Abandoned Chernobyl

In the mean time, the catastrophe happened to atomic center of Chernobyl has crossed 30 years. Chernobyl is situated at north central Ukraine. It is the site major disaster at a plant occurred in 26th April 1986. Ukraine was part of the erstwhile USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic). On the day of 26th April 1986, a major disaster occurs at the fourth reactor of the Chernobyl station. It was not occurred abruptly. Ten days back nuclear radiation begins to occur in this fourth number . During that time, Ukraine was part of the administrative division of the USSR. Chernobyl was renowned as the biggest on the world. During the time of explosion occurs inside a in Chernobyl, the peaceful se of nuclear energy poses greater and mightiest questionnaires to so called rationalists of that time.

In the meant time, USSR divides into many states. Ukraine has now become an independent nation. But it was unable to clear the aftermath effects on Chernobyl townships even after 30 years. Chernobyl townships is still reeling under the same set up of abandonment which began 30 years back. The government of the day in all these years has been constantly been trying hard to clear out those radioscopy materials and its aftereffects but it continues to fail to completely clear out those from these areas even after three decades of where these incidents happen. The destruction due to leak of radiation is so huge and humorous that even the destroying parts and portions in those areas are not completely removed from there.

It seems the world has moved on from this unbelievable human made disaster but for the city of Chernobyl time has stopped since then and everything seems to be there as and when it was three decades back. Entire townships saw the amount of complete destruction out there and that creates equally disturbing effects of such the amount of catastrophe if at all any point of time occurs toward entire earth, then the entire population could have been removed within one hundredth span of seconds. Where we have been moving into, if entire population of earth is going to be vanished so as all the other animal species and due to consistency staying of these radioactive materials slowly these should stay in those areas for longer duration and continue to stay there for unlimited years.

English: The fourth reactor bloc of the Cherno...

English: The fourth reactor bloc of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All these should also concern us in order to garner power and politics we have been moving into such strange arena of force of nuclear energy which might vanish entirely civilisation even if some sort of mistake in these nuclear reactor areas occurs. After Chernobyl incidents, the then government of the USSR, forcefully removed 116,000 Chernobyl residents from that place. Owing to totalitarian regimes, it is evident that most of these decisions are implemented without looking at people’s interest. Not only resident of Chernobyl but also the nearby townships of Pripyat also was evacuated forcefully from those places.

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In these forcefully evacuation of these people, along with army six lakhs of volunteers engaged to remove these people from their households. Most of these residents do not have an iota of an idea why they have been forcefully evacuated from their own native lands that has been for so many years. During that time, due to despotic regime people have to obey their order without any opposition. What ever that might be they have to obey the government order blindly. They abandoned their homes and stayed in the temporary rescue areas for days. They left back their homes and precious valuables in those places and move out open handed without any money and left all of their belongings in their native places. To add salt to injury, the temporary rescue areas were about 50 miles away from Chernobyl. During that time the radio active energy emanated from, Chernobyl moves into air zones of Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, and some parts of nearby Europe.

They have found some rare diseases within these natives. Then, people of these people able to understand something bigger incidents must have happened in their native place of Chernobyl and they slowly beginning to come to understand the real fact of incidents in those place. Then, they come to know that these abnormal activities they have found in their are due to large number of radioactive materials of leakages which ultimately is affecting their healths.

During last three decades, many people have died due to disease causing as a result of radioactive inflammation and many have lost some of their limbs and senses, and some have lost lives due to lack of engagement due to leaving their own lands and that deprives them for well to do livelihood. Those who continue with their lives are mostly affected with a large number of radioactive inflations. What was surprising is that the then USSR has set the target of 2017 the year to remove all these radioactive wastes from Chernobyl, but surprisingly the speed in which these removals are happening it seems it should take one hundred more years. Even half of these clearances of abandoned materials has not completed still to date and it continues to stay in these areas even after three decades.

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All these informations comes to light by some group of journalists who reached to Chernobyl on the occasion of three decades of this incidents have found the wasted materials and radioactive substances are still on the ground and most of these works are going on in extremely slower pace. Entire town is filled with a huge number of abandoned cars. Those cars are exactly in those places and till to date entire place is not been cleared off. Homes and houses of people have been left open and it continues to be and no one is staying there due to the presence of radioactive material nearby Chernobyl nuclear reactor. On the walls of Chernobyl, the portrait of Lenin is still hanging and it still continue to be there even though Ukraine is not an independent country and it has democracy.

At some places, there are many toys for children but these toys remain as it is in those places, but there are no children to plat it with. In schools, books of children are opened and stay opened. The whiteboards, are written with school topics and remain as it is. There are no trace of students and teachers remaining there. On the outside, the trees are growing like the natural phenomena and continue to grow unabashedly but there are no signs of human traces as well as staying of human civilisation. Can reach to see how such devastation of nuclear catastrophe can create one such extremely difficult situation and how the traces of human civilisation could be vanished all of a sudden without any signs of revival.

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In the mean time, without the trace of humans, wild animals and other animals mostly who stay in the jungles remain there and continue to grow but there is no presence of human civilisation within spheres of Chernobyl. Those wild animals are now living inside human settlements as well as homes and school rooms. It is the most piteous scene ever to watch. Humans have constructed buildings and homes but now all has been emptied and occupied by animals and other wild species. People who have survived from the are not willing to return to these places. They are still apprehensive that in the atmosphere there has been still the traces of radioactive materials and that could affect the climates there and for this it is inevitable to survive for them to reach in other places and leaving their past home behind for ever. If such catastrophe occurs inside the entire world then how could we go and where should we go to live, all these profoundly poses serious questions to us that need immediate answers.

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