Tryst with destiny

Before the dawn of the new year, I received completely surprised call from Indiblogger on behalf of TataZica for a test drive of newly expected to be launched in Goa. It was all the way air tickets proposed to me though due to unexpected engagements I had to, have to cancel the entire proposal but since then I have been concentrating deeply on and about what it was about to be and how the developments and scientific excellence have shown in this wonderful new adventure from Tata. At the dawn of the new year, I was able to win another TataZica contest of about 1300 flipkart voucher of eastern India and have some nice shopping too.

I just bought a nice wallet, delightful pair of shoes and expected delivery of six pairs of LED bulbs from Flipkart. I must say both Amazon and Flipkart have excellent service and superb especially for prepaid customers. While buying out three items from Flipkart, I was at first bit apprehensive whether I should be able to buy all three items, but luckily Flipkart allows me to do this and able to buy all three with Flipkart voucher which I have won as a result of writing article of TataZica. Now, I am competing with the latest competition of TataZica with a series of articles on it though most of these articles do have a nice inner storytelling with it which I do hope readers must be enjoying while reading with it.


While writing anything about TataZica it does provide immense satisfaction and far-mounted joy to write over such wonderful subject. That is exactly why I able to write such thought provoking articles and describe from time to time different set of features as and when I able to understand it. We are at the stage of cusp of change where envisioning of same set of ideas does provide more and more different ways of thinking due to excellence technological brilliance and perforated conditioned environment where most of humans tend to think of advent of artificial intelligence in many spheres of life.

Winds of change of entire thought processes move forward in deriving different forms of ideas even in the contemporary stage of different static confrontations. It is like these days of time where the summer is expected to arrive on 18 th of February as it is known from newspaper reports this means working outside continuously becoming more and more difficult in day time. Due to field work as well as getting to know different people and knowing the exact people before giving them a loan just unable to move to exact locations to understand exact people out there. It is always easier to keep up with nice relationships with institutional investors but it has been always difficult for maintaining a person to person and that too when you had to deal with illiterate people.

It is always been difficult to make them understand what it is supposed to be. Most of times if Mr. X gets the loan then they think why not them without knowing exactly set up reasons for this. Banking today is more towards realising the concept of customer driven and in order to maximise potential for generation of revenue more and newer concepts need to be added. That is why in order to known more about customer I had to move to different villages in order to know their state of wishes and how their life could be turned into beneficial and for this one has to reach nearer to them in order to known thier state of livings and what they want and wishes to be.

Even in these tribal dominated areas where most tribals are very much lovable in their approach and for their giving highest regard to guests as their Lord send duty. I do not have to face such difficulties in these places only difficulties are that there is no light as well as there are chances of mosquito driven diseases in forested areas. I like to go with these jungle areas with TataZica instead of official vehicle as it is like ranger and can walk on any sort of road conditions and always stay healthier for me in order to return back on time.

It was one in the beginning of the weekend, where I already prepared my surveys of debtors and in order to know their complete identities I have to authenticate it all by myself. In these part of earth, where people can use four surnames and I do not want a person to be given same loan twice and that could spell to be the case of forgery and for this I want to authenticate those persons with set of identity cards as well as with me one award staff and he belongs to the same community and that is a boon for me too.

In the age of extreme competitive banking environment, it is important to create a customer friendly banking environment. With the advent of different banking apps it is easier for educated customers to have banking transactions easily with touch of button but how could these services provide maximisation customer excellence in terms of illiterate customers and for this in such places where even education has not seen such massive outbreak one need to reach out to them and help them understand different problems attached with it.

We both reach into TataZica and it was almost two pm in the evening and we have to drive out for almost 20 kilometers when the road to the jungle should begin before passing from the famous hill drive. Climate was seemingly cooler and drive so far in these 20 kilometers has been excellent even in these tormented state roads where at some parts there has been pot holes but still comfortable within cabin lay out of TataZica has been excellent and it does not provide us any sort of jerk inside. With large natural asset base on both sides of roads with from time to time, there has been completely challenged branches of trees reaching out to you and due to excellent engine control and safer engine mechanisms I was able to drive nicely without any difficulties.

It seems entirely natural habitats all and around in these jungle roads has been out of the state of jealousy with the visibility of proxy enchantress coming out from appearances and royal driving standards from TataZica. It seems while running with TataZica within these jungle roads entire turf in and outside those areas is zealously making predatory moves towards moving towards entirely opposite sides as if they are full of zealousness while seeing brilliant running of TataZica out there. In the mean time, I switched on Harman Infotainment system which has built eight speakers to provide some of most desirable and entertaining surround music that creates entire atmosphere vigorous and wonderful and completely abuzz with stimulus of outstanding positive vibrations.

In the meant time on the left side of the road there goes the lean mud road towards some local tribal village, and I asked Ramesh about it and he said that this road leads to one of the oldest tribal clans out there. He said he knowns most of them and some of his friends also dwell there. There are many sweet mangoes trees as well as jackfruit trees out there. Though the road is difficult but people, out there are very nice and they treat guests with their hearts out. I said, TataZica has the requisite safety mechanisms with all controls are mounted on wheels so as to make you feel safer while driving as well as it has electrically adjustable ORVM with cooled glove box, foldable key and roof antenna which works in tandem with advanced dual path suspension which has greater safety mechanisms in terms of anti lock braking system which has electronic brake force distribution with efficient corner stability control mechanisms.

TataZica moves into mud road and inside we both did not feel any sort of darkness out there and it is always a comfort ride even in slim road ways as well as inside mud road there is greater control and everything are mounted on steering wheel to have better control of audio and air conditioning control mechanisms. After driving for about 20 minutes in these roads where most part of front roads are covered with large sect of trees and mostly the frontal roads are not visible but it becomes clearer due to perfectly installed wrap around halogen headlights makes entire route clearer and visible to drive on.

With elongated grille and sharp headlamps with well measured and installed tail lamps make entire driving towards jungle meaningful and enjoyable. Finally, we have reached to the small hamlets that is located in and around this jungle. There my staff has some friends and they come laughing at us and have welcomed with a wide smile and a great heart. I like the way they welcome us with a bit of childish mannerisms at its best where we find the definitions of respect do not have to come from different dimensions. I just feel how sombre they are and for this no formal education and lessons of etiquette is not necessary it is of importance consideration to think of how good towards other and how to behave with them so as to stay afloat with different dynamics of greatest proportions.

I am stationed in TataZica under a field there where most places out there are covered with a large number of elongated trees out there. Some small boys and girls stood around it and concentrated their innocent eyes on to wards its honeycomb mesh structure, which looks alike a one fabric of string woven in that place with single rope or wired system and all these colors are so uniform that it seems that it flows into one single woven character. This must be interesting for children who are gathered around it and there seems to be bejewelled by its appearances. In the meantime three of the friends of Ramesh reach smiling towards us and we all go into their small hamlets where there are two sides of small houses made of tiles and on one side gents are there and on the other side there are ladies who are living there.

It is their custom to stay like that. From time to time they burn the leaves in order to keep wild animals out from villages. Males also guard hamlets through rotating system of guarding in order to make safe their inmates. I feel there is enough poverty around there but most of these people are not around these stresses as they seem to be feeling happy as some of their people have gone for higher studies and are still trying to build their lifestyle. In the mean time, two elderly persons come running towards three friends of Ramesh and they spoke on their language but from their immediate expressions it becomes obvious that there have been some sort of stress and I asked them what it is and why they are so stresses out here.


One of the ladies of that village is at the advance stage of pregnancy and with some complications and they want to take her to a nearby hospital of the nearby township and for this some of the males have to go with them with a bullock cart. I said they should go with TataZica and I should drop them out there as I should be going back towards this route, by hearing this some of older ladies told us that, it is not good to go inside car as in mud roads even slightest jump can reach to the stage of miscarriage. I said it is TataZica and the inmates inside cabin layout would be sufficiently comfortable and there would not be the slightest form of unconfined.

They all look at TataZica standing under nearby mangoes tree and it seems from the distance it is smiling out there to them and trying them to convince it should be better ride like the pushak biman of Vedic times. They all seem to agree with the artificial intelligence expression coming out from TataZica and then they sit on the back side and we move backwards. They all feel saddened by the state that they have not been able to treat us well and invite us to come again so as to have the feeling of real jungle life out there. Entire journey towards nearby general hospital beginning from jungle road to state road has been extremely comfortable inside TataZica and with mild air conditioning and mild surround music seems to heal some aspect of lady and slowly it seems that due to extremely comfortable journey she felt nice and good.

At last I feel I had done anything better. If it is investigated closely than it is for sure it is due to nice safari ride from TataZica pregnant lady able to safely reach to a general hospital. It is one such tiny bit of comfortable zones that separate geniuses from good. These sorts of smallest bit of tiniest existences of managing such valuable life of human which makes it one of the best ride ever and it is indeed one such brilliant aspect of thinking of humans which goes on to show case the much proportioned and designing enticing of brilliance of such city vehicle which even works wonderfully inside jungles.

It is unbelievable, but it seems one of such interesting aspect of seeing the entire route of nice feelings which ultimately pave the way for definite marching forward towards one of human friendly engineering marvels of our time. Test it and drive it and you should know the difference and find the sense of artificial intelligence in all aspects of its entire drive out of entirely concentrated market segment.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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