5 easy ways to boost your Android phone’s battery life

Operating systems of mobiles have evolved from the era of a single information system towards multi tab informations system and then slowly move from resistive touch phone towards capacitance touch screen which slowly moving towards the next level of efficient operating system. With the introduction of android the more and more accumulation of information system and gathering of all sorts of data have managed efficiently with due course of time due to the advent of fully capable operating system on mobiles. Slowly, mobiles are now considered as smart phones. It is now working in completely smarter ways.

Solving battery problem of android:

There could be many such background processes which work in simultaneously with different internet enabled applications so as to provide rich internet experiences for users. All these internet enabled applications go on for real time update of informations providing related information management such as in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. All these automatic functions which works as background processes does provide different module of work order, which utilise high level of central processing power as well as stupendous level of battery use which ultimately drains out battery and user runs short of energy level of battery when they need the most.

I have written many article about how to reduce battery use with android but due to my experience of using three android devices so fat with due course of time I have gained more and more information related with how to reduce background use of battery within android operating system so as to keep battery healthier and smarter so as to use it when you need it the most. Due to mobility factors of mobiles slowly it has grown efficiently due to faster processing power and small computer with all of its functions similar to computer environment so as to provide stupendous level of confidence of connecting with near and dear ones when you are alone in those places.

Battery saver is not the solution all the time:

Most android phones have different variants of power saver options. These help reduce battery draining faster with the limitations of use of central processing power as well as screen display options. This reduces the visibility of the screen in external places, due to the advent of direct sunlight. Due to reduction of processing power, even in fourth generation of internet connectivity one finds it slows down but due to limitations of the CPU or some applications takes time to load due to limitations of RAM they use at those times. This means in order to save battery power you have to compromise on faster devices so as to utilize slow operating system.

Still, it is better to use it as all these settings already done by factory default settings and most of these settings are covered by original equipment manufacturers and it is better to use those settings in stead of installing applications from third party applications developers from Google Play Store or Galaxy Apps. I have written extensively about wakelock system of Greenify which stops or hibernates different systems in to the mode of shut down. Thus, that applications shuts down from waking up from time to time and thus it reduces complete draining of battery. Greenify can be enacted on non-rooted android system but it needs to be the screen not to be locked.

Most people love to lock their system in order to stop people from creating annoyances. If so then use of greenify app is not possible. In this series of information I have tried to include newer information in order to provide and augment their information with faster and nicer information so they can be used for their benefits. If they use it and find it beneficial then I would love to hear their comments and suggestions on a commenting system in order to know the reaction of readers.

1.Power banks:

Power banks are depository of power and energy levels so as to provide users with higher amount of user and it is mostly portable in nature. Most of these come with a higher amount of power savings, and mostly now available with affordable price ranges. Just watch out for deals and lightning deals from electronic commerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal so as to find related information of huge discounts on power-banks. In those deals, some of these power-banks are costs nearer to 200 to 300 Indian bucks. Then, recharge those power-banks fully in order to use it while doing active mobile use with internet or mobile game play or any other high powered mobile activities.

It acts as alternative battery for smart phones and mostly are nearer to high powered mobile battery so as to provide one of most aspect of desirable mobile elevations of use and mostly you can use it while connecting it to mobile devices so as default mobile charging levels should not lowered down and it continues to provide one of efficient battery use. There are many such power-banks companies and most of these take eight to ten hours to get fully recharged. Power banks are portable to use and there are many such power-banks which can be fit well within pocket or hand bags. Do not forget to take its charging socket so as you can charge it when it is not in use.

When you connect power-bank with your smart phone, the first and foremost part is that if a smart phone is not in use then it should charge it fully. Experience has shown that smart phones charge faster with power banks than with electronic socket. While travelling or while using mobile for high powered computing connecting with power banks is a great option for users. Now, most of these portable power-banks come with additional led lighting option, which can be used in the case of power failures or in the case of need of emergency lighting.

With its multi faceted use especially while using in the case of charging of mobile devices and its wide arrays of portability of usages one should always think of it having it as with due course of time we can find that what ever bigger battery size of mobile we use still we can think of it of using it so as to maximise battery life and mobile use for longer durations. With android another option of adding power banks should be seriously thinking about it as it adds more value to your mobile computing device.

2.Encrypt device:

With the advent of android we found increase data flow due to most of the applications increase reliances on internet. Android is beautiful with internet switched on and it does provide high powered rich internet applications and moving of all of these applications in order to show cause brilliant operating system. Most of these android do contain huge set up information repository beginning from messaging, phone book, documents, email from the email app, internet use from mobile web browsers and so on. With due course of time, most of these mobile web browsers within android ecosystem have grown exceptionally and especially Google from Chrome on android have moved towards more established browser than what it was expected to be from the point of view of complete web browser.

This means to say these web browsers have large chunk of depositories of information and have slowly grown to the portion of larger amount of data management and in order to secure such data we encrypt device and android has great amount of encryption facilities and user does this in order to secure device and lock the screen so no third person can use it without yours knowledge and guard. In order to encrypt the device, android has unique encryption management, which needs the device to be charged with 80 percentages of power reserve so do it before completely use it. It is mostly in the form of security point of view, but experience has shown encrypted devices take lesser amount of RAM and thus speeds up the device completely. Encrypted device just speeds our entire android operating system.

Thus you get now more RAM as most of the system of communications got encrypted and now you can have a speeder and faster operating system in your hand. First take one power bank with good amount of energy capacity then go for complete encryption of yours device and then if you have high end mobile device from Samsung and a good quality SD card is inserted then you should have option for encryption of external SD card, so as to speed up device more. Encryption makes sound quality of multimedia contents extremely high quality as well as it speeds up the entire operating system. With prolonged use the speed of encryption goes better and faster operating system.

3.Get a faster SD card from well known original equipment manufacturer:

On prolonged use, I find speed of Samsung Galaxy has gone to considerably slower mode. Ultimately, I thought about removing the SD card and then restart the phone and then find out the phone without SD card becomes same fast paced with that of the phone at the first use. So, it is SD card that is slowing down the phone to a considerable extent. What should be the solution about it? I searched for some of lightning deals emerging out from Amazon. Flipkart and Snap deal and I find 32GB of SD card from Samsung to be extremely well priced to use. After putting the original SD card into Samsung Galaxy, I find it to be extremely speed to use and phone reach to same first time phone which I used to find it while doing my first buy from Samsung store.

It goes on to show that your phone is your personal property and related informations which you should be doing with it you can find it from your own usages experiences. SD card experience and the faster SD card experience comes from all such usages, and one has to find what matters the most. There are numerous articles about it but mostly these information are rare which I am currently writing about and I hope it goes on to provide extreme high use for users so as to reach to them extremely high amount of confidence and better responsive time for user and there should not have been any annoyances wait for users while they use their smart phone.

4.Disallow android device manager:

Android device manager is used by Google to lock or delete the lost device. It takes huge processing power in order to stat in contact with Google server all the time. Most of Samsung Galaxy devices have their own form of the device manager and it is there within device administrators within security settings of android. It is of no use to use two of the same service and the Galaxy go to find my web page does no t take huge system resource in comparison with that of Google device manager, and it is better to disable it so that you save more processing power and battery for the case when you need it the most.

This might sound somewhat awkward for users to disable android device manager but I advocate this on Galaxy devices from Samsung as it has its own form of this find my mobile service and Google?s android device manager can be disabled so as to provide better and efficient management of android power options. So far all these informations which I have provided are mostly not been found anywhere else on the internet. All these formations are mostly power saving option and save you from draining out of the battery without any such need for going for any third party battery saving options.

5.Do not use development settings:

Development settings of android are designed for development use only. All these should be considered as beta testing as all these are not intended for routine use. Experience has shown that after enabling development option within android system settings, experience has shown that it slows down android system. It is better not to enable it. If you Samsung Galaxy device then, if you have enabled it then you have to reinstall operating system from the settings menu in order to remove development settings. There is no such way once you enable development option within settings of android with Samsung Galaxy devices then you can disable it so you have to reinstall the operating system once again to remove it.

With the introduction of cyanogen operating system disabling of development settings have become easier. It can be done just to remove the green tab next to it. If you have enabled it then disable it so that you can have a faster android operating system as yours perusal that can bring about speed just like the factory default settings. Disable development option in what so ever way your phone supports and then find the faster and smoother android device.


Android is opern source. If you have dragged into deeper android settings then you can find more and more free with android offers. There has been countless such settings which android offers and one can find that all these settings are disabled and all these can be enabled by user only. If user does not have knowledge about it, then it makes android open to hackers as well as slows down android considerably. That is why you can find many people crying deep about it and accusing android of slow and sluggish operating system which is not true at all. Android provides user wide array of opportunities to make it secure and it is important for users to understand how android performs and how android should perform. Most of these applications such as security applications only enabled these disabled settings which most users hard to get. That is why it is important to read more and more articles on android as such which is written here so as to find suitable information and use it on your device. In this article, I try hard to write newer forms of informations so as to enable users to use it and most of these informations are related to hardware specifications which android allows it.

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