In today’s developing organisational environment with the advent of technological brilliance and different computing methods, slowly, more and more complex organisational structure getting headway to move towards more complicated and definite syndrome of intricate mechanisms. During technology makeover, the most prominent part of definite organisational excellence is to bring back normal conditions within specific spheres of organisational standards. Most of existing employees of reels under work conditions of contemporary standards where we do find more and more traditional mode of working amongst different organisational conditions. Technology brings forward innovations and different standards of working conditions to solve more and more complex and dynamic mechanisms.

Formal training:

The purpose within organisational sphere is always the same but the dynamic and purpose to move forward and train different people of same standards of educational patters just bringpatternd more and more stupendous form of ambitions to work it out and find out different ways of living at different modules. More and more complicated form of attachments of understanding of what technology could bring towards more mobility of ideas and thoughts which could provide dynamic opportunities of cumbersome ideas to move forward and manage it with stupendous and marvellous understanding. There has always been growing disenchantment towards more and more possible training mechanisms that should evolve with times to move away and reach towards formal training courses so as to find it out more and more technological pathways to clear possible and dynamic move to reach towards excellence.

Most of these courses which empowers traditional workers to move forward and manage what life could sustain about and how life could move beyond so far provide far reaching endorsements to understand what life is all about and how technological readings could bring back possibly more and more stupendous enchantments of success stories which could provide different ways to understand and work out easier methods of learnings. For all these the need of a good mentor is always desirable so as to find out absolute increasing of thought mechanisms, to personalise informations of what technology could have been and how these technological brilliance could impact the ways these technology prominence evolve from person to person.


Most of these technological enactment of installation of the process do not work in an individual way. It does move forward in an incremental manner to find out what is life is all about and how life could bring forward and find all these similar and significant brilliance of different and dynamic innovations to be carried out in terms of thorough put so as to create and entire system of complete attachments. Mentor does create one of the favorable environment of attachments of different and dynamic philosophies where every value and morality and does come forward and move towards the state of complete attendance for people who attend all these favorable training sessions.

Then comes the course of understanding the movement of what should be the basis of mentoring and how the process and formulations of all these mentoring parameters do comes out in the open and how could all these be more and more favorable towards possible attendance of complete success for individual employees. Some think mentoring is all about working conditions imparted by superiors in the form of wonderful work conditions and congenial work environment. All these comes in the form of excellent work conditions as well as experienced persons who does come forward and move towards complete attendance of providing thoughtful resistance to different and dynamic professional problems.

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Such people can be called as mentor and the provision of guidance provided by mentors are known to be mentoring. It is the process of letting understand people about all these aspects of what should be going to provide different and dynamic attendance of thought processes of reaching towards the provision and proximity to understand different complex mechanisms so as to reach towards the state of excellent work standards. Word mentors derive its meanings from Greek literatures where it appears for the first time in Greek classic the Odyssey. Dictionary meaning of word mentor is a close, trusted and experience guide or person who advises wisely. When king Odysseus went to Trojan war, he seeks help from his friend and trusted lieutenant, to guide his son Telemachus in the absence of him to rule the country.



Mentoring has its cultural roots in India:

Mentoring has its deep rooted cultural roots in India. The tradition of teacher and student relationships which do paramount excellence of guidance within different spheres of teacher and student provides excellent and wonderful relationships of mentoring. The whole series of dyadic scene of learning of Upanishads does provide different provisions of learning where guru the teacher impact thoughtful thinking and influence the whole process of learning and living the whole way of life. This means the think and consciousness involving the entire process of thinking does evolve in India a way back before it happened in Greek literature. This goes on to show case and justify that mentoring is a complete process and it aims to augment and power complete work ethics and competences among different spheres of students.

This means a mentor is an experienced person in its area of competence and they should have skills, experiences and complete and standardised perspectives to understand what life could have been and how could the process of thinking on specific subject move forward towards the stage of complete dominance of ideas so that it does provide the complete and attainable stage of dominance all over and everywhere within thinking parameters of students. On the other hand, the student is called as protégé or the mentee and it is who is continuously being helped.

The role and functions of a mentor:

There is not any such hard and fast rule for a mentor to follow. Mentors are well organised and thoughtful people who always dwell in to attend different and wider acceptance on a specific subject in order to reach towards a complete and dynamic presence of ideas and move towards the stage of complete attendance of knowledge. Mentor can act as sponsor, who always thinks of promoting protégé by providing challenging and complicated work standards and assignments so as to develop complete and purposeful visibility all across different spheres of work ethics. Mentors opens different doors of opportunities for mentee and create the complete stage of advancement so as to reach towards a complete and prominent part of networking of information management and shares.

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Mentor means carrying the specific knowledge in the highest form and does have excellent and standardised information so as to find out more and more value towards creating one of more desirable place of role model for mentee. The third role or function of mentee is all about creating a complete training session for mentee for practical training environment so as to create one of the excellent and standardised environment for trustee. Mentor can work out different standards of understanding of what life is all about and can carry out dynamic and perfect presentation of life and technological brilliance that can have a wonderful stage of meaning to life that should provide excellent, and amicable understanding of technology and organisation. Next function of mentor is all about creating counselling sessions which mostly deals with standards of understanding the process of cognisable brilliance which in a ways create an assemblage of thoughts which provide deeper and wider thought process to make an excellent understanding of what is life is all about and how could all these brilliant and specific information could provide justifiable understanding of situations with the help of mentors.

Benefits of mentoring:

Mentoring provides a wide range of benefits to mentee or protégé. It helps them to see how perspective organisation works and people within spheres of organisation behaves and how the work standards and work culture of organisations could be in future. It helps mentee to adjust people living within organisations to adjust quickly and establish nicely for the new . In this mentee gets one of most desirable personal work standards before joining organisation.
Planning of future personal development with mentor becomes easier as due to experience, of mentor as mentor can see the hidden path for complete development which the mentee could not see and understand in clear and lucid terms. In this way professional development of mentee could become easier due to complete and attentive establishment of set up goal initiated and guided by a mentor. Mentor provides emotional support in the case of some failures which empower and create one of the most cognisable evidence of creation of satisfactory work conditions for mentee.

Most of times conceptualised clarity of any subject is single most important factors which most students or newly appointed persons unable to comprehend and cope with. Risk taking becomes easier as the process of conceptual clarity with the complete clearance of meanings and future happenings comes to light always. Taking risks while staying under complete guidance of mentor does provide safer passage of success for people in general.

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What are insured of a mentor?

High number of mentee and mentor and with guidance and complete possessiveness mentor finds the signs of absolute respect which has always been recognised and stays in the process of complete self-esteem. Mentor gets different perspectives on the same subject through protégé and see the change agent of it and watch these change agent in order to update knowledge from time to time. With the increase of more and more successful protégé under his belt finally when mentor leaves the organisation, he or she leave the footprint on that organisation so as to provide stipulated ideas generations for future mentoring system. It is the way of developing a process and following that process and updating that processes so as to find out, the process of immortality of organisation as whole.

It creates the stage of absolute standards of complete relationships which continue to stay for longer time irrespective of situations and it continues to stay within the ambit of organisation to prosper in the future. On the other hand, it does provide excellent situations for self-rejuvenations for mentor, mentee and in a while it creates one of the most satisfiable and enjoyable experience for people in general and it creates one of the strongest part of an affinity for organisations. Mentoring thus provides more and more empowered people so as to make a series of future mentors. This is the process of continuance and mostly these create the ambit of stronger organisational machinery through successful planning, which can facilitate for future development through proper utilisation of core values of organisation. Mentor has good and qualitative knowledge within the ambit of organisation. Details of organisational information stays with the mentor in order to have a clear and lucid information so that every decisions taken within form and factor of organisation stays always with mentor.

Skills required for a mentor:

Mentor always has a positive attitude, is a very good commentator with a bright and stupendous attitude in its domain. Mentor is great with behaviour towards others and always stays with a caring attitude and soft spoken. Mentor is experienced and great attitude compatible with mentee. A mentor is an excellent communicator with stupendous trust and excellent admiration qualities. Sometimes mentor unable to answer some of questions of mentee and it is the fast recognition of such which makes excellent mentor and with due process the proficient and standardised mentoring facilities provides huge ambit of attendance of situation and its correlative existence of assertiveness in relation with conceptual ability provides through mannerisms and ability to introspect the series of attendance of information shares makes excellent mentor during each and every stage of organisation. Mentor shares responsibility with protégé and creates a group of the network so as to reach towards the stage of complete formulation of ideas and simulation of strategies.

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