I have written a few posts on the state of summer in this part of this world. It has been reported that it is one of the hottest summer in the last 136 years. Life becomes miserable and in order to stay away from these summer heat people are now more using air conditioning system (AC) in order to create artificial cooling environment. Humans can only tolerate certain levels of temperature and beyond that level it is almost impossible for them to tolerate. It is reported at some places the temperature hits to new high such as 48 degrees Celsius. This goes on to show how difficult summer it is.

Now, there is a new worry point for electrical department. The power level is good with surplus electricity output but still, at some point of time in and around some specific cities we have been seeing that use of more power than earlier it is designated for them. People in some cities like Cuttack, Puri and Bhubaneswar has been using more and more air conditions than it was designated to them and that eats out more and more electricity and the level of electricity designated to these cities falls below and that creates the room for unannounced power cuts in those cities.

Government of this provincial state has announced that there should not be any power cuts in this summer on the other hand electricity-department has been caught in the state where due to heavy use of air conditioning system by consumers as well as by industries the amount of power output has gone exceedingly on higher side. Due to higher amount use of air condition and constant and high duration of using the amount of electricity demand rises to higher proportions. It is estimated that in Cuttack city the demand for electricity has been more than 80 percentages of what it was intended to be.

What it makes is that people those have an air conditioning system has been remaining in cooling times and they are in a comfortable situation where the rest of the people have to deal with low voltages for many more durations. Due to the advent of low voltage it becomes unbearable for most of the people who prefer ceiling or other fans to get rid of these summer heats. Those people who are facing the brunt of low voltages, are dissatisfied with the performances and work out puts of electricity departments. In order to provide lesser low voltages to people of Cuttack the grid Department of Cuttack is thinking seriously about implementing the prospects of putting the power cuts at schedule times so that the augmented demand of power from people can be equally attended in good manner.

English: Sidheswar,cuttack ଓଡ଼ିଆ: ସିଦ୍ଦେଶ୍ଵର

English: Sidheswar,cuttack ଓଡ଼ିଆ: ସିଦ୍ଦେଶ୍ଵର (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Generally in approximation for people of Cuttack, 47 megawatt of electricity is needed. During this summer, it has increased to 110 megawatt of electricity a whopping 80 percentages of quantum jump from earlier statistics. The use of these electricity goes to more use during peak hours and it is expected to be on the rise during the month of May where it is expected to be higher use as the result of the advent of peak summer. The primary reason for this higher use of air conditions and air coolers. People generally use it in order to get rid from the summer heat.

Cuttack being the river city and having two big rivers flowing alongside with it there has been no dearth of water even during extreme summer. It is being the industrial capital of this eastern state of India. It continues to generate higher income groups and they are in well comfortable zones to afford and buy these air cooling machines. It is estimated that almost 50 percentages of electricity usages have been from the use of air conditioning system in the city of Cuttack and that creates more burden on the electricity-department. This goes on to show how the number of usages concerning air conditioning system has the increase in many folds. This has led to nothing but cutting off power cut during these summer hours.

For one air condition to use it is of about two kilowatt power supply needed and it is estimated that in entire Cuttack city, of about 25,000 air conditions (AC) are in use and that can take of about 50,000 kilowatt of power supply in additional amount. It is the law of the land to take adequate permission from electricity-department before installation of AC. Sadly, as per statistics suggests only five to ten percentages of installation of AC currently being reported to the electric department. This means that apart from these five to ten percentages of installation of AC rest of AC use are of illegal in nature.

This means, electric department does not have a count for all of these Acs that are currently in use there. It is the law of the land to take permission from grid department before installation of AC. That is not happenings and that is the saddest part of consumer awareness which we have been facing with. That is why for unwanted reasons at different times during these summer hours unwanted power cuts happen all over in Cuttack city. According to electricity requirement, only one AC can run in one single phase. There are people who have permission for one AC but they run two to three Acs in the same phase. In the case of using of three or two Acs there should be three phases of electricity requirements which is not happening and that also is the prime reason for cutting off power failures in certain pockets of the city.

Due to heavy pressure of phases and use of high number of air conditions in those phases, it imparts unwanted pressures on feeders and that creates unwanted overload on cluster of phases and that amounts complete break down of feeders and electric supply for some hours in some phases. This has been due to high number of air condition use in those areas. Grid department is constantly checking all these overloading feeders and constantly checking high number of illegal air conditions but still people continue to use a large number of air conditions and coolers and that imparts negatively on power supply in those places.

In short the number of AC users in Cuttack city is in a far lesser number that the number of people who heavily dependent upon ceiling fan use. That is why it has been seen that those high number of people have been suffering from this as a result of this and this has led to the decision to initiate power cut in certain hours within Cuttack city. It is the sense of awareness that matters the most and for this if one use air conditions then one should always use it for minimal proportion of time so that accumulation of entire expenditure on electricity should not exceed to the mere standard level so much so that it should hurt others. It should be the duty of every citizen to protect the right of other of using electricity during summer time. It needs proper awareness among educated masses to move forward and implement these proportions of thoughts in larger numbers.

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