Ageless love

Love is mysterious. It is eternal. It is unique. It cannot be described and cannot be understood. Only the persons involved it can understand it. It is personal. It is silent. It is unspeakable. It is the shared memories of the couple. This incident is about such arithmetic of love where every part of arithmetic equations proves to be wrong. We can neither describe love not can neither define it. It does not depend upon indifference, it remains as it is and it concerns only the persons which are involved with it.

Love is wonderful. It cannot be described within words. These are feelings and the persons who involved with it do not think anything about their age and societal statuses. It is the treasure of love that stays for long durations and continues to provide wider and masterful memories. It is the limitless river and countless sky that depend upon the wider aspect of memorial points. Love does not obey the societal rules created by person, caster, religion and others. A rare and wonderful incident of love marriage has been seen recently in the capital of Orissa, India at Bhubaneswar.

The male person is 63 years and he is from Keonjhar district of Orissa, India. At last he marries his love who is 58 years of age. This seems to suggest their love stories run for longer duration. It is their life duration which they live during these times and when they reflect upon all these aspects where the heart answers every question without looking elsewhere. At last, there’s long love streak now becomes a reality. It is a wonderful and rare marriage. They married with each other and the marriage pedal has been tremendous in seeing both of a happily married couple sensing their realities.


As we know loving are daring and lovers always take daring steps to stay afloat and realise their realities. Both married in accordance with Vedic rituals. Both families have welcomed this step in happiness. They respect long term friendship as well as love of this couple and they stood in that place in support of both of them to make them realise this wonderful happenings. Grow old along me as the best is yet to be said by Roberty Browning and this love marriage completely make these happenings in the true senses and this ultimately provides awesome ways of this wonderful gift from the Almighty where there are no boundaries of societal rules.

The man is from Sundergarh district of Orissa. He was son of an ideal school teacher. His father was awarded as the best school teacher from the Governor of Orissa. Now, her father is no more. He has three brothers and two sisters in his family. Every sibling are highly educated. His father made them to go for higher education. The man has higher qualification such as graduation in science and then graduation law. Love is like quick sand. The more you are in the more you fall into it. The falling into sand does not depress you at all instead it continues to move forward in making you feel awesome and in those situations you try not to think of other happenings all over the world.

He retires from the post of branch manager of the Bank of India. The lady is from other districts. She is also highly educated. She has attended doctorate degree in her own stream of education. Her siblings are highly educated. She is lecturer. The man was married but within short times his wife died. Afterwards his love began with the lady and this continues for longer times. Love does not gaze at each other but it looks both at the same direction to find out the ultimate path. When one looks inside of one’s heart, it seems it is looking inside of the other. All of stories seems to be the wonderful path of fiction but to both love birds it seems to suggest the same age old stories of appreciation and respect.

Both now have retired from the respective services. Both respect for their love. They think their love is priceless. They describe those feelings on various poems they have been writing for longer times. Both of them have shown their feelings of love and respects in those poems in clear cut and lucid manner. In one poem they wrote about why there is no space to see the dream in this mortal world, as they wish to see their own dreams as they realise that dreams are personal properties and no one should ever interfere with it.

Another poem is all about finding the source of happiness that is finding the light at the end of tunnel in which they define how the source of happinesses are there for every time and it is we have to find it from within these directions so that the prospect of feeling happier and mightier comes with it in due course of time. Heart has reasons but reasons does not understand it at all as this comes from mind and mind has differential thinking than that of the heart. The man is 63 years and the lady is 58 years and they wrote about their dreams and their prospects of love.

All of their poems have shown the glimpse of how deep their loves it. Where one finds more and more deeper understandings and where the path of love is never ever lost upon and it continues to stay within minds of each other and try hard to find the route of love to see and understand the amount of greatnesses which one can find with due course of time to let these happenings which amount to perfection of wonderful invitations to life. For them life is not too short, for them life continues for ever and for them life provides opportunities at every form of life and it is them which wait for absolute opportunities so that they could find their own soul as their love is based upon perfect perfection of correlated relationships which they do not want to avoid at any cost of time.

As Albert Einstein said that gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love and it is true as with due course of time we have seen that no earthly situation should compel the true love, it does not obey amount of age you have does not sufficiently thinks about how you treat your life and how you find the way to live in. It is the process beyond thinking of mind as it continues to cross over all these obstacles to stay on path.This incident is all about true love which does not revolt against society but wait endlessly patiently for their love and when it is accepted they happily married.

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