Transfinite interpolations

Looking at the sky from the below one can find the umpteenth number of distance from here which just emphasizes there are certain aspects of magnitude of the which seems to go beyond limits. One such day, I presume about it and thought about it whether all these aspects of life livings are going about the perfected way to anticipate whether all these parts of astronomical telescopic views make it assume which is presumably on the higher side of calculation. What we see with open eyes or with scientific instruments ultimately finds out to be whether all these parts and parcels of real findings of what we perceive to calculative distance which no one could ever predict to be in real time situations.

We could see one side of environment which we are looking at:

We are living on earth and what we see is the one side of the universe. What is the real existence of other side of the universe? When we stand on one side, we could see the front side and it is not possible to see the other side. If we want to see the other side then we have to move towards circular movements in order to see the back side and then also we could not see the opposite side. Only half side is only visible, and we are standing in a place where there is no such control of environment where as we can control environment by moving from one side to the other but still we could see other side just moving ours feet to the other side.


Transfinite interpolations

Similarly, when we look at universe with whatever means with whatever instruments or even on open eyes in the clear night we could see the presence of one side of sky or part of universe and this creates more parity as well as information that we could see only that part which we are facing. In the previous paragraph experiment which I describe just goes on to show it is always impossible to see front and back side with one stretch as we could only see one part of side of visibility. In the earth when we stood up to see the site which we are looking at and then we could easily switch to see the other side with due course of time it means the immediate part of these actions and its controls are with us.

This does not mean that we could also switch our vision of directions as easily as we could immediately by shifting side from one side to other side exactly by shifting ours visual directions while looking at the universal or open sky. It is related to the corresponding directions mechanisms, as well as all these are related with current existential environment and atmosphere which we are currently in. Earth is so far only discoverable planet of the universe there might be some more but still not been traced so till the time we could tell that earth is the only one in the universe where we do have an existence of an atmosphere.

Earth has one particular or environment where it is influencing life and surroundings of people present there. It is controlling the environment within that particular by protecting from outer . Outer is full of distracting elements which could affect lives and environmental standards of livings of people on earth. It is now the most insulated environment where we do find a tremendous bit of finding of an inner world where the presence of life elements such as oxygens and other life elements stays within these particular environmental standards. That is why within the of the earth we could move from one side to other within ease of movements standards. That is why we could move from one side to the other with ease to see different sides of environments. This is not the same thing as while watching universe with what ever means.

Today’s discussion is based on these aspects that till to date perhaps whatever we do see towards investigating different aspects of the universe are only that part of the universe which we are able to see or perhaps allowed to see. In most of Hindus mythology, earth is famously called as mother earth, respected Goddess, where Goddess Sita asked her to open her trust so that she could enter into it. When we see different aspects of the way the earth takes the load of innumerable people all over earth we could find that there are many signs of living spaces we could find with mother earth. The existence of an atmosphere on the earth style to date no science has found its solutions to it.

The presence of all living elements and ingredients within perimeters of the earth is still a mystery were in some of the other planets of our solar systems does not have such. Still to date science has not find the solution how such atmosphere over earth is there for innumerable longhand still it is hanging on it and protecting millions of lives even though the preset of science has just make it more and more vulnerable but still within some specified periods of times all these faults within atmosphere just been repaired automatically. All these are signs of life and no one could explain how all this has been corrected with due course of time.

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There is an unexplained phenomenon of earth which is still shrouded in mystery. Science has no answer to it and also what we see the parts and locations of the universe is still not being able to solve all these impending problems which have been there for years now. We are part of the solar system and earth is revolving within it as well as the sun is also revolving on its own axis. They say there has been gravitational forces which are controlling earth from the sun. All these seem to be parts of a theory like gravitational force units. Newton’s some time back seen that fruit is falling from trees, and then he thought why not that fruit goes upwards instead reach downwards.

These are interesting thoughts which emerge the theory of gravitational force. Ultimately, he finds that it is the force of attraction between two different masses of the universe. In reality why such force of mass attraction between two masses of the universe or two particular masses of the universe? Is it seems like the part of some old theory solvents where we could be allowed to be believed what we think of as some part of misnomer of information? When we think of rationality of these thought processes we could still not be able to find the exact part of the solution to this theoretical space towards converting it into form and factors of practicality.

Why such forces exist between two massive bodies and how could it determine the higher bit of attraction on one side such as that of the sun with that of earth. Now, people living within a hemisphere of the earth could only see one side or particular side of the universe and could not see the other side due to the presence of higher mass of gravitation force and in this case as that of ours is presence of the sun at the side. Is there another bigger universe there at the back side of the sun and we could not have slightest trace of visibility of that universe from ours side due to limitations of visibility? One can question this part of visibility theory as how come when we stand on one side we could see the one part and then when we switch to the other part we could see it but still and that too we are influenced with part of gravitations force with earth.

In this case the bigger part of the gravitational force in relation to earth is of the earth and we are moving closer towards this but the answer is laid within it as we are part of the earth not like the relationships with that of sun and earth. We are within the subset of the earth even we are separate from the moon. Moon unlike us we are part and elements of the earth and that is why in Hindus mythology earth is called as mother earth or mother nature. How could such presence of gravitational force comes handy as this comes in relationships with a stable dashboard known as surface of the earth and here the gravitational force also well controlled through presence of well managed and well coordinated atmospheric control elevated through the particular presence of the atmosphere.

So, we could easily switch outs vision from one side to the other as in this case we are standing inside earth, which it does revolves in and around in these areas and we are standing inside of it, which does signifies that we are part of the mass of that system and that creates one such stable environment by closing any outside interferences from external systems, and entire atmosphere though revolving but still looks as the set up constant within continuous dynamic state revolve. Can any one said this about that we are in the state stealthiness but still one cannot find the exact solution to it as in most cases the movements is continuing as the mode of stealth is itself in determining and detecting movement through by avoiding obstacles in and around in those areas.

When we look beyond and move ours glance through directions of universe through any means we just see the side of the sky which is being visible to us during different times of year and it continues to be seen as such irrespective of directions and movement we see or irrespective of directions we change towards it or make ours movements towards it but we cannot see the other side of universe, if it is perceived to be there as in this case as in most cases that side is completely covered with movement of sun as we are now part and parcel of mass of earth we tend to overlook and move towards one side of universe due to same set up axis movement of sun in relations with earth which should be moving in particular and fixed axis of rotation.

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This means one side of the universe is always covered with sun’s blanket and this also means one side of bigger part of the universe is being kept covering due to relational so called gravitational movement of sun and earth. As we have seen there are more powerful and bigger sun in other galaxies as well as there are large size of sun around there but still there is mysteries surrounding here and there why such bigger size of sun with higher amount of gravitational force still not able to attract ours planet by overriding power of sun out there. Why such forces which of course are generated due to mass gravitational force of one unit over the other still not being able to generate a higher amount of force by overpowering gravitational force of the sun.

Gravitational force is inversely proportional to the square of distance between two massive bodies out in the universe. If the size of other sun is higher than the power of gravitational force could override the amount of distance but still this is not visible so there could have been some form of inner control that is there with the sun with that of the earth out here. We called universe as mystery as in earlier time I have written one of detailed article elaborating the amount of difficulties involved with traversing entire universe and we should start making nano bots and other forms of elongated life so as to cross the barriers of age group or so we could move towards the stage of hibernation of life for some years so that entire phase of life span could be preserved for betterment of reaching out to cross the distance of light years.

That is why how could we determine that universe has light years of distance as distance can be proportional to the entire movement towards, as the distance we covered for some part of space distance could be covered within the space and parameters of ours solar system which might making the small distance looking at the more distance due to complete control of stealth environment all around inside of entire universe. All these aspects of limits to distance should be equally taken care of in order to attend entire part of distance so that the entire visible period of distance can be entirely summed up. We do not know whether beyond ours visibility range there has been more and more parts of the universe and that should solve our problem about different mysteries of the universe.

Partial Solar Eclipse at Puri on 9th March 2016

Partial Solar Eclipse at Puri on 9th March 2016

Sun has numerous folds of energy generation and powers and so far there is no such alloy or metal admissions which could sustain such heat power generation. How could such vehicles be created so that they can withstand such high pressured power generations within the perimeter of the sun so that a space shuttle could move towards it and then cross over it without any chance of crossing the universe that is beyond control of the sun. As we could be roaming and watching that part of universe which is lesser stronger that sun and we should thinking about creating and attending such power metal formats so that we could be crossing beyond barriers to reach towards absolute truth that is attached with creation of entire universe.

Suppose, we could feel that irrespective of size and mass every the sun have the same amount of gravitational force and that is why other suns is not interfering with gravitational force of other sun. Then, it should also be clear that by crossing over the one gravitational force area of sun one could reach to other area of sun and that could also stop that part of universe to be seen and then for seeing exact details of universe could be shrouded in mystery. I think there should be some places or space of the universe where we could find the presence of null or the find the spot of eternal space where the presence of every gravitational force comes into the state of null and void. Such place could presence the particular state of eternity where the time is not there and time should be without end and it continues to preserve the state of universe in its absolute sanctity so as to provide differential movement analysis and it is important to find out such places in clear and lucid manner so as to present entire state with absolute control and distilled thought processes.

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It is clear most sides of the universe are covered with boundaries of different sun and then in different galaxies with their absolute control and endless movement. Still there should have been more space where there is no time limit and space limit and where still there is space for void and to be filled with new suns and new anticipations of people to reach out to those places and find out what is the real making of universe and to find out exact part of universe which is hiding between management of time, in relationships with space and infinity. In every sphere there has been many such anticipated ideas and movements where we could see the presence of infinity the unsolved mysteries surrounding here and there where even all sorts of logics and intending diagnosis of every problems comes to the state of null and void but still some space is there to solve it and find it out what is all about and how it is performing and making huge implications to the state of thought processes where every form and factor of logic goes to its state of keyword to attend the positive and dynamic state of reverse factor of all signs which seems to questions the creation of ours logics to its ultimate destinations.

We have to find the solution of infinity which is the unlimited distance where every answer is embedded within it and to know these and reach out to those, we does not have to resort to traditional bit of physics, chemistry, space science and mathematics as always every part of anticipations and its related cognisance theories always embedded with plenty of ideas and simultaneous presentations of generated ideas that can have stipulated number of summaries but not in accordance what we are learning about it as in order to find the finite existence of infinity we have to define and trace it out the form and factor of infinity that has been corresponding to it in accordance with every stance and factor of reminiscences. We have to remember that the factor and the existence of infinite do have a finite existence.

Space and atmosphere

Space and atmosphere

There is the stage beyond infinite control which is known as transfinite which is a set of infinite existence and larger than single infinite scroll and that could be the real reason of resonance for attending to the stage of infinite existences and attending the real reason of reaching out to the stage of finite. The path is to trace out the factor of releasing details of infinite existences moves much beyond the stage of absolute finite finish but finding out the real reason of existence of the universe that should be much beyond the wider sense of imagination. Where all science ends and where every mathematics formulae drop over and out we tend to find out and reach out to the stage of absolute truth of reaching out to the real existence of the universe. It is true so we have not able to prove the authenticity of how nine plus two is going to produce it as eleven as it has been always been the most formative and distributed arguments as we continue to accept it and in this way all theories becomes the state of practical.

It is time to move beyond it and move beyond the different statistical presentation and arguments in support of decisive elements of logic and move beyond it to understand that it is the problem of infinite which we have to solve and slowly then we could move beyond and find the real path towards solving the set of differentials, set of continuous infinite known as transfinite in order to find the real and move beyond all such imaginative admiration of so called finite control which is binding with theoretical admirations of problem and solving of similar set up applications in correlation with formulations of logics. We have to observe and believe that there is no such correlation such as logic as every thing is real and which we think of it as the presence of infinite should be the passage and real road to understanding what is real is about and that should lead us to move beyond and going to the state of absolute infinity.

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