Business process reengineering

Business process re engineering (BPR) is the fundamental shift from the business outlook towards a complete change of events in order to reach out to dramatic and augmenting improvement in terms of every important processes of business such as cost, quality, services and speed of delivery. It is a complete shift from the fundamental processes by retarding all those contemporary measures with complete newer ones which satisfies and reaches towards complete business excellence. Most of enterprises lie with the first generation of business processes which many a time difficult to change due to establishment costs as well as cost pertaining to time and reaching out services.

Most business centric organizational system aims to shift towards second or third generation systems but it seems due to existential system which inherited deeper within organisational specifications most of these business processes lies and stays vacant as a result of this. It is the aspirations and logging towards complete excellence which drive out most of satiable business standards. BPR is the set up of fundamental thinking of a completely new way of generation of ideas where the majority of these structures and set up establishment works like charm even in the presence of legacy systems.

Process visiting:

Though, some of the concepts involving with BPR has been theoretical but with able leadership and set up of a stronger and more dedicated workforce which can lead to reaching out towards complete excellence even in the times of adversity. BPR is a long drawn and continuous process which analyses and develops long term objectives as well as set up step forward approach for business to outline and go forward with it. A good and well documented BPR can lead to to complete advantage to enterprise which realise the most brilliant and forward looking vision of reaching out to large section of analysts to pursue and find out process visiting which can ultimately bring forward more and more definitive movement of ideas to reach out to complete enlightenment of business processes.

It aims at providing business organisations more added value to important customers by drawing out internal procedures and controls to minimise process outlook and delay times which guarantees complete justification and satisfaction of customers who always wish to expect perfect business environment from organisation. It aims to delete the waste of time in processing of order as well as clears all sorts of doubts being generated in the minds of customers from time to time due to the advent of unexpected delay in not so perfect reasoning. In this way, broad processes or important processes are outlined and clearly defined toward making and doing the perfect judgment of ideas as well as delivering of orders.

Game plan management:

It helps to identify processes which are delaying in nature and try to create the speediest boundaries so that deliverance of order could be completely justified. It helps to identify the process with a reasonable degree of clarity and master itself to find out perfect precision of identification of task route. BPR not only helps to find out the speediest route but, also drives out and create the most important as well as takes finding mission of helping organisation to find out and aware of unknown processes which might have helped them to perform better with due course of time. It has been seen almost half number of processes does not have sufficient information for organisation as this can lead to the state of complete ambiguity as well as complete confusion and chaos.

The most important question arises over professional executives of organisations is that how does their organisation performs better or worse than competitors. It is all about creating the sense of creating competitiveness where the aim of companions always stays with the mind of professionals in order to excel in their respective field of excellence. BPR is all about crafting, implementing and executing various organisational strategies in order to find the route of complete excellence of strategic development. BPR helps it out to enterprises in fullest capacity. BPR is a business management strategy. It started in 1990s and with due course of time it has seen more development and modelling of complete analysis of workflows and business processes that runs across organisation.

It is mostly related to market orientation which completely helps out to find the better and prospective customer service to properly manage complete workflows by drastically cutting up operational costs through newer and innovative process engineering technologies. It is complete process redesigning and process optimisation by detecting sub and delaying processes and transform them to adequate authorities to enhance work order and processes. It aims to regenerate and complete overhaul business processes and aimed to create awesome and complete speedier atmosphere of modern processing work in the sphere of legacy systems.

Change management:

This is somewhat similar to the concept of managing change within the hemisphere of organisation. It performs and excelled in every field of organisational standards by completely renovating strategic atmosphere within particular areas through efficient cost management and excellent work flow order. It also strategically supports missions of organisation through redefinition of processes with high level of assessment with complete insight by keeping eye on customer?s needs?s. First it finds out how processes are tuned to different product and services and how these processes create the process of work flow and how much time in relation with cost of organisation suffers as a result of this.

In 1990, Michael Hammer, published an article ?Reengineering Work: Don?t Automate, obliterate? in “Harvard Business Review”. Slowly, with the advent of information technology (IT) and the core structure of organisation is computed in the central server the most important part of proper management of information easily retrieved from databases which result in proper and equal distribution of information all around in every spheres.

Time to market and productivity:

It is all about creating better and persuasive marketing orientation so that time to reach the market should be shortest possible of time with complete productivity solution in mind. Analysis of business functions as well as eagerness to adapt to various portfolio methodologies leads to consider complete business re engineering to work it as the starting point approach so that more probable way to reach out to complete the aspect of change. It aims for achievement of total quality management by completely understanding psychological values attached with complete psychological aspects of organisational dimensions.

It aims at complete restoration and strategic initiatives of organisations standards, where work schedules are equally distributed within definitive structural ambient of organizations elements through proper configuration of work ethics where the communication strategies always stays upper hand and the time to send and receive communicative elements remains as always in the long drawn stages. It aims at regeneration of ideas to deal with customers directly in finding out their need and wishes were proper and systematic value additions remains upper hand through functional excellency in terms of cross-functional advocacies were proper distribution of value added output to customers can be strategically calculated.

Role of information technology (IT) in defining business processes re engineering (BPR):

While dealing with all these aspects of communication technology, the role of information technology (IT) always stays upper hand as it summarizes all these information in clear cut and lucid manner so that every thing possible elements of work flow and its corresponding ideas related with customer relationships are calculated in clear cut and lucid manners. Role of information technology clearly defines positive aspect of understanding information at various levels as well as updating knowledge of information on the live stage.

Every information stays with shared databases as well as with cloud and it connects with expert systems which allows analysts to understand the time taken for complete work flow as well as the entire process which involves in determining total quality management (TQM) and helps them to reach out to decision support system (DSS). With the advent of wireless mobile systems such as android and others which works as wireless data communication medium and can work portable and mobile systems in order to create a complete and favorable work standards so as to manage every possible decisions in well coordinated and manageable ways. With the advent of fourth-generation (4G) broad band speed which clearly presents the scenarios for interactive video disc and video conferencing so that potential as well as dedicated buyers always stays in connected with enterprises.

Business process outsourcing

Then, all these information are connected with DSS of organisations which completely automates identification of work flow and then track entire consign of goods and services and then it also sees and responses customer feedbacks whenever it is necessary to do it so. Due to presence of these automatic identification of all these goods and services automatically processes happens instead of manual process checkings. All these informations are carried out within a hemisphere of high performance computing which automates entire processes and stages of check and balances to find out on the fly planning and executing of work flow orders and clears the way for complete business processes re engineering. With proper levels of work standard related with enterprise resource planning (ERP) which provides augmented tools to recreate and regenerate process efficiency with the help of SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft which helps work flow management to constantly provides additional tools to create and manager entire process revision, improvement and process redesigning.

Every automated actions do need for development of proper functional framework and in those framework presence of human elements does provide additional levels of strategic excellence. First step for success of BPR involves constitutions of its strong and dedicated members as they provide proper guidances and memberships for complete development of ideas of BPR in reality. If that team does not show any signs of properly constituted development signs then slowly the development aim and goal of organisation in reaching out to the path to excellence negates its standards. Then, comes the proposition of analysis of business needs which finds out what are main standards for businesses and enterprise has and it aims to drive out more functional elements and corresponding excellency while finding out the more profitable areas of organisations.

Success and failure of BPR depend upon the constitution of adequate IT infrastructure. Entire enterprises need to be connected all over and it needs to have core business facilities so that entire work of organisation is updated on time and live so that customer can see the progress of the work order in a clear and lucid manner. It is the management of change and every related work force from within the premises of organisation needs to understand this and set out different levels of strategic information as well as tools to manage every sphere of organisational fronts. It can affect potentially every front of organisation and failure and success of organisation completely depends upon this and for this wherever the presence of organisational structures, management, duties and responsibilities of organisations and their performance excellence can be equally measured and compared into in finding out the wholesome changes of organisations in completely comprehensive and corelated ways so that every changes that occurs within premises of organisational system should be dealt with complete and lucid manners.

Aim and constitution of BPR are to find out different working standards of different departments and find out which departments is accruing heavy expenses but the return is not satisfiable. Then, find out which departments are performing excellence and identify those departments and improve those departments at the cost of loss making departments so that entire business process re engineering works in giving excellent benefits to customer needs. Recognise the extent of problem, train staffs as most of them could have been unknown to state of developments of modern technologies and make them educated with it so that with due course of time all these management of information could make them reach towards path to excellence.

Create a stronger and mightier and dedicated work force so that they could work in a positive and coherent manner and create the strongest sense of responsibility within the organisation framework. Create and build a strong infrastructure. Remove all bureaucratic delays. Provide the strongest sense of motivational elements so as to find out the most probable form of work standards that could provide the mighties part of information sharing within enterprise and customer needs. Quantify organisational strategy in terms of cost and efficiency, and make it run within organisational wide framework and finds out the cost of all these and finds the most suitable and most dedicated way to achieve maximum efficiency from out of it. Change is difficult as the majority of commitments to organisational widespread remains with positive framework of organisation where the entire process, decision support system, enterprise resource planning and other elements always were affected. For most of times all these been major subject and attuning to these changes to these organisation does not guarantee short term implementing business process re engineering but implies direct impact of stronger and mightier work force standards to be affected and for this efficient and strong sense of implementation standards are the need of the hour.

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