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Now, you get a computer. You want to connect it to internet. Without getting connected to internet world the most vital aspects of the use of a computer does not sound so much. It can be used to update your knowledge through search engines or can read blog posts and update your knowledge from it. You can join many social networking website and then get connected with your friends and relatives. That is why due to extreme and faster processes of the internet we have been able to access instant news without any delay. This process moves towards the successful initiation of planning and ensure adequate and proportional informations to share and find the informations which you wish to attend to.

The internet is a network of networks. Network is when a computer connected to internet world through internet. After connecting to internet your computer now becomes a server or network computer. Currently, we are in the speed of fourth generation of internet and slowly moving towards the state of next generation of speed where speed of internet does create video conferencing in live time and does provide adequate and moving standards to create more and more sophisticated communication mediums.

There came a time when we are dealing with dial up connection. Dial up connections a decade or more back used to be used with landline of government service provider and the speed of internet within these landlines are absolutely slower in connectivity and one has to wait for longer times to check back internet or even email at those times. While using the internet you cannot receive calls and the telephone line is always in use still the time you are connecting to the internet and this time the ball is calculated in accordance with the amount of time you are using the internet. During times of dial up downloading of audio and video clips does not happen and if you wish to then you have to stay connected for many days and you should be hoping that electricity should stay all these times.

In these connectivity, even downloading of images takes a lot of time. It is for seeing the basic versions of websites and slowly with due course of time speed of internet increases with adequate faster downloading and uploading. Now, the dial up services are the things of past only people who does not have access to such faster internet connectivity does use this as for their own satisfaction but there was time when most people use it because during those times spread of land line telephone connections are there all over and it does provide ready-made solutions for connecting internet.

Due to presence of dial up internet connectivity where in those times there are no signs of the presence of smart phones so connectivity with the internet provides through dial up is being appreciated by many in those times too. It makes huge internet audiences and let webmasters like us to think about creating such sites which should have very lesser and faster loading times. Then we reach to the era of faster internet which begins with second generations to the third generation to the fourth and now fifth generation of internet connectivity. Now, with a stronger presence of smart phones all over and now these phones have built-in internet connectivity all these creates smarter and manageable ways to connect internet through sim of phones.

fancycrave1 / Pixabay

fancycrave1 / Pixabay

Now, internet connectivity comes to various mobiles. With mobile hotspot technology internet can now be shared with a computer or other phones easily. Internet sharing with android is now easier. With the advent of inbuilt tethering facilities in the settings of android, now internet sharing from smart phones to computer as well as mobile devices has become easier and smarter. Now, with a mobile hotspot, bluetooth hotspot and use hotspot sharing of the internet can be done easily. That is the primary reason for people using smart phone, which provides them option with sharing of internet to different other devices as due to the advent of faster and productivity internet management, which can control a number of devices simultaneously.

We are living in the world of extreme technological improvements were in every walks of our life. We tend to move forward and encounter with more and more productivity tools to improve different walks of life. Suppose you bought one sophisticated car and there is some new ultra way to enjoy the distribution of audios through the forms and factors of surround sound technological brilliances. Most of these sound distribution can be enhanced beyond the scopes of the number of sound boxes are there inside cabin of cars. Now, there are four persons inside cars and all have the same android phones, then you can also use the sound boxes of those android phones so that in addition to the number of sound boxes there inside cabin of car more and more surround sound system can be enabled without any disturbances.

Now, connect all these phones through hotspot of any such. Such as mobile hotspot, bluetooth hotspot and then connect all phones as well as through wi-fi hotspot, and then sounds emanating from mobile could play inside all the other gadgets and then yours cars is now running the same music with all such sounds as well as all the three android phones. Now, you do not need to control musics from yours cabin of car and then, you can now control music from yours android phone with mobile hotspot and this can make the running of music smoother. Now, what does this technology improved means to you. It provides you with awesome ways to manage networking as well as keeps you off of changing to different songs at different times and while driving the car it should distract you while driving and all these makes you feel extremely comfortable and wonderful and in this way technological brilliance makes yours life and using with different applications and gadgets makes it more and more brilliant and prone to nicer technological presence.

Now, with the phone connected to the internet and playing songs within a deck of your car it slowly makes listening of music smoother as well as you can automatically receive calls when you set your phone into driving mode. Within the performance of driving mode, your phone can automatically receive calls without making you to open the phone and receive calls and it automatically, and it does not distract you to receive the calls while driving. This setting mode of android does help users not to be distracted while receiving the calls, as this can hugely help you to receive calls without touching your phone. This goes on to provide and help users to understand that while driving and concentrating directly at different locations of road while driving the car, you can also simultaneously receive the calls without touching as with headphones on then it should automatically receive the calls and that makes huge bonuses for you while driving the cars.

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