Coffee strains on aircraft tray tables

Term marketing is closely related to term relationships. Relationships are a factor of profound sensed attached closeness which cannot be built overnight. These processes move through series of strong bond within two factors that moves slowly with time and create the form and factor of greatest closeness due to strong involvement of continuous contact with stronger sense of involvement and closest possible intimacy through occasional up and down sliding of rebuilding of emotional quotient that surpasses all barriers of time through genuine and fundamental efforts of various persons involved through the process of adaptation of individual customers.

Adaptation of profitable relationships:

This creates a strongest sense of a bond between company and customer as the customer sees the forms and winning factors thought possible factor of victory in the form of customer loyalty. By generating a mutually profitable relationships with customer and company ultimately, it rides at different stages of success with mutual benefits to both company and customers. It creates the sense and ideal of personal relationships through the processes of different practical engagements which enable and empower to create the sense of profitable relationships and it creates the strongest possible sense of absolute loyalty as the process and parameters of crossing upto the strongest possible relationships parameters and when these parameters are crossed and threshold limits crossed over then slowly the entirety of keeping the form and factor of keeping relationships intact as it opens up relationships threshold and maximises performance appraisal of product in terms of company and product parameters in the term of customer perspective remains always same.

An example in this regard should help you immensely understand how such practices of a better client centric relationships in relation with customer and company have been definitely sustainable as it creates large number of definitive set up improvements in life all over. A passenger in an intercontinental flight before boarding into has specialised request for pure-vegetarian foods. To his utter surprise, that did not exist. It was a matter of 16 hours long duration flights and after hearing this. Passenger feels left out there. It is the need for airlines registering food requirements before boarding into airlines. He became so frustrated with this state of things that he decided not to fly over again with this airline ever. Time passes by and he receives a letter of apology from chairman of that airline.



This does not, help to reduce the amount of dissatisfaction of his towards that specific airlines. He changed his airlines and it continues for two years. On one day after two years, due to some unavoidable circumstances that lead to board with the same air lines his circumstances compelled him to do that, he had to fly with the same airlines which he has left two years back. This time he has not made any such special request for vegetarian food and he quietly enters into that flight and to his utter surprise he received one of royal treatments from airlines just after boarding into the craft, this was beyond his thought processes and was served with royal cuisine of perfect vegetarian food. This time he was surprised to find it as he has not made any such specific demand for it but he received this.

This has been possible due to successfully keeping of such records of passengers and catering their personalised choices so that better customer centric care could be taken in order to present with better customer and company relationships.

In this way better competitive advantages over other competitors due to presentation of better customer relationships spells out wonderful definitive process of relationships that stand out from every other spontaneous relationships markers of a lifetime. Here, we can think of another expression of customer centric loyalty where another aircraft just makes one of bitter and ultimate decisions which amount to the strongest possible link of customer and company for a lifetime. It is one such fall winter time where we have been in the southern city of India and there while walking on the busiest market were while watching tall building structures mummy by mistake put foot inside pot hole and in this way have a fracture on foot.

We have returned tickets confirmed with Indian Airlines after three days and the treatment began in the local hospital and then while we returned to airlines to return to native place through Indian Airlines, the most difficult part is how mummy should be riding through staircase into airlines. We contacted the airlines office and they specifically provided wheelchair and an assistant free of cost. Ours normal tickets automatically converted into premium tickets and wheel chair of the mummy has been boarded with a specially designed window of craft through specially designed elevator. After looking at all these wonderful help all these imprinted with memories that still there after almost 15 years of such journeys.

After that I always prefer to move ahead with Indian Airlines due to extremely wonderful helping out when mummy was injured. It makes strongest sense of irreparable and enviable bond among me as customer and Indian Airlines as company that continues to exist still to date. It is all about companies staying with market information in relations with the local environment which deals in informations about past, present and future products of companies that have the strongest sense of relationships that should provide the strongest sense of bond-building with each other.

Parameters of marketing:

Company deals with profits through different marketing initiatives but one part of life and its related energies in developing and specifying every actions turning them into superlative success is the creation of product while considering of creating a strongest sense of product development through proper pricing and place of pricing through different promotional improvements through proper embodiment of process of delivering actionable promotional improvements through physical presence of ethical sense of marketing with the proper and intuitive qualitative productivity. When we consider different parameters of marketing we tend to consider that every part and point of relationships leading to parameters of marketing must go through every specific points of actions where we tend to find every actionable presentations of thoughts and ideals move beyond any such process which aims to augment entire steps of processes.

Traditional Odia drawings on road on Rahgiri day one at Puri

Traditional Odia drawings on road on Raahgiri day one at Puri

Here, is one example, which shows case the parameters of marketing in its definitive excellent. In a smaller town, there is one good podiatrist doctor who is highly educated as well as a better person. He took 150 rupees as his doctor fees per a child to see and for some specially those who reach out from nearby villages from in and around that small town tend not to show that they could not able to pay that amount of money and they offer to pay 100 rupees. Most of times the compounders used to advise them to ask a doctor about it. After listening all these, doctor used to advise compounder about taking lesser amount of money, this goes on to show the process of qualitative advice in place and affordable pricing to people who wish to show doctor, especially renowned doctor so that their child should get good enough health assurances from a qualified doctor.

In another example, another person probably from village orientation come with his two twins and requested doctor to lessen his fees and doctor immediately reduces prices of twin to one price this means he pays 150 rupees for his twins and this goes on to show the process of extreme emphatically presentations of services to people which attaches both customers into advice of doctors so that they remain always loyal to his clinic and this creates the most prominent and impending and strongest possible building of relationships with proper and qualitative physical evidence which are most basic parameters of proper marketing orientations. Most of organisations do cater for differentials demands of customers where one can find more and more presentable evidences of demand and supply situations wherever and whenever applicable.

Organisations need to create new business models:

Every organisation are different in their own spheres and every marketing initiatives need to be different as with due course of time concentrative, product demand and supply from the company to customers need to be changed in due course of time. Here, we can be one such example how a closed marketing initiative need to be catered into in order to move for faster demand and supply with concentrated niche demand and supply from the customer to consumers. Apollo medicines are better known to elite customers who cater into different Apollo hospitals especially those stationed at Chennai Apollo at Greams Lane. With due course of time, we find more and more factored demand and supply regulations as it is not so advertised but still many of its own products are more of generic products with excellent supported products. Most of these demand and supply equations do not demand for excellent product and demand supply equations.

Today;s time we have seen that people are more and more inclined towards using synthetic and natural products. Before all these products have been advertised and sold through Patanjali products all these are well available for Apollo products range and people with stronger inclinations towards Apollo health systems know it very much before people have come to know of it. This is a well known fact and this all cater towards the more and more possible regeneration of thoughts where we find every products has its own set up stronger and possible demand rangers where we tend to find it and use it for the betterment of mass in general.

Customer buying decisions:

Business models endeared by Patanjali products range goes forward with creating the most favorable product range created with natural products range where with the emerging of new middle class goes on to showcase the newer business models endeared with the more and more demand for use of natural products. People tend to go for more and more raw product ranges and that is why people inclined towards using these products. It is all about creating a stronger space within mass congested space of human minds, and that too convincing them with different ways such as in related with price fronts as well as the immediate inclination to use that product for the sensing of betterment of product range. All these goes on to show cause immediate and wonderful possibilities of using such huge sensible decisions to be taken by customers.

Customer buying decisions is the most difficult part of decision making processes and one need to cater into these demands and company should see it and find it as the most difficult and possible part of understanding it in order to find it the most amazing and arduous experiences of all times. With continuous economic liberalisation as well as possible and outstanding demand for customer centric situations, wherever possible and permissible marketing demand grows provides ultimate demand for demanding of customer and company relationships to reach its epitaph of successes. Every company needs to go for right vision where the most possible understanding of corporate success deals with the formula of wealth creation rather than wealth extraction from customers. Wealth creation is related with the alphabetical point of view where we do find the most possible and outstanding part of significant use of exterior parts of emotions where every possible regeneration of idea building is the ultimate aim of devising and mass generating good will wishes of organisations.

It is all about winning customer loyalty:

Mass strategy formulation of every organisation must go through a series of generating devising formula of reaching towards goodness and well ness of organisation as well as the perceived formula showing the parts and parcels of alphabetic information as well as relationships with people in general so that ultimately the provision and the point of actions of every organisations should also confirm with the device and specific understanding of reaching to its ultimate successes. Henry Ford once said, “You can take all my buildings, offices and infrastructures always. Leave my people with me and I will build all once again.” It is people in general, are the most critical asset for organisation as they move the organisation towards ultimate successes and that is the key factor of successes for every organisation and that is way the manner and format ways of emphatically behaviour towards people is the single most important factor of successes.

Here comes the factor of immediate importance attached with the most critical element knowns as internal people. They are the backbone of any organisation, and their satisfaction cannot be over-emphasised. Those organisations show scant attention towards internal people known as employees they tend to find the most difficult real expressions when inside work environment of organisations is not up to mark which does cater to the existing and permanent demand for organisations. You cannot force any organisations to showcase the cosmetic smile towards people in general. It is all about identifying and determining, unfulfilled and undetermined need of customers and meeting their need and satisfying their demands in all possible ways in order to muster and cater different forms and factors of demand so that in every spheres of organisation and in every set of identifiable opportunities to further and must the demand and supply of organisations.

It is all about identifying the possible demand and supply of organisations so that in every spheres of organised marketing the move and factor of demand should move towards more and more demanding marketing orientations that should further maximise the possible and organised marketing phenomenon. It is all about deciding different factors of product generations where we tend to find, appropriate product, services so that perfect determination and identification of all such predetermined product factors should reach out towards ultimate regeneration of ideas orientations should further cater towards further improvements of possible market orientations of presenting and categorising, towards possible reaching towards maximising the concept of thinking and serving the customers better. The ultimate successes of a successful marketing organisation in deliverance of internal employees of organisations are to move them towards behaving in the same ways of making them towards behaving the most satisfiable and understanding ways in order to generate mass revenue generation of organisations.

Customer fond of services of company:

It is the shifting of boss attitude towards generating the feeling of you are the boss and it is yours organisations that makes environment of entire organisations sympathetic towards generating more and more idea generations for favorable workable organisational environments so that they should cater into different demands of organisations in every possible ways. Customer loves the services of companies not in the companies. People wish to buy product considering their services and favorable factor of customer assistances so that ultimately people should find it extremely important, that what are the after sales services the company provides and how these services are going to be extremely ease of use and further in the long run do provide systematic assistance in developing a long run strategic brilliance of company which people need ultimately. In modern marketing terms these are known as relational marketing and all these does provide extreme marketable way to customise and further create the process of retention of customer orientation and attraction in creating a sustainable marketing environment to further maximise extreme product and market regeneration of ideas to turn into divisible customer factorisation of possible extreme product factorisation.

It is all about love or hate at first sight:

Companies must cater into the need to further maximise and enhance customer centric market orientation so that in the long run they should build and create concentrated market regeneration of ideas and stronger customer base so that in the long run these should cater into marketing demands to increase every possible active participation of customers into the mainstream market segment so that with due course of time every other competitions should not able to venture into the specific niche marketing which your company generates or leads into further. One small example should amplify what customers thinking about particular product and services such as when customer reach to airlines and finds strains of coffee on the cotton of trey tables up front the first and possibly the further more important parameters which they should derive and possible amplify what the anticipation of service parameters what the customers should think about upfront and that should be the first and foremost impressions about particular organisations which people in general should always think about.

It is all about love or hate at first sight, if customer finds strains of coffee in the trey tables of airlines they should first understand the parameters of implicative apprehensions of what people all think about the cleanness of airlines. That is why it is all about services as these are mostly noticeable and these should be observable by internal people of organisation and that is why their satisfactions is single most important factors which organisations should always think about and should always go for while devising various and multiple facets of strong building of organisations in making and creating a successful organisations. Similarly, customer’s first impression to every organisation is how long it takes to receive the phone call and how much time it takes to respond and reply to any such phone calls as all these showcase important parameters of successes in devising and making a successful organisations.

Moments of truth:

It is all about identifying different and divergent factors attached with differents moments of truths such as the time it is taken to receive customer centric moments of truth, coffee strains of trey cotton of aircraft, etc. though can be smallest factor of reproducing different factors of ideas generations but still all can built into massive factors of moments of truth as and when all these substantial factors of possible massive regenerations of corrective measures could make organisation run for longer forms of money with plenty of ideas generations at its compliance. It is important to understand more than 95 percentages customers do not ever complain about bad customer services and they only watch out for different moments of truths and they keep changing their options as most of them feel that they are paying for it and why should they involve with such big corporates and instead they shift their concentrations to other similar provides and that is why companies should not wait to see what customers are complaining about but should go for more towards finding these faults with their the course of internal audits and other forms of investigations in order to find about more and more ideas generations and should stop all these before customers finds it for their inconveniences in reaching out different moments of truths at their perusals.

Traditional odia drawings on Raahgiri day at Puri

Traditional drawings on road

Even in the circumstances and the course of coffee strains incidents the recovery time should have been prompt and possibly the most speediest way in order to satisfy the thinking parameters of customers then it should also impact most positive and the most possibly the most productive ways to cater into the needs and satisfaction of customers. Within some fraction of time, a dissatisfied customers can be turned into most satisfied and loyal customers. All these can be possible with the most ardent internal staffs which they should think about organisation as their own as well as they should think that they are boss and they should do everything good for organisations for ultimate satisfactions of their need so that within due course of time every possible developments and profits of organisation should make them equally satisfiable to meet different customer centric demand regeneration of organisations. When customers become dissatisfied with company’s product and services, it takes years to remove the scars and bring back the loyal customers. Sometimes, the customer himself, does not know about, what they need and want all about, it is company should regenerate such ideas in order to convert customers into loyal customers.

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