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All these drawbacks of android seems to be known to Google but it deliberately or compelled to stop these as per the android marketing equations, there are more power to hardware vendors and controlling various versions of android as most of these versions are of customised versions compelled them to determine and find out what constitutes of a well guarded response from Google. Google knows this and also original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) tend to have different customised versions of android as with due course of time we have seen that presence of such customised version of android can only be updated by those OEMs and that creates difficulties of Google to control entire android updating systems.

Google has some how taken a year and half back to initiate Android One, its own closed source android operating system, with the help of some local vendors and offers to provide better android operating system with direct updating just like what Google Nexus provides to users but sadly other hardware manufacturers provide the same set up configuration with open source android versions with lesser price models and higher hardware capabilities. This makes some how Google’s experiment with android one going towards lesser inclination, as with due course of time, other hardware vendors have taken the move forward and continue to build good phones and they now continue to provide their own set up updates in order to keep android phone secure. The experiment with android one seems to be falling down for Google on the other hand, it makes sense to OEMs to find the better prospective and understandings, of how good an android system can be and how they could provide their own set up updates just like what Google used to be giving to users. This has become one of the most desired learning experiences for most of the OEMs to find the ahead route so that ultimately they can find the professional way to secure android devices.

There has been a lot of more competitors for android in the recent past. Samsung develops its own set up an operating system known as Tizen and its low cost smart phone with brilliant and stunning rose gold designs attract much as if from the distance it looks like the stunning apple phone replica from the distance. All these are major competitors to android. Till now, the power of android is always felt but slowly we have seen constant up gradation other wise immediate competitors would soon find the space or gap left over by an android. That is why we have seen the most favored and referred data saver option inside the android. Ir helps user to considerably reduce the use of data comprehensively. Google Chrome’s data saver option provides awesome ways to perform and manage internet use by the initiation of its own data saving option which provides data compression and faster downloading of data from website so as to provide lesser bandwidth and a higher degree of information to users.

This should provide lesser stress on internet usages and provide vital importance to decrease the amount of data in usages. Most of social media applications on android play relate with developing it from third party sites that make the compatibility factor with various android phones difficult to manage. For example Facebook app is the most popular of the lot with millions of download but still we have seen how such applications perform horribly on phones as it is huge and takes high amount of central processing units as well as high amount of RAM usages which makes entire performance of android mobiles lesser responsive. That creates more and more problems for users. Android should actively consider concentrating more on developing such applications so that these applications should make one of most congenital environment for applications to perform and use.

English: Screenshot of Android Emulator for SD...

English: Screenshot of Android Emulator for SDK (latest version, now v2.3) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Android is best suited to perform under cloud enabled environment but in order to use cloud services in the fullest of capacity there should be attendances of more and more performance oriented units, and optimisation of internet usages should have been the principal norm to attend and perform. There should be some optimised performance in terms of cloud enabled services so that with lesser internet usages one can find more and more relevant materials and that should be the newest form of innovative and dynamic introduction of cloud enabled services for maximisation of performances. Now, with internet enabled cloud services tend to be more costly as one of more nearer performance oriented cloud enabled services should have been properly taken care of so that the lesser number of internet usages should be used for it. So far no other mobile operating system have shown the greet and grid to succeed and the newer forms of innovations still to date have not shown it in properly managed way as we have seen day by day proper maintenance and attendances of cloud enabled services so far not been detected in properly managed way.

This is one are of internet which android should always look forward to finding out the most affordable and manageable way to reach towards performing cloud enabled services in order to find the most vital aspect of understanding what a system of cloud enabled services should perform in the most affordable and recognisable ways. Social media applications such as, Facebook, Snapchat utilises plenty of data and for this it is high time Google should create such applications for these most popular applications so that data usages as well as the amount of central processing use should be a bare minimum. Android should mostly improve upon the aspect of restricting back ground data services so that ultimately the amount of data use and its corresponding performance outputs should be kept to a bare minimum. It is now extremely difficult to manage it as the unloading of multimedia contents into cloud enabled services do take plenty of storage space and for this it is essential to look beyond and create more and more powerful mediums to understand and find out, how such mediums of communications works like wonder and works in real time.

Now, video calls take plenty of data resources. It provides differential mediums and formats to reconsider and check how such video streaming works like charm. Generally still to date android failed to find the real solution but Opera Max does provide some of the most advanced form of encoding which present awesome ways to manage data as well as recreation, smaller footprints of video streaming to enable multiple ways to save data management. Samsung and some other original equipment manufacturers have found more and more ways to contemplate data savings such as integrating opera Max from the construction of customised operating system so as to reduce data usages to a considerable limit and this empowers and enable futuristic mobile operating systems to perform exceedingly well even in times of dare necessities. All thee aspects of stronger cloud enabled services always tend to see the wider aspects of stronger and wider motivational excellence where every aspect of futuristic demands for successful mobile operating system moves towards more and more prospective ambitious technologies where we do find more and more sophisticated and ambitious advent of newer forms of technological brilliances.

Before android becomes a reality, symbian from Nokia has been gaining more and more popularity, but one most advantageous system which is lacking beyond certain point of action, where touch enabled symbian functions do find more and more faulties, which we have seen from time to time, and android comes with superior mobile operating system which is mostly visualised to function in wonderful ways to function with various touch enabled actions. It is of about learning of various functions and futuristic demands which with due course of time people wish to find on their devices and many a times failed to think about it and that provides doom for majority of mobile devices and with due course of time we have seen that such makers of mobile operating system must look at these aspects of mobile wishes and should be able to fulfil those wishes with equal and magnificent innovations and discoveries of newer trends of consumer demands which with due course of time have taken the forward steps in determining the future success and create the most future proof of operating system which determines and success of mobile operating system marketing in future trends.

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