Creating iPhone applications

During 2007 with the introduction of an iPhone, entire world saw vase changing introduction of smart phone use. It is the advent of touch screen enabled smart phones that completely overhauled entire world and entirely present scenarios with the smartest form of introduction of touch screen enabled iPhones. It does make Apple phone premium and more and more openness towards development of its application ecosystem with the introduction of Apple released iPhone SDK (Software development Kit) on March 06, 2008 allows application developers to march forward and create more and more innovative and smart applications for users as well as create the form and factors of profitability of business arenas.

Every iPhone has inbuilt online application store where users can find different applications to install within the software environment of iPhone. More and more developers have been using this facility of iPhone in order to develop more and more profitable ventures. Apple also provides 70 percentages of profits to developers and the rest of Apple. This does create one of the most profitable instances of brilliant application development and that is why slowly there has been a huge repository of application in its application store. The Apple store is estimated to be one of huge depository of applications and it does provide one of the most lucrative forms of business ventures for developers where it is estimated to be more that 10,000 core market share for developers.

In the earlier period of the Apple store, developers have huge problems in creating a single format coding formulas due to advent of fragmentation and lack of presentation of unified global distribution channel. Apple after seeing this problem released a software development kit for developers of Apple stores. Now it has become a must have tool for developers to create unified single compatible application all across devices. Due to marvelous revenue generation models, slowly developers continue to create marvelous applications for the public in order to generate larger sum of revenues. Slowly, large number of developers continue to develop innovative applications so as to present users with different modules on information such as jogging, weight, calorie counter, weight counter, blood presser watch and so on. All these showcases more and more productivity applications, which cater to the need of users in many forms and that provides more and more incentive to download these applications on their Apple devices.

Internet enabled services:

With affordable internet pricing and lower cost of smart phones, more and more user are accessing internet enabled services through these portable devices. Slowly, developing applications have for sure gone beyond a strategic earning to huge optimum source for vast resources earning and that creates huge business modules where everything can be done at home and then upload created applications on Apple stores and then slowly revenue generations when people download these applications from these stores. Writing applications for mobile as against computer software are completely different. Mobile has limited processing power, memory and applications need to be built considering all these limited resources and all these provide deeper challenges for developers to build low resource applications in order to run these applications within mobile operating system. Mobile applications have to be built considering multi-touch, audio, video and other technologies in order to create enjoyable applications.

First to develop iPhone applications:

First and foremost, you should have a Mac computer. Most of iPhone software development kit (SDK) come with an integrated development environment (IDE) which has nicer code syndrome in the form of Xcode. One can download these from Apple website and install it on a Mac computer. It is free to download. Then, finish the registration and download Xcode from Apple website. Now, double click on DMG file and this launches installer and slow application are installed. Now you have iPhone code and this should be of great help fr you while developing iPhone applications. It also comes bundled with iPhone simulator which shows the exact functioning of application in a simulated environment and this proves to provide immense help to developers in creating a flawless application. You can test your application, its touch interfaces as well as other functionalities in a simulated environment. In order to use this good function, you need an Apple developer?s license to work out this.

After registering yourself on Apple developer?s license you get the dashcode, which is also known as an integrated development environment which empowers developers to code easily and create empowered web based applications for iPhone. Integrated development environment comes with a nice graphical user interface known as interface builder to provide awesome facilities to developers in creating iPhone applications. Interface builder is similar to visual basics from Microsoft and it works like a charm for developers who ultimately aiming at developing good applications for the Apple Store. There are also many advance tools integrated with Xcode that relates with creating real time diagnostic tools to the amount of CPU usage as well as memory leaks which should be the greatest help for developers while creating applications. Due to limited availability of space and memory with mobile devices. It is to be realized that all applications should be created in such a way that they should not use too many central processing system as well as occupy a large chunk of random access memory.

Simulator of an integrated development environment does have some limitations. It is important to understand all these aspects of limitations before proceeding further deeper into the ultimate analysis of all sorts of tools and applications. Simulator does provide an awesome environment of the real physical device which does provide awesome application environment to test out applications before releasing it to the Apple Store. Most of these applications should concentrate more on different dynamic application environment such as screen rotation, gesture support, tapping responses, touch sensitive environments, swipe, flipping, dragging etc. All these simulated environment does provide awesome application testing environment to produce awesome application development environment. Simulated environment many a time does not provide real time location data and these should not provide real time location data unless and until an application is not released in real time within Apple application store. You cannot access accelerometer, in real time as well as cannot make phone calls in order to create real time application environment.

Launching of Xcode:

IPhone application packages are installed within application segment of the developer section. Reach there and double click Xcode icon. Then you will be presented with a welcome screen. Then, click on ?New Project? and then ?New Project Assistant?. You should be presented with two options which should be between Mac OS X and iPhone. Objective-C code is embedded within classes of integrated software environment. Non-objective codes reside within the framework of other source. In the resources segment, you should find plenty of resources for multimedia contents, movie files, sound files and text files in order to use for the development of applications. Run this application within the simulator environment of the integrated development environment of Xcode. Press the home button on the simulator, now your applications will run like, it is iPhone or Mac operating system. From these running developer can watch out what is the pros and cons of application and can rectify it in a later time so that a flawless application should be at the hands of users.


Xcode uses objective C languages which are almost similar to the standard C language except that it is object oriented programming language just like Java and C#. If you have expertise with C language then you should not find a thing difficult in learning about it. If you have no expertise with C languages then also you can find more and easier ways to learn objective language. Source code of iPhone application has two set up files known as header files which is known as dot h and implementation files which is known as dot m. Objective-C compiler always ensures that you should have only one header file and this is to ensure to create a lighter application by reducing redundant elements.

Model view controller:

It is a logical sequence which divides each and every part of the code in logical sequences in order to reduce redundancy and reduce extra efforts of humans in creating graphical user interfaces. It treats front panels as windows. It is this place where the user should interact with the application and this should be the proper place for developing of good graphical user interface. Within front panel, there exists the controller. It binds the model and provides uniformity of viewing interfaces. It strongly provides back ground for use and reuse of code, continuously, so that use of the code should be at its minimization best in order to provide an awesome application environment as well as keeping file size of application to bare minimum.

Creating application can go either way. If as a developer someone finds it with a unique idea to create an application so that it should be the darling of masses and plenty of download occurs as a result of this should go a long way in developing application. With every application comes about awesome environment of nice idea generation where we do find that some of very rarest of rare concept at the cards and it does provide one of interesting and dynamic multifaceted, opportunities for revenue generations where the idea of advertisements as well as selling these application does provide awesome business opportunities for user. Most of these applications should provide awesome examples and opportunities for developing one of most talented mechanism of application development where we do find, developing an application, does need the mind and heart of a sculptor in order to create theme, as well as provide awesome application interface for user. Most of these business of creating applications has huge earning potential as well as opportunities to earn more and more rewards in terms of applications as well revenue generation and with strong support from Apple in terms of code environment as well as easier work such as simulator and graphic user interface does create awesome development frame work for developer to create and build iPhone application.

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