What is a positrons brain?

Fictional has a significant role in defining the generation of newer inventions which ultimately pave the way for refinement of unknown and most possibly the subconscious consciousness which from time to time brings about newer dynamics of scientific inventions. of fiction has continuously built a stronger presence for the creation of the most unbelievable forms of discoveries which human minds have never ever thought of reaching to and finding recourse to.

Most of functionalities of computers which we have been engaged into has been some form of designed artificial intelligence though if all has to be believed one must sure understand that all these has been the main source of inspirational presentations of artificial intelligence as it comes as true that there is still a way lot ahead and more to it in coming days.
Much awaited TataZica is expected to be released in this February as before it has gain much anticipated momentum with slew of its wonderful features additions with brilliant presentations of some of most desirable artificial intelligence capabilities to help out inmates and perform brilliantly and wants to capture entire setup generations with it.


It deals with marvelous engineering excellence in making and running of TataZica close to what a human could do with stupendous presentation of a wide array of features and brilliantly crafted generations of excellent encumbrances. It is true that it is almost difficult to replicate what authors of artificial intelligence have written into but at least all these provide much desired place to think about what it could have been in the areas of scientific inventions could possibly desire to be moved into.

Asimov’s famous conceptualised positrons brain of intelligent robots which define the wide array of possibilities of creating such brain in the future. It is almost nearer to achievement and though it is close to fictional thinking but still it does provide all such thinking ammunition for moving into such scientific excellence of brilliant thought ideas. he thought of every robot should have such positrons brain so much so that for every other artificial intelligence mechanics always hope for stronger bit or closer to such fictional brain of artificial entities.

Is this possible. Could have been considering the amount of inventions nearer to this concept proves to be and we slowly move towards replicating such ideas thought it should take some time to completely replicate of what Asimov’s positronic brain. Similarity in every part of construction of TataZica there is eagerly waiting for design and a complete overhaul and insist on the implementation of different features related with artificial intelligence which aims to ease out the human mind so that easier control mechanisms could be easy implementation.

One such implementation of artificial intelligence is the presence of Harman Infotainment system which presents a wonderful presentation of perfect musings of relaxing musical environment through proper and smoother implementation of surround music system for complete relaxation of stressful driving.

Steering mounted audio control mechanisms with surround sound system showcase brilliant musical environment inside cabin lay out to showcase exceptional environment of driving perfections. It does come up with brilliant advanced dual path suspension system which works in tandem with helping of human brain.

POSITRONIC BRAINMost times, driving is the most difficult part for humans at most times while driving one has to keep looking at different dynamics of traffic and directions. In India due to extreme traffic conditions we could face the most difficulties due to the advent of vehicles, people from different sides. Due to the advent of anti-lock braking system which automatically sets the time of driving and works accordingly which does signify the presence of an artificial intelligence system inside TataZica.

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Asimov in his writing never ever have disclosed the formation and how to construct such positrons brain. His entire series of artificial intelligence fiction has built upon this concept and always been closely associated with it. He left it to scientists to evolve on this concept and create such brains in order to assist humans. This gives way to a wide array of opportunities for most of scientific communities to move towards achieving this excellence irrespective of procedures and formulae they built-in with it. He never ever explained in great details about all machinations, permutations and combinations related to construction of well compiled and structured positrons brain made of artificial intelligence technologies.

While creating for positrons brain one has to completely reverse entire electromagnetic construction as well as the cell structure of humans as we have to implant brain similar to ours into artificial entities. How could humans made of similar cell structure can think of completely reverse mechanisms. Even Asimov never ever thinks in such way as he publicly stated that it is merely intended to catch fancier people’s ideas. What is surprising afterwards that scientific communities caught hold of this great imagination of creatine Asimov’s positronic brain and what it flows afterwards the mostly underrated and devised human possible ignorance of finding what it has not been known so far.

In this process, it continues to build such nearer mechanisms which slowly help out humans though not clearly nearer to this concept but still there has been considerable development afterwards. Similar ideas we can be see in the implementation of engineering marvels of TataZica with its each and every defacement of its construction which solely aims at developing one of better and well managed car-environment so as to help out people who wants to make it as their own. It does go one to prove how much research and development investment could have been done in order to showcase one of outstanding presentations of car vehicles of modern times.

It not only presents itself too eager to mix with new generations but also it continues to provide wider acceptance among different generations of people in all genres. In construction of positrons brain which is itself does not demand to be done in one single day but it continues to provide wider sense of imagination in making it clearer that there is no single form of formulae to make it within single generation of product but it continues to hold that it continues to be done within specific form and factors during generations.

According to Asimov; positrons brain is an antiparticle. An antiparticle has the exact same mass as that of other particles, but has completely opposite values of that of particles do have. It has completely contradictory values of properties and interaction of particle which ultimately results in production of radiant energy. Energy is related to thermodynamics quantity which has a stronger capacity for doing physical system to work.

When, positrons brain has the existence of antiparticles. Then how can such defined definition of thermodynamics system to work in a coherent and cognisable manner. Through these phenomena wide replications of energy moves to different directions for easier and imaginative enterprise ambitious existences. In simpler term particle in physics deals with a less complex structure that what atom used to be and it constituents fundamental principle of particle. In construction of antiparticle for creation of positrons grain demand of antiparticles does take the upper. How could existence of thermodynamics mechanisms could be possible without characterisation of existences of cell structures of particles.

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All these pose serious contradictions of queries in the front of scientists to have enquired upon. Positrons brain consists of consideration of antiparticle which primarily consists of antimatters. It is part of antimatter to electron. Electron is at the root of all sorts of generation of energies. It revolves around orbits of the nucleus in atoms and is responsible for the flow of electricity which is fundamental for all sorts of generation of thermodynamics. It is negatively charged particle. Positrons elements are made from antiparticles or electrons which is positively charged and were at one part of the positron and electron cannot stay together as it can results in complete annihilation of the cell structure.

Positronic brain3

For creation of energy electron is must but for creation of energies inside artificial structures electron cannot be imported for this existence of positron inside its cell structure is the sole criterion. It is possible to make this with the help of positron inside artificial entities such as robots and nanobots. Then these positrons cannot be charged completely as for this electron inside the cell structure is a necessity. If it is implanted then it results in complete annihilation of the entire cell structure. This poses extreme challenges to scientists to create one such antibody and this sometimes results in reaching into fiction but still scientists are moving in this direction to achieve the desired results.

When we consider creation of TataZica the single dimension of demonstration of complete authority comes into mind is all about positive sides of putting mind into this machine. From the frontal view it does provide one of masterclass designing elements with stupendous hexagonal styling and angling makes it perfect ergonomics designing with complete excellence in coverage of control which just indicates how such antiparticle of designing elements have undergone complete and strategic excellence in all designing excellency.

Air conditioning vents inside cabin layout have defined chromium output and clearly visible and work like a charm. It cooling inside cabin layout is perfect and it does not hold difficult petrol or diesel gas inside its chamber. It provides one of stupendous peppy experience inside driving arenas. With its complete artificial intelligence structure, while entering into the cabin layout of TataZica one could easily find the presence of lively interiors so that everything seems to be perfect in correlation with different and dynamic standard mechanisms of all times.

TataZica’s ultimate brilliance could be seen from the upfront sides of complete visible ergonomics where it is superb on roads with its multi functional driving environment does help driving standards provides and supplements users that this car has its own mind while helping driving standards all over in its arenas. To ensure complete passenger’s safety it does have the finest multi-drive mode which consists of city and eco car driving mode.

It has also juke car application to have complete seamless control over all sorts of smartphone enabled application environment where one can find smart phone enabled turn-by-turn navigational application to help you navigate to destinations without asking help from the natives while going for a longer drive.

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When we consider the building of computational environment built specifically using positrons which is completely newer discovery still we believe we are at the stage of infancy of discovery. When we consider performances of our brains still we could understand its full due to shortages of our knowledge and perhaps some would argue that specific brain structures consist of neural networking system.

There are some school of thoughts which says that human neural system does work because of presence of both energy generated from electron as well as positron inside its entire brain structure which does act as complete check and balances within its neural environment where most of times, it does showcase that perfection and excellence in thinking processes.

Positronic brain1

The problem is that if this is true then can such artificial brain be created with complete opposite particles and antiparticles systems. So far there is no way out in positioning both particles and antiparticles together inside artificial entities such as superb and higher qualities computational environments.

Asimov in his fictional books clearly mentioned that hardware structures of positrons brains are secondary nature and it is the most sophisticated software structural environment which is primary in creating positrons brains for nanobots as well as robots for complete artificial intelligence environments.

This is the place where the sum of all confusion ends. Scientists will just have to create a stubborn structures with the help of softwares. Mostly so far all software centric elements demand complete dependance over all sorts of hardware structures. Without hardware, so far no software structures cannot be constructed. We have to find the way out to create such structure which can be built with the help of software environment so that the presence of apostrophic brain could be possible and also presence of particles and antiparticles at the same cell structure can be possible due to presence of software environment at the present static environment in creating artificial entities.

By completely ignoring three laws of robotics one should positively look at the complete new ways to construct apostrophic brains were complete rethinking of entire cell structure that should be made from the construction of which requires softwares to work as primary consideration whereas hardwares to work as secondary consideration while working of brain. Slowly, many hardware manufacturers are trying hard to reduce by an overabundance of hardwares in order to simplify the presentation of softwares by introducing many more software features slowly inside it in order to make it perfect for perfections.

TataZica structure is slowly moving into this Asimov’s imagination of moving towards the state of prominence of software primary designing elements in order to make it move towards complete perfection. It is a noble start with stupendous driving environment while perfection and equilibrium of technology moves side by side for perfection of completion of presenting itself of one such brilliant presentation of technology where complete seamless driving experience comes upfront with complete easiness and comfort.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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