It has been one year since two mot powerful and devastating earthquakes occur in Nepal. Himalayan township of Nepal since was reeling to fight these natural calamities with stronger motives but it has been apparent that humans are prone to weaknesses against such calamities. So, for after completion of one year they have not been able to stand upright and revive their way of life that has been there prior to this. Nepal is no longer a rich country. Now, with such the state of earthquake there, most people of Kathmandu as well as that of nearby rural areas are trying hard to revive their lives in style and get back to what they wished to be before such calamitous situations.

Devastation life style of many Nepalese people shows how they have been facing such threats and the way all these have imparted their lifestyle goes on to show that how difficult of their life it could have been. The occurrence of earthquakes is now one year old. Now, in every sphere of that country the media of every mediums such as print and electronic medias have been in detail discussing in great length of about how the people of Nepal unable to withstand the power of destruction occurred due to earthquake and they continue to try hard to get back to their normal life so that at every sphere they wished to come back and revive their concern.

Even after one year they are still reeling under such stress, and the facing of poverty ridden state faced by more and more people still goes on to show how difficult life they have been indulged into as a result of this. There has been many reliefs and reestablishment of those people from external countries, but the more difficult for them is the presence of unstable political situations which makes them face the situation without support, due to unstable power and politics there and that makes entire living standards of their not so sustainable in these hostile social environments. Political establishments are very much not concerned with these relief works and there has been wide scale corruption on distribution of these reliefs and it has been established that there most of these relief materials do not reach to needy people.

Unstable political situations, corruptions has made the entire state of rehabilitations of work to standstill where it is off now. Last year on April 25 and May 12, Nepal has witnessed two devastating catastrophe in the form of earthquakes that rcks entire capiutal terrirtories as well as the down side of it and most of these places has een down to rubble and so far after initial responses form outer agencies and nations the internal help from Nepalese governement has not been visible and without such sutainable assistance the life of earthquake affected Nepalese people has gone into deeper and wider stresses.

As per government sources, the number of casualties in these two earthquakes are nearer to 12,000 but in reality the number is far higher than what it was officially stated. More than eight lakhs of house has been broken and half of it houses are not turned into broken state and the people are still living inside of it and reeling under extreme tense situations as they known at any point of time those half broken houses can go down and that could spell their doom of life.

For over one year now, more than five lakhs of people are living under polythene under extremely volatile weather. There are no ways. The government of Nepal is going to build their houses. Due to the unstable political situation and differentiated power and political environment we were witnessing the sense of stealthiness within the government circle. It is a pity to see the state of people who continuously stay with abject poverty right under the sky roof but there is no one and most probably the government of Nepal is not concerned about it.

After the earthquake the main goal for politicians is to expedite relief woks and other functions Suprisingly, instead of performing such tasks, they continue to fight over chaotic situations and to create a newer constitutions. Even during these times they failed to think that the first and foremost factor in this situations is to create a strong sense of rehabilitations situations where every affected people should be rehabilitated but instead they continue to fight for their own sake and they only think about their power and politics. Surprisingly, even after one year, the prime minister of Nepal so far has not taken any decisions regarding. Rehabilitations packages and all these have been now dipped into the senses of extreme political crassness.

Their has been huge grant in aid from foreign nations during these times, but all these money has been there and not one percentages has been spent and the people who are suffering from these devastation are still waiting to be rehabilitated and wish to come back to their original life where they have seen the presence of extreme happiness and wonderful lifestyles. The non governmental organisations after seeing these states of lawlessness and stealthiness inside power and political sector of Nepal has urged the government to allow them to receive money directly from outer agencies without government medium. The government is not allowing this and that too considerably reducing the amount for these agencies and ultimately these non governmental organisations failed to receive any such money from them and unable to go towards improving lives of these affected people.

Even during these times, leftish oriented government of Nepal begins to create a hostile environment with India, by sealing its borders with India. That creates more differences with India which reduce the grant in aid from India. That creates major trouble for them as subsequently they have seen fall of essential food items and all these helps from China could not be done due to hostile road areas and most of these cannot be compensated and that creates one of worst possible social situation inside Nepal. According to Prime Minister of Nepal, the rehabilitation work could be taken for many years and that is the worst possible statement for those affected people who have been compelled to stay within such difficult environments.

Due to unstable political environment, hostile attitudes towards India and destruction of most of these tourist places have reduced the number of people who are travelling to Nepal from outside and it makes their economy too weak due to lesser number of people reaching there and that makes entire situations of economic manageable volatile for them. The four most important tourist places which are recognised by UNESCO as heritage places have been gone into dusts in these earthquakes and that makes the entire economic environment of Nepal unstable and reeling under deeper political stress and economic scarcity.

Who is to blame for this? One needs a proper and deeper introspection on this and there is still time and even if it has been passed for one year. Still the affected people are waiting for their rehabilitation. Political class should think deeper and should move closer to find the real solutions to this, if not they should resigns and let other political leaders who wish to completion of this work should come forward and help these people.

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