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Japan is the place of love and peace. For centuries people love peace and follow traits of what consists of marvelous way of life in constituting the progressive attitude and enjoying different aspects of nature that compounded with time and again to shower the blessings of nature. For summer in India, it is hard time and winter is pleasant but this is not the same all over the entire arena of the world. There are places where people eagerly await the advent of summer and Japan is one such country where people eagerly await the advent of summer.

For their summer is the compounding accumulation of happiness and for their summer is the happiest moments of life. For their summer is the marriage season. They wish and wait for the advent of summer all of its time and for them it is the marriage season where the advent of most happiness of life comes from. Most youngsters marry this season. They eagerly wait for this season to the advent and they plan for their marriages in this season. During summer, the highest percentages of marriages in Japan occur. Simple reason for this, summer in Japan is the most enjoyable season. For their advent of summer bring soothing sunshine and climate become utmost clear and nicer during this season.

English: Karo wedding, the married couple

English: Karo wedding, the married couple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, there has been different kind of problems occurring there. Now, during summer season lesser number of marriages occur. The main problem is not the right change of thinking processes on the minds of youngsters but the lack of ladies. There has been extremely drop in the sex ratio within the Japanese community. Number of fairer sex has been reducing to a considerable extent and that creates one of a difficult kind of problem for people especially for male young person to find their better half. It is the most difficult social problem Japaneese people face these days and that compounded their living standards as well as their living of future generations.

The problem of sharp drop of fairer sex is not the problems of today. It has been there for years but now this problem is acute. When, the disease occurs or diagnosed within body few years back it is important to treat these diseases and finding the root cause of the problem so that a cause factor of this can be moved sufficiently. It has been seen that for long years they have not treated this sharp drop fairer sex and that is now becoming a stiffer and acute problem for them. Now, it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable girl for a marriageable male. This problem has been there and now it is in the state of acute state.

This has resulted in the worst kind of problem in Japan. Their population is decreasing and it is in stiff decline. During to lesser number of marriages in the form and creation of the future generation have been reducing considerably. Social lives of younger people have been getting into different kind of state and the institution of marriage has now been reduced to the tour of imaginary and that is the worst kind of situation for them as a nation. This problem is not only making the parents and society to think in general but also succeeding government of Japan has been thinking about this and also trying to rectify their past mistakes of not making huge steps in increasing number of girl childs within Japaneese societies.

Seal of the Office of the Prime Minister and t...

Seal of the Office of the Prime Minister and the Government of Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another kind of problem within Japaneese youngsters also on the rise. Most male younger persons still to date they have not attended the state of financial stability on their career they are not thinking at all about marriages at any point of time. Now, this has been the mindset of the younger girls and that creates the similar problem even existing ladies do ot want to tie the knot till the date they feel secure all by themselves in terms of financial stability on their lives. Now, government also jumps into these societal issues. The government is trying to lure these youngsters into marriage lives by introducing the concept of ‘love train’ for these youngsters who about to attain the state of marriages.

Love train is only for unmarried male and female. At the beginning of the weekend for the holiday time for them. During these times, love train runs and only unmarried male and female can ride on it and the journey is free of cost and all these expenses by the government to encourage unmarried male and female to engage themselves. Government hopes during holiday times there could have been a high degree of probability for these unmarried male and females to engage themselves and that could result in high degree of chances of marriages in the future. During the journey within love train they could be meeting their prospective life partners, and they should be proposing one another and engage with one another and if all goes well then they could be marrying with each other.

This is an innovative step introduced by the Government of Japan and this could have been more and more positive aspect of understanding how life goes or to save the society from degenerating one day. Japanese people love to work hard on entire weeks and when weekend comes so as the advent of love train they are now choosing this and during these time they take rest and possibly thinking more about their future life and trying hard to select their prospective life partner. As the statistics shows, Japaneese unmarried male and female love to go with it and also there has been many chances of successful marriages from the stages of proposal, engagement.

If they find they’re better half than government also helps tem with many schemes. Such as government sponsored their honeymoon locations in whichever place and this becomes bon for the newly married couple as they find the free of cost honeymoon journey. The Government wish to encourage unmarried male and female to go for marrying and I this way future generation of Japan should be there as the form law of nature. Government of Japan does not stop here, they even encourage the newly married couple to goes for their future planning and during these processes government not only takes care of the newly born child in terms of financially and other remains but also during these times government also takes care parents in every form so as to encourage them for family planning.

There are instances and also encouragement for married couple to appointment in government jobs. Many government jobs have main criterion of married person to enter into and this encourages an unmarried person to get into the state of marriage. The concept of love train in Japan is a newer concept and has been started few years back. This concept is hugely popular and this enables and compels unmarried couples to change their state of staying single and enable them to enter into the state of marriage. Now, many have been married and begin their life in completely newer ways. When love train started it has only few berths and now with sufficient and continuous demand the number of berths has been increased to a large extents. This goes on to show how this concept of love train is gaining popularity among unmarried males and females.

Still, there are many unmarried male and female among Japanees as these fears the state of financial liberty as they feel the state of their learning are not enough to go to the state of marriage. This problem is huge and mostly surpisingly considering the state of developed nation where many youths still not earning property added sum so as to plan for their marriage. The Government of Japan thinks that this problem is acute and the concept of love train is the smaller step to solve this and definitely it is a welcome step forward to achieve this and continue to provide hope to save the society.

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