Ethical hacking

Word related to hacking does provide various misinterpretations of thoughts and ideas. There is huge number of negative ideas associated with the term of hacking. Mostly, many such negative concept of hacking news gain prominence and people tends to similarity these thoughts with the term hacking. Hacking is related with information security as well as security of information related to the internet and corporate networks. There is respected ethical lines of hacking where we do find more and more positive outlook to secure one’s network with positive postures.

There is complete separation of thoughts and ideas related to the term ethical hacking with the term legality or morally binding. There are some visualised and prospective legal bindings with these terms which ultimately provide awesome ways to manage and attract more and more definitive and prospective ideas to generate many such interests among different genres of industries. Hacking in layman’s term is the act of accessing someone’s computer remotely, and stealing personal information without consent of concerned individuals.

More dangerous parts of hacking relate with impersonation of a person which ultimately steals all such personal informations. We have been listening to all such aspects of hacking for many such years but silently some positivity is there as most of ethical hackers constantly and continusoly keep the information alive and secure vast repository of information from enterprise network from such hackers. Think of a driver of a car. It is not important who the owner is. Driver may be appointed by owner to drive the car and this means the same as that of ethical hacking, on the other hand when that car stolen by some body and being moved on and drive on then it can be same as hacking, by forcefully accessing someone’s asset without taking adequate permissions from him and that makes entire movement and process of hacking to completely other ways.

In the first instance the appointed driver is legally assigned by car owner to drive the car and on the other hand in the second case the second instances it is sheer by brute force the person is driving the car without consent from the owner then it can be called as hacking. When our computer becomes out of date and we call for a computer expert to examine computer, then he is okay and he or she can be called as an ethical hacker. On the other hand when someone access computer without knowledge of hours and continue to access it and steal files and access relevant security informations then he can be called as hackers. There are a complete difference between security experts in the first case and crime in the second case. We are required to differentiate between these two so as to understand how and in which way entire manners and performances of computer security and related security parameters runs.

During the days of Windows XP, we have seen the performance of windows and it can be well controlled with hacking into registry. It does provide additional level of customisation so as to make it more valid and vibrant and it does provide awesome ways to manage computer but from all these aspects of the basic nature of hacking comes upon. Human being the rational species always comes with more and more interest to know about everything, it is the child like curiosity which always stays with humans and continues to be there irrespective of situations and possible environmental presets. People do not like many such artificial restriction that computer provides with as with due course of time, we have seen attendances of multiple ways of computing parameters where even with modern android mobile operating systems we have seen presentation of hacking into it and creation of newer forms of mods to present awesome ways to manage and attract the form factors of it through awesome and customised manners. Most percentages of hackers do not aim to steal information or take away money from others, it is differential parameters which always creates the sense of anxiousnesses among wide array of masses to generate and create more and more possible knowledge simply by seeing the informations of others.

Many say Windows is easier to hack that Linux but in reality the opposite happens. Linux is capable and it can be easily capable of different settings. It is more to do with the open source nature of Linux where we do find plenty of the advent of system settings and all can only control through system parameters. Here, registries, binary files and then retrieve informations from softwares and applications of windows and slowly moving into differential parameters where we do find plenty of simultaneous registries that work in coherent and uniform manners. Windows from Microsoft is completely a closed source operating system and it is very difficult to break core operating system files.

On the other hand, every file system of Linux is available to you and even system settings, and how much do you want more as with due course of time you can completely control the way management of these files performs and the way you should manage and continue to provide awesome ways to customise and hacked into deeper system settings of android. Now, in due course of time, hacking has slowly become more and more sophistication where even no computer is needed. As most of hacking softwares are common and there has been more and more ways to break those softwares and there are many such reverse engineering of codes which is happening day by day and that makes the use of such hacking software redundant and with due course of time, all these softwares are slowly becoming useless. More and more hardware engineers who indulge into hacking have developed hardware related hacking so as to involve some softwares into these hardwares so that these cannot be traced and hacked into easily. All these do provide some other aspects of the way all these aspects of hacking has slowly impregnable.

The basic example of hardware hacking is potentiometer. It is all about installing a potentiometer inside headphone so as to control the amount of volumes of headphones generating. By fitting these to headphones the amount of volt use for generating audios inside ear phones moves to the stage of none to higher volumes. All these should have generated more interest but it is important not to use it in day to day life as by constant use of this on ear phones the value of earphones goes into the stage of complete out of date solutions and it is important not to use it. It is important to know that the hacking of hardwares is very difficult to manage and it is important for us to understand the viability of these hacking and one should always go for good manufacturer so that these fear of hacking invisibly that is from the prospective of hardwares should be removed forever.

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