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Earnest Hemingway said once, there is nothing friendly like the books. Books are the best friend for humans. Humans being the rational animal need to study books which provides some way of thoughtfulness to derive and prosper many such generation of ideas. It is true. With constant reading of books, the desire for reading more and generation of more and more knowledge as a result of this tend to create more formal as well as incidental knowledge sources that drives out more and more punitive and definitive action to create more knowledge and sharpen more and more knowledge with it. It also makes humans more sociable and more knowledgeable as a result of this. It increases deeper understandings of humans and prospect the amount of sense of creativity within human thought processes.

From within all of these, we accumulate the strongest senses and desires for art, science, culture, lifestyle, civilisation. We learn from it the rise and fall of civilisation and tend to be aware of what are the basic and permanent ingredients to save a civilisation. Every civilisation in the history of mankind provide ample raw materials to understand it and it showcase how such wonderful part of civilised senses could possibly make it most happenings part of our lives. Books are accumulation and conglomeration of all such knowledge and these can be called as knowledge banks, and the more we read more at the more and more gatherings of knowledge comes out of it as a result of this constant and permanent readings.

Books in the Douglasville, Georgia Borders store.

Books in the Douglasville, Georgia Borders store. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We tend to learn correct way of learning and we tend to find the right path to succeed in life and slowly we tend to reach how to be creative and how to be well guarded and mannered so that every other single motivations should also comes from the realms of books and that should inspire us to do more and more productive works in near future. Books show us how to stay correct and well mannered in constant decision making processes. It also shows how to take a well guarded decision making processes with constant head and a still mind. It also enables us to teach about how to stay hale and hearty and how to take up a well guarded lifestyles as a result of this.

Book is a powerful medium to know about the life and lifestyles of all the other civilisations of past and present as well as it can inform you about how to learn good things from such huge civilisations. It also empowers us to let others know about our civilisation standards and it also informs others about our lifestyles and living standards. Even in the modern age, students read books from childhood to higher education. Thomas Jefferson said he cannot live without books. Books are his best friends. Books provide proper inspiration and adequate standard of competitive brilliance over others.

In modern world with the advent of mobile and computer operating system, and cheaper internet pricing we have seen the surging of use of computers, android as well as reading of electronic books. These do not deter or move away as we have seen all such informative standards in the form of watching on YouTube or reading of Google books or any other online contents. Every source of online contents comes out from the realm of these understandings of creating a well guarded and prospective information accumulation from all these sources. We tend to be in with many forums or networking sites and that also provides huge incentives for us to accumulate knowledges so that all these knowledges can be most of proper incentives to accumulate and create wider presence all over the internet world.

On the downside with too much of internet use, the collective intellectual brilliances of generating wider array of thought processes is not generating huge dividends of potential thought processes as all these are potentially blocked through constant internet usages. There should be proper and dynamic encouragement of youths in orer to generate mass scale of interests to properly guide and propel for reading of books so much so that ultimately book reading should provide ultimate enthusistic to understand life is what all about and respeciting authors and rememering them on their days should propel and count more and more dynamic and presentable thought ideas to propel and generate huge concerns among vass arrya of masses.

There has been so many different ways to read and understand book. One can read these books from the front end and keep reading it till the last page or one can read from the back side and continue to understand the climax or the main sole of story that goes within it and trying to catch out how such life stories are moving in some directions and then slowly while reading of books imagination as well as understanding how life could be moved with it and how and what are the sole descriptive elements which authors wish to share with readers as well as the most prospective and understandable achievement which authors want to make it most of it and all these aspects of understanding life out of it and the finding of moral of story just makes the probable exercise of yours brains to superior stages.

By reading books one can keep the brain in good conditions. generally it has been seen most of readers who read books are generally seat in comfortable conditions and then being at the state of relax and without concentrating on all the other matters keep continuing reading the books and that creates enough amount of exercises within forms and factors of minds. This makes proper exercise standards within the framework of mind and that makes the entire prospect of understanding life in good and proper understanding situations.

Annual book fair is the welcome addition. As we see there has been many book stalls with some rarest of rare and presentable books there that makes entire reading experiences at its best. While moving towards any of book fair, I could see some enthusiastic book readers are reading books on its one side and they continue to read it and that makes the sense of increase of wit and that creates the form and factor of proper and adequate generation of power of reasoning and that proves to be the most vital aspect of living a well coordinated and designated life and properly and well guided by yours best friend such as book.

Human as the race is being constantly separated from other breeds of earth. This has been due to the power of brain human has. It is upto individuals to increase it or decrease it. It is the power given to us from Almighty to use it at ours best and we can do it at all levels irrespective of where do we live by reading such huge resources of books that could provide us for proper source of guardian when we are alone and compel to take into and reach into decision making processes. Whenever we tend to reach at the stage of nowhere and wish to take decisions then we tend to remember the readings and advices at some point of time we have been into and thinking about those incidents of advices which continues to provide more and more authoritative and prospective presentation of mind which should guide us every point of time with complete sanctity of thoughts and generation of perfect and synchronous ideas.

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