work more productive and beneficial.

One some other day in the past many people feel ashamed of what he is doing for society but slowly with increase of fame many people and organisation come forward and create one such brigade to help him out in completion of his noble duties. Slowly, in entire city of Hyderabad, India he became famous in the name of ‘Pothole man’ and that denotes the respect showered to him from people from time to time in making this part of extremely wonderful experience of serving people without any further need for hoping of anything. Now, a corporation of Hyderabad, many social organisation and individuals are helping him out in completion of this job. His selfless job to clean these potholes inspired many great celebrities like Amitabh Bachan, the bollywood star and won many accolades from many persons.

Gangadhar is bereft of all these litterateurs of praises, as he only thinks due to elimination of these potholes, not only vehicle owners are saved from facing accidents but also they are saved from large sum of medical expenses as a result of recuperation processes after probable accidents occurrences. He also believes that if an individual can do any work then one should not always look towards everything should be done by government. It is my country everyone should think of it and should move in thinking about it exactly the same so that if individuals can do these work or similar in nature than the works of government become easier. This is very noble thought and one should always think about it so that with accumulation efforts of so many of the people all over the world one can reach towards the probable point of destination where everyone finds equal forms of satisfaction all over with it.

Even today, Ganagadhar from morning time after dawn starts his work to install patches on these potholes and find these potholes and filled up with it and with him comes about more and more awareness where many people comes out open to do this same in order to make city wonderful and beautiful. Such ideal works and wonderful ob Gangadhar has been indulged into should make every other person inspired upon so much so that they should also find such niche works during their leisure time so that they can contribute with their own sum of shares so much so that there should not have been any chances and occurrences of any other inconveniences for passerbys.

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