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Once that nation was deeply enraged with drought and famine and its economic backbone had been ravaged for several years. Now, it has become one of the strongest and possibly most vibrant economies of their continent and slowly becoming the most illustrated examples of a developing nation among different spheres and now it is the most talked about nation. Now, it has a stronger economy which is ably backed by well supported people who indulge in making their economy stronger so that they hope to remove famine all over their nations should be materialised in full capacity. Here, I am talking about developing nation such as of the African continent.

During earlier and middle path of 1980s when Kenya was constantly suffering from political instability, famines, drought, rare rain, and economically downtrodden all over their nation making their prospect of living a well balanced and well documented life miserable. Every negative aspects of development surround them and their nation goes downwards as a result of this.

After that people of Kenya have be one determined and their strongest desire to succeed at any cost make them to survive and stay along with developing phenomena and slowly they return back to their own prospective days where now they have been most talked about nation in their localities and most of other nations are trying to take the leaf out of it so that ultimately they should be able to replicate such visionary development progression from null to developing nation.

Now, they have found the way to live and found the way and means to find their livelihood. Due to lesser rain and continuous advent of famines and draughts farming of traditional food items became lesser as mostly heavily dependent upon rain fed. These rains fed crops slowly vanished and that was the major worrying pattern for them during those time. Slowly, they have found the answer to it as they shift their agricultural production from rain fed crops to monetary crops.

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Their farming sector now gives prominence to garden and monetary agricultural farming. They give prominence to crops which are in higher demands and they slowly produce such crops and that brings upon a higher value for production. These monetary crops do not need so much of rain and these can be produced within limited supply of water. They shifted from traditional farming to monetary farming which is both giving them higher yields of crops and money and that does not heavily dependent upon rain and water.

English: Co-operative Bank of Kenya

English: Co-operative Bank of Kenya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ultimate dedication and the power to succeed even during times of adversity and union of ideas bring about a sharper increase of inclination towards increasing power of the economy to a considerable level so as to make it most vibrant and positive in the days ahead. This has shown positive results as within two decades of adopting monetary farming, Kenya has become the third biggest country in the world to export roses to the world. This has been in reality the most vibrant and positive development and it has made their economy stronger and that has shown the life style and development of their country.

Kenya has been given prominence to garden farming which dealt with generation of monetary crops which ultimately paid rich dividends to them. Currently, every day over 360 tons of rose flowers exported to Europe, middle east, Asia, Russia through cargo flights. That has made them to yield more and more flowers and slowly it has become the second biggest farming sector for Kenya. In this way, flowers have become the second biggest exporter of their country. Eastern side of Kenya has Nevasa pond which is located nearer to Longanut mountain ranges. This river is at the foot of Longanut mountain range.

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Longanut mountain range is a dead volcano. Many years back it was active and now it is dead. The volcanic eruption of earlier days has made the soils of nearby areas most fertile and made it best to utilise for farming purposes. For, Nevasa pond in the vicinity whatever water resource required for garden farming is there and that creates the most valuable farming possession for the people living there. Hundreds of farmers of Kenya have implanted the green house methodology to begin farming with flowers there. Most of other places of Kenya are not so greenery. In comparison to other place, this place is full of green trees and one of the most beautiful places of Kenya.

Waters from Nevasa pond giving sufficient water resources for grooming of flowers. That is why everyday almost two dozens of transport vehicles reach here to take flowers to the nearby airport. Grooming and production of flowers is on the higher side with dedicated farming and production all around these places. Mostly, people of Russia and Europe love the black rose of Kenya. These demands for black rose on higher side. Other colored roses of Kenya also stay for longer duration and stays for a long time. Mostly, varieties of roses of Kenya are bigger and stay fresh for longer hours and that makes demand for these roses on higher sides.

After seeing the amount of profits farmer sector of these regions have been making the other parts of Kenya has been dealing with these sectors. Slowly, these became a trend all over Kenya where every part has not been deeply included to indulge in farming activities. Thousands of farmers has been dealing with flower industries their and the demand for flowers all over the world is on the rise and slowly all these farming sector moving into creating such huge production so that the demand and supply units should make adequate benefits out from it.

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No one can think of it still. One sees the number of cargo flights within airport ranges of where there has been many such presence of cargo flights waiting to reach towards going for their destination. Once in the past nation like Switzerland and Holland has been in the top echelon of flower production all over the world. Now, Kenya has toppled them and crossed them in term of flower production and slowly becoming one of the major flower supplier from all over the world.

This has been possible only due to whole hearted support from government and dedication of people living there with a strong motive to succeed and makes More the economy stronger in any case. After watching and observing the success stories of Kenya other neighbouring African countries of Kenya are not concentrating more on garden farming such as flower production. These nations are Ghana, Ithiopia and so on so that they can replicate the success stories of the emerging economy of what Kenya has achieved with its strongest desire to success.

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