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Computer is there everywhere. The internet is not a safe place. It is full of hackers. With due course of time, there are different types of internet worms and viruses which are lurking everywhere and always trying every time to enter into infected computers. Knowledge about internet and safe security practices is important. Every computer user should know it and should practise it in order to stop computers from evading internet worms and unwanted software installations. It correlates superlative forms of smart computing with the advent of proper education. The internet can become a safer place to work it out. As with proper educational environment for safe internet practices one can easily evade and remove these malwares from your computers.

By stopping installation of unwanted application on your computer, you stop these applications from using data connectivity of your data connection. If you have speedier and faster 3G and 4G services then you should always beware of such unwanted applications which could have been a gateway for installation of internet worms or trojans. Trojans which come at you from your own fault as most times these can be disguised as in the form of helpful programs and user install it and slow computer becomes infected with malicious softwares. Most of these safe computing advices related with, the forms and factors dealing with different operating systems becomes same as usual.

Always install operating system updates. These updates directly reach to your computer when connected to internet. Most of operating system owners such as Microsoft and Apple do provide these updates. Now, with latest forms of operating system all these updates come invisibly and users have to make settings auto updates on every time in order to have non stop updates for their computers. From time to time, operating system manufacturers release important security and cumulative updates and it is important to install these updates immediately as long as these updates are available.

These updates are different patches to operating systems and vulnerabilities and errors that have been surfacing with operating system from time to time. It not only secure operating system but also provides different features which manufacturer of operating system releases from time to time. Then always keep your installed programs up to date and bereft of all operating system vulnerabilities. Most times, in a well updated operating system environment, hackers look for such vulnerabilities inside different installed programs which are not updated regularly and do have security and programmable vulnerabilities. Most times, people ignore such vulnerabilities inside such programs and thus it makes their computer entirely vulnerably and potential open ground for hackers around the world.

Programs like web browsers, Adobe which from time to time ask to update it and if it says so then update it so that it should be always bereft of internet worms and infections. Most of modern operating system manufacturers have united all such updates and make it into one so that they can also update these updates whenever they are available to you. With the advent of internet, there are huge flows of data all over and data means money and slowly protection of such data becomes extremely important. When we consider using the internet, then all these data stays inside cloud systems and all these are well protected and guarded with password systems. Most of these are forms and factors of enterprise systems and for this the security is exceptional. What it causes most disturbances is the advent of individuals and all these depend upon their way and manner to protect their account with stronger passwords and preservation of passwords.

It all comes to the stage where we have seen proper education of internet behaviour can lead to mass professionalism in educational standards where examination of each and every form of internet download should be seen in complete suspicion in reader to check these files before starting execution on native computer system. While reading emails, there could be possibilities for receiving of some of the attachments that come to you in the form of different information sharing. Most of popular email providers do have their own virus scanning mechanisms which thoroughly scanned each and every attachment in order to produce clean attachment to the user.

How to keep your computer safe and secure on the internet

There is third party cloud scanning services and one can easily use these scanning mechanisms, by uploading these attachments and scan them with a number of internet services in order to provide clean attachments. Avoid spam emails which seems to possess and attract you in the form of lucrative prizes and lure you to go for it and it is important to see who is the sender is and always remember that nothing can be absolutely free of cost and everything what is called or known to be freebies comes with heavier prices in offerings. Do not provide them with your bank account details or send them any sum of money which most likely going to vanish within the shortest form of time.

These are such scam emails which aims to gather and garner a number of informations from people in order to start the process of completing impersonification of personal data details. When you receive these emails make it spam and inform yours email hosting provider in order to let enterprise as well as others know about it and in this way entire internet protocol address of such emails can be completely banned by source email hosting providers easily without any such difficulties. Do not respond to such lucrative sums or short messaging service as most of these can be the starting point for, impersonification of your account.

Do not provide your internet banking account passwords to any other as and when you receive such calls and they say to you as from the branch all these are not true. As it shows that most of these calls are from fake identifiable persons as no other institutions would ever ask you for these passwords as these are yours sole propriety and keep it in a safer place and also prevent shoulder surfing while putting these passwords in internet banking transactions.

Though most of web pop up are being constantly reduced due to strict Google Panda updates of penalising such sites which have such huge number of pop up advertisements. Most of these pop up advertisements do provide a huge sum of money to web masters and for this want to put these advertisements on their front page. With Google reducing the ranks of such sites which have too many obtrusive pop up advertisements slowly, such number of advertisements are being constantly reducing. If any such advertisements which pretends to scan your computer to make it better then ignore such message as these are tricks to install such trojan software on yours computer and then collect significant information from it and send it to hackers in order to begin the process of impersonification of yours identities. It is better to avoid installation of such software and believe these so called advice from these pop up advertisements.

Web server security:

When you browse websites with yours installed web browsers there can be some type of websites which automatically installs web rendering script in order to provide front end gateway for malicious softwares and for this it is important to beware of such sites as most of modern web browser such as internet explorer and Chrome do provide strategically warning to web site visitors with a warning message about such and such sites. Most of secure website use front end firewall in front of a web server such as sitelock in order to completely scan websites before they are presented in the front of users. These are good signs of safer websites and it also conveys users that these websites are safer to browse.

It is important not to download pirated softwares as well as browse website which does provide information about providing pirated keys and so on. All these provide differentiated ways of installing various malicious script on your computer through a web browser and for this it is important to avoid such website. A good web extension such as ad blocker for web browser can easily block such attempts to forge into your computer by blocking such pages and showing white pages when you browse such pages from web browsers.

While installing any piece of software it is important to read in details its end user license agreement so that you should known exactly what are the important installation is being continued with the installation of this piece of software so that you should always be keeping yourself aware of such hidden possibilities of installing such crap softwares on yours computer. With these wider reading of the end user license agreement, if you find that somewhere it says that it is intended to use your personal data then you should not install such software. If such software from enterprises then for sure they should not have been using such information but in the case of such and such software developers which intended to use yours information for betterment of their information management then you should better avoid use of such softwares and search for alternatives of similar softwares.

It is important to backup your data from time to time irrespective of you have a computer is infected or not. Backing up data should have been a regular habits of yours as it is the safest computing practices to have with you as in due course of time yours data slowly being backed up and if you sudden computer shutdown or hard disc problem or computer is infected with malicious virus attacks then slowly you should be able to retrieve all of yours data and you should not have any such tension as of lost of yours data and you should have all of yours tension relieved at once. With the advent of file history feature and if you have external hard discs then you can periodically synchronise all of your data completely without any such hesitation and also you can use burnable DVD, or another computer to completely back up all of your data.

Internet in the first intention of an infected computer is the slowdown of your computer or web browser but this is not the right and correct conclusion of it always. First you should consider that if your computer or web browser is slow when it is not hindered percentages of purity that your computer is infected with large form of malwares. It can be but you have to investigate your computer with a thorough and detailed manner to know more about it. First see whether the firewall is enabled or not. Default firewall of Windows 8 is more than sufficient and it is not need to install any other third party firewall. Be gone from the days of Windows XP where we have seen the third party firewall alternatives are almost different from that of its Windows XP service pack 3 firewall. Slowly we are moving into part and parcel of enterprising computing system where we find the existence of more and more stubborn and robust firewall environment from the makers of operating systems such Microsoft and Apple.

Most of these ways and tricks of these operating systems move ahead and take a forward flight with the initiation of security parameters of Linux computers where we have seen existences of complementary security mechanisms in the form of hardware and software security considerations. Use standard accounts of Windows 8 and beyond as it slowly removes all such administrative rights of softwares. What is making it awesome and particularly wonderful to have it presentable with awesome advent of exact operating system environment as that of administrative right but it has stubborn security mechanisms in order to provide and generate comfortable computing software environment.

Support Center:

With the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft has modified regulation policies with original equipment manufacturers so as to provide awesome powers to original equipment manufacturers to present the case with more and more security features with the advent of more and more proprietary software from their own standards. Samsung Electronics also provides some of nice software which are intended for users to investigate more about whether there are any such problems with their computer.



One such is Support Center which simultaneously provides different information related to system problems, which are correlated and divided easily with performance, security and status. It has also another vertical tab which has frequently asked questions which are intended for knowledge of common computer problems which should provide an additional bit of information about you when you are searching for any such relevant information.

Support Center in detailed view

Support Center in detailed view

It has one links known as Internet Assistance after clicking on it with internet connection on you can connect directly with support assistance from Samsung and from personal experience it shows that they are very much helpful and their help can go with you in making yours computing experience wonderful. Unlike android version of Samsung known as Galaxy series of smartphone one can find that there is better software for Samsung for Windows 8 and beyond versions.

Samsung Update:

Samsung update is the direct way of downloading of drivers, themes, softwares and updates directly from Samsung. From time to time Samsung updates it and with, it comes a vast array of softwares from Samsung and other proprietary softwares such as such as from Adobe and so on. Samsung Update provides high speed update from Samsung server straight into yours computer and most of these softwares are of graphics driver, sound driver, lan driver, touchpad driver, wireless lan driver, display color profile, bluetooth driver, quick starter, airplane modem control driver, easy file share, clear sky theme, support center, help desk, marker file patch of Windows 8, samsung update patch, survey link update and recovery.

Samsung Update for Samsung laptops

Samsung Update for Samsung laptops


It is known as Samsung recovery solution and it does provide excellent tool to recover and backup entire operating system image file to another drive or to external hard disc and then reinstall it in the case when you want to have completely newer operating system or if yours computer is infected with malwares and internet worms. Its recovery functions recover the computer to the factory settings or to recover windows to previously saved settings. While recovering personal computer all contents of the C drive or the drive where the system is installed is completely erased.


Backup is the function that saves the current status of C drive an image. It includes all forms of updates installed so that if you experience problem while dealing with computer at any point of time then you can install that time line of image to make it completely refreshed with complete start over so that it saves yours data as well as internet bandwidth of installing updates from Microsoft server all over again. If your computer is part of enterprise server then with the help of Recovery of Samsung youth can from time to time run-backup server and save these images into centralised computer in order to move out all such worries and trouble some which you could have faced with yours computer.

It also provides additional backing up environment where it can exactly copy the entire drive so as to make it to the image in order to save precious copy of it in the case of hard disc corruption or any other emergencies. In the case of network backup it requires space of 10GB or more.


What it makes computer environment is still beautiful that even if there has been numerous use of large sect of use of smart phones due to extreme popularity of android as mobile operating system but still one can see and perceive that in most cases all the hard task works and other are being done with computer and in near future there is no way smart phone operating system is going to supercede and cross over, the working standards of computer operating system. That is why most of data and mostly important data are being constantly being stored with computer and that is why most of hackers target computers and it is important for users to understand these processes as with due course of time one can find and see that it is better to be safe than sorry.

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