WordPress can work as a brilliant content management system. For this you do not need to install any plugins. If you are not building a blog with it then you are missing something. WordPress provides a vast repository of content management with stronger database and connection to WordPress which provides excellent content management so that for every user you should not be worried about the process of entire connectivity. Content management system of WordPress provides layman excellent viable and superior management of ideas where the creation of website becomes super easy. No additional knowledge about HTML and PHP required. Connection to website is super relaxed. Creation of website is easier than even someone takes that as the remotest possibility.

In earlier times, in order to create a website you had to hire webmasters to create a website and that becomes costly for you as for creating website one need to buy hosting and then domain and then pay heavily for webmasters. That is why in an earlier time before the advent of WordPress, creation of website is considered as difficult and expensive. It now becomes easier to create a static front page of your website and then the subsequent pages which links it to diverse links of internal website as well as external website. The page displays have so many unique templates configurations that you can choose different lay outs of website and then publish those websites in order to gain more and more attractions and the sense of differences of website showcase the presence of website at discrete points.

WordPress Administration

WordPress Administration (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can easily make the landing page of website as well as the inactive page just to show the related informations of what your website is going to provide to visitors. If you create a blog powered by WordPress, then it is the flow of fresh posts links that should turn out to visitors. You can change it to more stationary option if you want to and then visitors should be greeted with the same sort of information which you want to view. Go to yout administrative areas of dashboard and then setting and then reading and here you can see the opton to change the displat of your home page and subsequetntly these display should control how do you wish to show yours wesite from there. A static page shows the complete display of website. It has its permanent links. It shows every possible linked contents which you allow it to happen.

Now, next part is to customise the code of the front page and make it like a website. Otherwise without proper customisation in the front look of the front page should look similar to your blog. It is the page.php which controls the look and feel of your front page. You have two options. You can move to host and then file explorer and then wordpress content and theme or you can reach to the WordPress administration and then from appearance may go to editorial links. Reach page.php and make the column wider.
Then remove the get side bar code which should be located at the bottom of the code. It should remove the sidebar from the page. Now the concerned page should be wider and there should be the way sidebar to remove any such distraction of viewing the post. This should really start to see that your site has now been looking just like one of the website looks. Now open content editor of this page and write down ‘please visit my blog’ and then linked back to it to home page of your blog so that when people clicked on it should be reaching for series of contents that your blog provides.

Generally, a static page has relevant contents that have not been shown inside the main blog page but it should provide an additional level of information that should carry more attachments in addition to the website it carries. Designing standards of static page do contain more and more customisation which can be carried on with the culmination of templates it contains. First you have to make a page template. This can be finished with a plain text editor on your computer. Then after completing this upload to WordPress theme directory. Save the text files as the same name.php. Suppose you are in the process of creating an about page for your blog then save the file as to.php. Upload on your web server, ny reaching to file manager, wp-contenr then theme and choose the theme which is now in use.

Navigation bar of wordpress is where the menu occurs. It offers a wide array of information to users who wish to browse website and read contents. These navigation bars do show the advent of meaningful information and it is important in order to website as it provides more and more visitors and increases their response time as well as provides additional level of informations to them. One can add unique navigational links to the menu as well as add external links attached to it. There are several options for users to customise it. If you want to customise the links, then you can change the header.php and customise these links directly or else you can do it from WordPress administration and add or remove links from there. You can add more culmination and greater look with CSS by adding and removing hover and active effects so that it should provide an additional level of consciousness to readers and get to know the main menu as well as other child menus.

Database used inside WordPress is extremely lightweight and does not involve too much pressure on the WordPress site. It is part of the most garish and mighties database which we have so far been experiencing. The problem with database administration of word press is that it is prone to SQL injections and for this it is important to move towards the state where administrator should use appropriate and difficult user name and passwords, other wise with the sufficient rights one can easily modify the functions of database and that should be dangerous for yours site. In the world of internet, you should always feel your site should be a part of the cleanest site and there should not be blacklisted from Google. That is why it is vital as WordPress administrator to understand various security risks that pass to your website and should continue to protect your website from various security attacks.

WordPress provides numerous ways to access data. It is important to constantly scan your site from the web server as well as if you can add additional level of server adds on such as site lock or so then you should get in touch with it. It does not wish to permit link backs and links into comments. Always remove spams from the directory and try to examine and understand any such superfluous changes happening to your site without your polite notice. It is you as an administrator is the highest protector of your website and it is your duty to keep it clean and secure in order to create one of the more ambient and pleasing environment to succeed and attain successes.

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