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Android is major mobile operating system. It has more than 70 percentages of market shares and continues to grow day by day. Its major competitors such as Apple and Microsoft’s are well behind. It has been increasing day by day. It provides all major conveniences of making your smart phone nearer to computer use. It provides all sorts of conveniences that computer provides. Now, with complete adoption of cloud based services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft’s sky drive slowly the importance of android devices is now more that what a computer or windows operating system provides with. There are many good and well to do factors associated with an android. Till there are many other factors such as room for more improvements needed for android which this article is all about discussing these aspects of android where as a user I often finds to see it as with due course of time these improvements could possible augment and increase the power of blandness of android. Android as mobile operating system has done a tremendous job of making it most happening operating system and with its completely new brand of contract with original equipment manufacturers the use of android operating system irrespective of brands does not deter it further augmenting these features.

The official online color is: #A4C639 . 한국어: 공...

The official online color is: #A4C639 . 한국어: 공식 온라인 색은: #A4C639 . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first and foremost problem with android as a brand is it’s unable to provide constant updates to users. Of late there has been many forms of malwares that has been creeping into android devices as these malwares from the major difficulties for android devices and it breaks its speed to perform and makes it almost difficult to manage. Android is free of hardware vendors and that is why every vendors have its own independence to customise it what ever ways they consider to be and that is why, every android devices spot the difference even if the core operating system files are same. Most of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) tend to provide their own set ups as well as their own applications in order to create differences of appearance and change the format of operating systems.

Most of galaxy devices have their own set up customised android devices with it own Samsung launcher as well as its own power savings which has been performing well but it provides some other different ways of thinking how android can be perceivable seen here. This makes behaviour of an entire operating system different. That is why even if Google wants to cannot update these operating systems files as these are to be updated with the modified codes of OEMs and that becomes major difficulties for an android to stay always updated. That is why Google has to depend upon everything from hardware manufacturers to update android.

Many critics have pointed out this deficiency of Google’s android in making it more professional as well as making more customer friendly as people always wants their phone to be updated to latest technology but instead Google continue to update android operating system to newer levels which left existing operating system of android looks old and as legacy operating system within two years of phone purchases. Windows operating system of Microsoft has been updated from time to time and its support system has been on the higher side of years but most of hardware specification of Windows operating system is with Microsoft and that is why it able to control it from the distance server and update operating systems from time to time.

Google has found its solution. It now controls the role of applications and its security and it empowers the role to make people to install applications from Google Play store. Every application inside Google Play Stores are thoroughly scanned into and then constantly secured and most of these applications runs in sandboxie mode that is in virtual mode and even if these applications provide malwares which is very rare considering the amount of security provided by Google before allowing applications to function still most of these applications run in sandboxie mode so all these can be constantly controlled even during the process of running applications.

The Android Emulator home screen.

The Android Emulator home screen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Google Play is the depository of applications from third parties as well as from Google. Google has been constantly developing a large array of applications for almost all needs and that empowers users to install such applications and if third party applications are installed from Google Play store then also all these applications are well scanned as well as properly sanitized so as to control erratic behaviour of such applications. As of late it has been seen that android is continuously been supercharged and now less prone to malware attacks as Google not only checks every applications for malwares when you are online but also checks installation of third party applications from other than Google Play store in order to present users the sense of harmony and security of those software installations.

Google provides opportunities for users to encrypt their device and encrypt all of such information that has been there within devices so as to present users more and more format of security that enables them to process and create more identifiable and attachable mobile use for consumers. Device administrators are now deeply engulfed within deeper settings of android. When the device is lost it allows to erase the contents of devices from the distance and lock the device so that a third person cannot use it and in this way that the device is dead for the third person to use. It is not wise to allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play store. The Google Play store has huge application repository and one should not install applications from other sources.

With latest version of updating of Google Play services we have seen a new security settings known as verify apps which is to verify application installations from third party application environments is to enable and perform systematic application management as well as block or warn applications that has been installed from third party application sources. Many application environments which prefer to provide the same applications with cheaper rates or free of cost tend to bundle various malwares, and that should be avoided at any cost. Android being the open source software, it completely frees up and provides onus to users to joggle with these settings by creating a secure or non-secure environment. Whenever some one complains about it then it forget that it is the user that controls android and for this it is important to consider setting up a well guarded ideas and learning about various applications with android is a must in order to succeed in managing deeper and wider android successes.

This can be said one of the loop holes of android provides as the majority of users who are using android seem to forget about it and seem to be ignorant of what android prefers and offers users. Most of these settings seems to be not for the layman’s term as with due course of time, it have seen that most of these settings are for gentler people and for the people who does not have so much knowledge about it seems to undergoing and ignore these parameters in order to create the bunch of idealistic environment to succeed.

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