In India, there has been many more vacant posts of judges and judicial systems. That is why many decisions have been pending for so many years and people concerned with these decisions have been many times have to wait for their lifetime to receive these decisions. The judges who are dealing with these cases have to work over time and that creates many such psychological aspects of thinking and that put extra pressures on their thinking processes. These truths come out in the recent conglomeration of judges and chief ministers meeting at the capital city of India. Here, many such important and significant matters of people important have been discussed in clear cut and lucid manner.

It has been highlighted that in many courts of states, many more posts of judges are lying vacant for years and that makes entire decision making processes delay and that affects many people. While speaking these situations, Chief Justice of India has been so sad that while speaking on these matters. He could not speak more and his eyes become moist with water. He was so stressed out in these matters that he could not be able to hide the extreme stress on these matters the judges are two people present there.

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English: The supreme court of india. Taken about 170 m from the main building outside the perimeter wall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi was present there. It goes on show the judicial system of India has been reeling under abject stress and it is high time to reduce such stresses. We in India living under perfect democracy tend to go to court for every single matter and that should become more and more difficult for the judicial system to think and ponder upon about it. During the course of his speech, honorable chief justice of Supreme court of India try to explain this situation with a small mathematical formulae and while speaking about these prime minister of India was listening carefully and was deeply influenced by his thoughts and the way he speaks about the state of judiciary.

Now, in this article we should introspect how and in which situations the judicial system of the country is reeling under and in which way we should be making it more vibrant and positive so that it should run with extreme passions and wonderful positivity. In the meantime, the populations of India have crossed the 125 crore number and apart from Supreme Court of India, there has been 24 high courts all around India. According to considerations of a number of populations of the state, there has been numerous number of lower courts out there in every state in accordance with the number of people there.

It is the most powerful truth of life is that the cases go on increasing in accordance with the increase number of people living there. That is why there is a surge of cases all around India due to increasing number of people living there. Most of these cases are not involved with criminal justice systems but also involved with civilian justice systems. Citizens reached to the doorsteps of judiciary due to various problems they have been experiencing I their day to day life and continue to face it but due to shortages of judges out there, it has been seen that most of these cases, the cases goes on forever without any concrete decisions.

It is the rights of people to get back just on time without delay. Due to extreme stresses on the judicial system in the process of the justice system is making it slow and people who are concerned with these cases have failed to find justice within time limits. The situation is not so encouraging, as it has been seen in the 24 high courts there should have been 1,056 judges all over in the entire regions but the number of vacant posts out there is close to 458 judges. It is absolutely clearer for us to understand how the judicial system is now under considerable stress and this situation is of paramount importance as with due course of time these posts should be filled to remove extra burden on judicial systems.

For many years, these posts are not being filled and it continues to be stayed vacant and that is why there has been a large number of such vacant posts for many years. Supreme Court out of 31 posts of judges in six is still laying vacant. In lower courts out of20,214 judges 4,580 posts are laying vacant. If all these posts of judges are appointed then with due course of time, the number of cases that are pending from the lower court to higher courts is approximately three crores of cases should be solved and decisions should be taken without any delay. We know justice delayed is justice denied. The more and more time to reach towards justice systems should be considered as the delay of the judicial system and that should not be happening in any parts of the country.

Honorable chief justice of Supreme Court of India has conveyed all of us that, in United States of America, the number of cases faced by judges per year is nearer to 81 in India it is 2600. This is the difference and it goes on to show the amount of work stresses judges are facing with and for this it is important to understand that with due course of time the vacant judicial posts should be properly filled with so that in the future there should not be heavier stresses on judges of so much of pending cases as well as there should not be any delay in justice system for citizens. Every case is different and it provides so much of stresses especially the psychological stresses to judges and these can only be known to judges alone and with so much large number of cases at their disposal it is slowly providing so much of accumulation of stresses to judges.

Chief Justice of India wishes prime minister of India should expedite the process of appointment of judges and should reform these processes in order to speed up the entire process. Prime Minister of India provides assurance to look into this matter in great detail and with extreme consciousnesses. For the time beings, the retired judges should be appointed on a mass scale to expedite the process of decision makings. It has been seen a large chunk of undecided cases, are still reeling under the lower courts and for this the concerned state governments should take proper steps to reduce such stresses. In the case of appointment of judges there has been constant differences of opinions between executive and judiciary and that is holding up the appointment of judges to a greater extent and it is important for both of these wings of democracy to decide on the consensus path to appoint judges so that these appointments should be revived and should continue to provide appointment so that the pending cases should be solved as well as extra stresses on judges should be shared with appointment of large number of judges.

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