Midsummer noon

It is a great summer. Of course and it is reported to be the hottest day of many years. Still this place is devoid of sin and lack of summer. This is surprising. How this could be. How come the neighboring place is full of hot streams of winds and people unable to venture out in the open due to stiffening summer environments. Entire place is full of clear and visible light all over but still. It seems the glory of summer is all out here. This is surprising but true. Oh delightful place to investigate and roam around here. We think this should have been the greatest leisure place to dim out tiredness of work but still as it seems to suggest there are plenty of interesting platitudes of essential atmosphere where we could reach out to find out enough to understand what life could be all about.

Philosophical justification:

The sun is same here so as the altitude of this area where the similar places here and there does not have so much space to understand how life could it have been and how a good life with an wonderful atmosphere could create one of most suggested part of living the life of millions. Oh, it seems you just been getting into the stage of philosophical poet where every beautiful happenings seems to be changing with times and also the visionary out look to understand what life could it have been slowly moving towards the stage of extreme emptiness of philosophical justification. Ha-ha, why cannot researchers and the people with knowledge about one or more sciences could not have been turning to the stage of poetic empowerment as it seems that from every dream suggests we could find the real happenings of life and that creates more pronounce and positive guidance towards excellence of life happenings.

Let us move out further and understand what could have been the real motive behind so much coolness even in this sultry summer in these places. It seems to be an interesting phenomenon to understand what life could change from it as well as we could find the real reason behind the dynamic and mysterious reasons behind the changes of climatic situations in the entire arena. Entire place is full of umpteenth number of trees which provide enough room for cool winds but that does not mean that even in this hottest summer stage we could find the presence of lower than ten degree celsius there and how could it have been. From the sky the sun looks hotter and the sprinkling of rays of sun out there goes on to provide enough confusion of entire situation but still while roaming that place here and there I could sense the traces of science and try hard to find out the real and hidden place from where I could find the real trace of what is happening in that place.

Sounds of invisible water:

We move slowly out there and moving from side to side and then we reach to a place where the soil of that place is almost red in color, though I have seen such places elsewhere but suddenly the color of soil from the place where we stand changes from that reason. This means something there inside crust of earth or might have been from the influences of atmosphere and it is right time to find out what it is all about and how all these forms of life and related movement towards achieving excellence provides excellent amalgamation of thoughts and ideas out there. We cannot control nature and it is natural that surprises us from time to time with newer presentation of environment where we could not find the real reason for such altered and dynamic presentations of environment. Suddenly while walking on the red soil we hear the sound of water but still no trace of any river or lake out there. It is as much as surprising for us as to find out where is the water. It seems to suggest one of the most mysterious presentation of life with water.

Searching for source of water beyond logical conclusion:

During school days, we read about how water is synonymous with life. So, we are very much interested in finding out where the water is and from where the sound of water is coming from. We moved forward while hearing the sound of water and moved about some distance but the sound is there but still not finding the trace of water out there. Slowly, the discovery of trace of water on the part of the world seems to be ending with one of the most mysterious and colossal stage of extreme dissatisfaction of not finding the trace of it and slowly we moved towards another direction to find it out. Oh what a mysterious place is this all about. I do not believe so but some what we could not find the trace of water. Then why we could not find it out through the sound emanating from this seems to suggest that we should have been into most nearer place than it ever had it been. What you think so. I got confused as the sound of water seems to suggest it should have been in this place but somehow we could never find it out.

It should have been a puzzling place. Yes but I think not one hundred percentages. Why do you think so as there must be some reason behind your thinking? Yes, I am explaining but am not hundred percentages confident of it but still try to figure out the reason behind this. I think, water should have been there and the sound we hear is just from the flowing of water but it might have been nearer to this place as the magnitude of sound seems to suggest as it should it have been. It might have been underground water flow as it could it have been just under our feet. Good explanation of this logic but it seems that there could have been more questions about it from that of what answer it could have been seems to provide with. How could it have been and what are the unanswered questions which you are thinking about at the moment can you elaborate. I mean after knowing the raising questions up and above yours thinking parameters then I could also elaborate my thinking mechanisms further to understand and see the permutations and combinations of understanding this situations in fullest of thought and ideas.

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Should rocks of mountains provide the underground passage to water:

First and foremost if water is underground then how could the sound of flowing water as if on the nearby places which we could be hearing are coming out from and also it seems that water is so near but it seems it is so far from out of us as from yours thought and logic could not find the exact trace of opening of water river source at any point of time. It seems you are good and so far we could not find the opening of water or seen any signs of water in these nearby places out here. We move here and there but still we could not find the trace of water around anywhere nearer to that place. This seems to be most interesting phenomenon as water is not there as ours reach of eyes suggest but still we could hear the sound of water as if everything at these places at our behest. Then what about cool weather in this place and I think there must be underground water flowing in these places as it could have been and most places of the earth and its crust do contain the traces of water all around most places on earth.

This is interesting logic as if this place has underground existence of water and these water if at the nearest place towards the soil of water than these places should have been the coolest place of these arenas. Just a minute I think there is another stop over of this logic of what we think of this place as coolest place as this place is a mountain and how could water flow inside hard rocks of mountains as this seems to be one of most mysterious understandings of life and existence of earth and we have to think and find out what could be logic behind existence of water around here. Can rocks of the mountains provide the underground passage to water? It is for geologists to find out what could be the truth of this but the entire climatic as well as environmental variables of that place seems to suggest this place has some mysterious underestimation which we should understand in clear and logical manner by withdrawing different and dynamic stages of mysteries which we have been witnessing from these areas from time to time. It seems entire arena is filled up with many such withdrawing symptoms of getting back to normal stage but still after all these limitations and logical idioms we could not find the unanswered question of about how the sounds of water is coming out from no where and how could all these have been surrounding the most disturbing and most dynamic presentations of life which we tend to find it from time to time.

Unanswered questions:

What we expect from nature is to show us the signs of unanswered questions which have been troubling us from time to time but still after roaming here and there and trying hard to find about the answered still all these has been getting to the real zero answered question. What this place could have been the place of origin of some river as from hearsay it is evident most of these beginning point of the river cannot be traceable as for most of these routes of rivers tend to stay underground. I think what you have queries about the entire answer lies with your question. How come please indicate this. You have said it is hearsay as this means your point is not backed by scientific explanations but still to date no one has ever proved that this is the wrong concept as well as no one ever makes it correct that this is the correct concept. So, it is kind of ground where you could not find what could be right at the same time what could it have been the wrong to perceive with. It is just not a reality nor the mystery. It could have been as the rocks of this mountain if it could have been for many years or can have been for numerous years then it could it have been contain the forms of sedimentary rock foundations which could have been created with due course of time making the route of flow of water through particular sedimentary structures most interesting.

Enough doubts within minds beyond logical recognition:

I make a doubt about this. How could the flow of entire water identify the particular routes of sedimentary formations all around within stretch of kilometers of rock solid mountain and while running into these structures all over how could these reach out to open and how could the continuous flow of water is all possible as though entire route could have been formed inside sedimentary structures but still the amount of friction could have broken the route of entire underground water bed. It is a complicated structure and as rocks are part of nature as well as water so it could have been the formation of the route as a result of some sort of natural configuration and that creates entire place cooler as a result of underground flow of water. It could have been but as the believer of logical reasoning I could not think it as it but still we have to find out some sorts of signs of presence of water as for sure it is water out here as the coolness of place beyond imagination even during mid summer and at mid noon time as well as entire place is full of plenty of trees and most of these trees are never found else where and no one is keeping and maintaining these out there. Last not the least the sound of water which is clearly audible adding mysteries and fuel to the fire of continuous confusion where it seems that slowly the scope of science is losing out to the presentation of wonderful mysteries.

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What an atmosphere it could have been:

All these diagnostic thoughts and its concerned references does not show or prove any of stipulated and clearly visible points of where the coolness comes from. In finding this truth out we reached the stage of some of the hints in the form of water sounds but surprisingly not finding trace of anything anywhere. This goes on to show how senses of humans can confuse persons at different points in time. Tired of using so much of brain power we decided to make it to a pause and move towards some sort of leisurely anticipation of reaching to the top of a mountain which is surprising. In this place slowly we feel the presence of coolness come tripping into the whole body and the entire atmosphere is now filled with a severe cold. What an atmosphere it could have been. Seeing the sun at the other side of hill and slowly moving towards top that justifies that it is noon and sun with hot summer ray could have been too much of hot air pumping in but sadly that does not happen and this place is cooler than some of coldest place of earth.

Still confused with state of things happening here and work hard to find out the reasoning behind it, but the more we try to solve it we are moving slowly towards the great puzzle phenomena where it seems there is no road to end. It is endless thoughts of more and more mysteries in store for us and the way move forward more and more difficulties in imagining that all these not so normal phenomena are taking place. Slowly, mind is asking us not to consider it as it seems with so much of thoughts in these processes on particular set up ideas we still not being able to reach towards the stage of absolute conclusion. We are seeing at the other mountains there is bush fire all across due to extreme summer heat and there has been more and more trees that have been moving towards the stage of absolute leave less stage due to lack of water and extreme summer at the midsummer noon. On the other hand the mountain which we are standing into which is just beside the same mountain but it is coolness everywhere as well as we could see the plenty of green trees all over, entire atmosphere is super cool as well as when we move towards the top of mountains slowly we are feeling extreme cold and possibly after reaching at the top we could find ice. How all these fascinating climatic change happening in this place is still not being able to find the actual answer from it.

Solitary mountain:

We are moving towards the top while to our utter surprise there is not any other creature be it wild or normal living creature ever encountered upon at any point of this mountain. Slowly the cold is now severe and it has slowly moved towards the stage where it seems not so tolerable at all. But it is well comfortable as entire path towards top of the mountain is filled with nice trees coupled with invisible streaming sounds which are yet to be traced out as well as coolness just makes the entire journey towards top most satisfiable and wonderful. The atmosphere is so charming and filled with magic that after riding of over so much distance we ever think of returning back to ours original destination as it has crossed noon and we still have to ride to top to find out the trace of water which sounds as if it is nearer to us than ever before. We never think of returning as we both thought that it is the top of a mountain that should be solving this puzzle in its entirety. Let us see we both have the slightest of believe in this but still we are also sure at the top of the mountain there should be nothing important to find it out or catch it out. Slowly, we reached towards stage where the top of the mountain is clearly visible. We both said hurry and begin to move rapidly after seeing the goal for the first time. Still this time for over five hours we are moving with an anticipation of reaching towards the top but not reaching there. Now, it is seen from the distance and we slowly walk towards it.

Monstrous trees:

What a beautiful place it is. Entire area of the top of the mountain is filled with tall trees all around. Those trees are never seen before by me at all these trees are above eight to ten floor of height and entire place seems to be hidden from the rest of the area out there. From a distance even from aero plane no one should be able to see what is inside at the top of mountain. We moved there and the entire place is devoid of sunshine probably due to existence of tall trees. It seems that from a distance those trees provide ample indication of life and the stable life of trees possesses. Those are monstrous trees out there. We moved towards the center of that place. Which is a nice clear and wonderful place. We reached there, and looked at the leaves which are covered with recently driven snow fall and some part of snows also reach to us and it falls upon us and that creates huge happiness as it is unbelievable to find snows even in these hottest place.

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Monster trees, huge water sounds, snow fall in midsummer noon and the cleanest place of earth:

How to describe and find the cause of this place. Monster trees, huge water sounds, snow fall in midsummer noon and the cleanest place on earth. All the logics of life and living is clearly going in a different way here. I think this place is not part of Earth. How could it be? We trekked for over five hours to reach here and the ground from where we start riding is surely earth. We have not ridden upon any space shuttle and landed on any other planet, so how it could be all such logic of thinking this place is out of this world or not each and alien place seems to move towards a hard drive of negativity. Nothing sort of reasoning as well as logical thinking is going to succeed here and it seems we slowly moving towards the state of complete confusion and deepening trouble of thinking. I think we should not think any thing now as what we think now is slowly moving towards the stage of complete confusion and chaos and entire area is slowly feeling with some reverse existence of life and the way these areas is filled with so much of different ways of thinking of life and living being surprises all of us towards complete confusion. Human is a rational animal and it is important for humans to always find reasons behind every action they anticipate or see through but surprisingly here everything is falling apart and moving towards some different directions.

A state of complete hibernation:

When mind becomes numb and could not find cause of anything what so ever slowly we do feel the presence of fear all around and that creates the sense of panic all over among us. We decided to return back as it seems it is almost one pm and we could reach towards the foothills of the mountain within four hours possibly due to the slope of mountain which should make us reach faster. No it is not, while going downside it could be taken more time. Be what ever be it is for sure within the next four hours we should be reaching towards the position of nearer to foot hills as slowly we tend to love the summer and have the coolness all around us. We move backwards from the directions we have entered into the top of a mountain but sadly there is no such route out there and entire area is covered with large number of trees. In the mean time, we could see the signing of a blue moon at the top of monstrous trees. This is against another logic and how could such blue moon on the morning and how could existence of blue moon would be here in the mid noon time.

How the route to reach the foot hills of the mountains closed suddenly or, we just failed in our mind and we lost the reasoning to think beyond a certain point. All these unanswered questions come to mind ever before and continue to do so and all these reasonless and without any such positive framework slowly the mind is moving towards the stage of absolute anonymity. Mind seems to reach towards the stage of extreme chaos and refuse to think beyond a certain point. In the mean time, the sounds of water seem to be gaining momentum. Hey, there must be the original point of the river lets us work it out. Should we go but mind refuse to think as it remains in the stage of complete hibernation? We seem to be at the stage of blankness and slowly move towards the origin of streams which seem to be nearer to us than ever before and the blue pale ray of blue moon making it more horrendous from the distance.

Hey, just look upwards, pale moon is appearing once again:

In normal circumstances, we should be moving out that place but to the utter surprise we slowly walk down to the stream to see the flow of water and blue moon up in the sky. Entire area is filled with droplets of water and beautiful sounds all over. We tend to stand there forever knowing nothing and we stand like those trees. It seems time has stopped and wherever we look at any other side nothing to be seen except for water and its audible sound. Slowly, the sound of water is becoming so bitterly that even the hibernated mind of ours still compelling us to move from that place. That place is full of coolness and entire lower part of our body, is now numb and stiffened like never before. Even we are okay from there that seems to be nothing. It seems we have to become some sort of tree where even we try hard to move from there but ultimately this seems to be unsuccessful. We see slow the signs of moving water. Hey, this is river not like just see the moving water and must have been flowing down towards the plane lands. It is reaching towards us or we are standing on its approach similar thing as the water is slowly moving towards us. Run and run but cannot as the entire limb from mind to foot now paused and refused to leave from that place. Unable to run from that place and slowly water is taking over us and we still breathing amidst head full water and still not able to move forward. Hey, just look upwards, pale moon is appearing once again.

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