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In this era of extreme political consciousness we have seen presence of emerging leaders from other than developed nations which goes on to show how there are differential developments in areas that are treated to be one of not so extreme in terms of development in a decade back. There is India, Russia, China and other emerging nations which are slowly moving from the footsteps of developing them towards the positive and the most vibrant developed economy. Their leaders such as Narendra Modi, Vladimir Putin are prominent in deciding the fate of nations.

There are many forms of augmented decision making which suprises not only their own native people but also the worldwide which try hard to create the replica of profound leadership traits which remains to be seen. What is the most surprising aspect of such strong and visible leadership are the presence of well guarded and most prominent decisive element of taking decisions irrespective of the state of events. They are not perturbed by domestic situations as they aim and set their goal and move forward and march ahead of reaching to their destination with the fullest possible capacity.


THE GRAND KREMLIN PALACE, MOSCOW. President Putin with Lyudmila Putin at a party after the inauguration ceremony. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vladimir Putin is on a charge of Russia. He is on charge of Russia after devolvement of erstwhile USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic) where we have seen the presence and emergence of Russia with his able leadership and strongest possible guidance which enable it to stay stronger even after the crisis of dissolving from the vast union. He is the most powerful personality within the people of Russia and their people have the greatest respect for him as well as his personality and the way he works in different complex matter in international forums also enhances his credibility towards most admirable levels.

There has been many positive as well as negative aspects of thought processes involving him in foreign medias but still no one could able to ignore him because of his unconventional stance he has been taking into in different international matters where it is probably seen that most of richer and developed countries with their traditional standards of resolving conflict still not able to solve it and yet the matter becomes so complex and rigids that they continue to fall prey into these matter for longer durations.

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Cult of personality of Putin is so high that even their own council of ministers always remains a step back in order to talk with him as they fear and feel the usefulness as well as enigmatic personality in taking decision making that those fear comes from the sheer grit of respect towards him and that makes him the most superior leader from amongst world. People of Russia believed so and that justifies it as they continue to elect him despite there has been negative connotations in the world arena. Probably he must have been doing better for the people of Russia as well as friend and ally nations and that is creating the stigma in the minds of other nations.

English: Vladimir Putin and Gerhard Schroeder

English: Vladimir Putin and Gerhard Schroeder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In spite of this such strong and alarming personality with a stronger and able decision making ability still such leaders could not answer to worries from little children as those situations remains on the basis of sheer truth and the possible conclusive evidence which has been there on the minds of leaders in their sub consciousness stage but not being able to extract those thought and come to realities in real time. This matter has been in great discussion within people’s forum of Russia as the sheer inability to answer the innocent query from a small child and how President Putin becomes confused and dumb in front of that question from that child.

It has been seen that the sheer ability answer every question what makes him great and he could answer with justification and clear insight what the life is all about and how could we understand and learn differential treatment of life is the matter of brilliance. From time to time, President Putin always talks directly with people of Russia through direct television talk by phone and many people continue to ask questions and wish for a solution from him from time to time. On April 14 of this year for three long hours he has been putting into questions on mater of national importance as well as of the international situation from his own countrymen and he has been giving answers to those queries consistently.

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All of his answers are satisfactory and the persons who has been asking has been more than satisfied with these answers. In the meantime on the other side of the telephone in a small child is asking some question. After hearing the tone he smiles in appreciation and waiting for her questions to be heard in a clear manner. She was twelve year school girls who were asking questions to President Putin of Russia. She asked if you happen to see that in a river President of Turkey and Yukrain is drowning and to whom you first save from drowning into river water?

It was a simple in presentation but the most intricate question and President Putin never ever expected such difficult question from him. He became serious as up to now he was answering every other questions with strong mentality and confidence but the question from small girl he could not think of answering utmost and the silence creeps in him and his thought process continue to find the answer from it but still no answer as he was in live television and his expression was seen by people all over entire Russia as well as world wide.

Live television camera fixed on his face and his entire expression can be read in clear cut manner, time is running out but still he could not find the answer to this question and it seems he became unstable with thoughts and minds in the presence of almost entire people of nation in front of him. Then, finally he provides an answer to this question with trembling tone that it was the most complex question and I could not find what to answer about this. If someone deliberately drowns himself into water then it almost impossible to save him but if, by mistake someone drowns into the river then was humanity and great consciousness I should have been thrown my help to him to save from drowning.

English: Vladimir Putin, the second President ...

English: Vladimir Putin, the second . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How the schoolgirl was satisfied with this answer is not known, but this matter was in great discussion within people’s forum as well as media of Russia. Most of newspapers in their editorials as well as news briefing discussed it as the political point of view and tries hard to write down their political opinion about it. Russia has been in dispute with both of its neighbours Ukraine and Turkey and it is almost war like situation out there and in these circumstances the standard of this question from small girl bears wonderful analytical skill which just clean bold in the thought process of President Putin and he continue to give proper and satisfied answer.

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According to news papers of Russia, there has been many complex questions on that live telephonic session and President Putin has been giving answers with smile but this question from twelve year school girl made him think and his thought processes remain in the state of null fro some time and he lost his smile during that process and this justifies how strong question considering the political situation that Russia is currently facing into from its immediate neighbour.

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