Sunset en route to Abbott Mount

Abbott Mount presents awesome experience of intermixing of dream with liveliness where every part of mind is equally being segregated towards achieving some perfect sense of complete realisation where every form of actions seems to go on some sort inter inspection of minds where every possible understanding of sequences go with careful intersection and we all know at some point of time complete dissection of mind goes towards the stage of cipher but still one has to move from these systematic understandings in order to reach towards ultimate goal of complete achievement. With my personal vehicle maker TataZica, now I slowly moved towards the snowy top.

It is clearly visible on the left side of the road and it is completely pointed from the distance I was at that time. It seems like the wearing of caps by mountains all around and a white cap seen from the distance goes on to show one of synonym of whitish umbrella out there where every possible movement seems to suggest wider acceptance of the advent of winter. While my hands on the steering of TataZica I could feel the presence of great circle on the celestial sphere where half part of it is completely covered with wide dimensional whitish embodiment which presents one of complete presentation of sensible presence of life where it seems everything seems to stay for longer time with due course of each movements.

There is also complete similarity between snow point of Abbott Mount as well as with that of sensible presentation of comfortable driving provided from TataZica. It is one of the most comfortable places inside where I could find a journey of over 400 kilometers on national highways followed by state highways and then with hill roads does not seem to give me the slightest bit of exhaustion in any possible movement all throughout. Its ultimate design brilliance coupled with brilliant architecture provides me most comfortable ride in any form of field. It is the perfect car made for Indian roads of any kinds and continues to provide more and more opportunities for a safe and comfortable drive to enjoy extended holidays of mine.
I could see the presence of dynamic presence of Nanda Devi and her twin. What an awesome presentation of the natural environment out there it seems one of the most preferable place to reach out.

It seems there are sudden and wild movements of clouds and even during these mist and moist climate the visibility factor does not obstruct me to move towards closer towards Nanda Devi and twins. There has been the presence of many glaciers on the sides of big hills and I decided to wait for there for some time in order to watch the presence of other glacier out there. After some time movements of clouds stops and the entire atmosphere becomes more visible and the visibility of Pindari Glacier is now completely watchable.

In order to watch more closely, I stopped my TataZica for some time to watch its ultimate beauty and enjoy the perfect presentation of the natural environment out there.With sweptback headlamps provide more and more wide and luminous display just equalizing to day light makes me easier to walk aside and see the presentation of the natural environment out there. It is the optimum experience and soothing place where it seems the cure of every possible diseases can be possible. Clean and perfect oxygen coming out from there just reminds me how polluted environment native place is. I could be only long for those places and wish to stay there for longer duration.

It seems I am on the top of highest peak and slowly moving and the driving satisfaction coupled with strong environment inside decor of TataZica goes on to showcase how wonderful place I am currently in and how brilliant display of similar environment inside of TataZica with its brilliant air conditioning system as well as that of strong surround music system enables all sense to enjoy natural environment in most possible way. It was everlasting moments where the mind does not want to move from there even for the slightest possible duration. Slowly, sun sets and the entire atmosphere filled with brilliant and prospective darkness all around but still, the snow top mountains do provide the presence of precipitation in the form of ice crystals.

it seems like the presence of white crystals in frozen water which seems to be tethered into the place with further add on of demanding aspects of certain immortal philosophy of life where it seems that does not deal with any such rational form of investigation where there has nothing sort of personal understanding of environment where every form of self-indulgence seems to move beyond the form of philosophical embodiments.

My TataZica was standing side by side with such enormous environment. With the advent of night, entire atmosphere abuzz with pitch darkness all over and the immediate surrounding is being comfortably lighted upon due to existing bonfire as well as strong lighting system from TataZica just illuminated the entire nearby environment with fullest luminosity. It was really surprising considering that the nearby birds nested in and around walnut trees around there just wake up considering that the dawn has just happened. It is the sheer power front light as well as back light which removes darkness from the entire environment. I just feel proud of this and continue to admire my satisfaction of owning TataZica which showcase some of the luminous aspect of modern day car driving.

It seems from the distance the firelight emerging out from TataZica makes it more luminous and creates a burst of the advent of perfect lighting environment for sufficient and magnificent aspect of providing the perfect way of treating entire immediate environment. Though in reality immediate environment in and around those areas are full of lights out but the other environment after wards are dealing with strongest form of righteousness where every form of happenings just make it more and more fearsome with strongest form of absorbing of all the other form of elements that makes it most of reaching to those places with much fanfare. It seems further that within those darkest stages in and around those areas there could have been haunted places though it is the senses of mind nothing else beyond it but still more and more absorbing form of anticipation could it have been covered up but still there is more to move beyond and form the construction of different form of ideas and other intimacies could it have been turned it out to be.

Sunset en route to Abbott Mount

In the mean time, feeling bored after sitting and watching the same sort of ice caps and existences of different form of glaciers in and around those areas. I stood up from there and move to my ever mate TataZica standing silently on the left side and I moved there and set her on stupendous surround music from my android phone and all of a sudden all songs continue to stream and create one of all round surround music system. TataZica’s unique juke car app used to synchronise with ten phones all at a single time to produce brilliant music which not only soothing for the ears but also kind of extremely relaxing considering existence of solitary environment out there.

Sea of tranquility among mountain top:

What TataZica brought about the relaxing mixture of mobile operating system with that of computing environment makes it extremely object oriented users to dwell for a complete package of everlasting use of technology with modern driving of car at its best. It creates a brilliant presentation of the car considering modernity in view which empowers users to go for the most satisfying and enduring long distance drive which I currently going on without any such haltings. White coat coverings of Nanda Devi from the distance look like a sea of tranquility among top of Nanda Devi. It shows the signs of extreme purity and signs of utmost humbleness. There is occasional woodpecker here and there amidst different walnut trees. These are birds with strong claws and a stiff tail which are very much suited for them to climb upon trees and even they can do this in perfect 90 degree elevations.

With their chisel-like bill which is very much suited to create more into trees so that they can find wood insects so that they can eat them. I was surprised to see a large number of the presence of the woodpecker and it seems that in these lands of tranquility even with me there is TataZica as well as these peckerwood along with me in my destination towards reaching Abbott Mount. Entire place seems like the place inside cabin lay out of TataZica with completely comfortably for inmates. These environments also seem to do exactly similar for me having the same set of a series of comfortable environment in the outside as well as inside the cabin layout. TataZica being the most comfortable and energetic car similar is the current environment where it seems to me everything is similar to nature and close to nature. With its fresh and contemporary upfront designing and adaptation of modern and essential equipments makes it futuristic car.

Now, hiking towards Abbott Mount begins. It is full of completely newer advancement of reaching towards the goal where I have been pursuing and writing about. I could feel the excitement so as my TataZica but sadly it cannot do the hike like me but I have to rest it at the ground stations in order to move towards the top of it. While hiking on I could feel and sense of white ladder Nanda Devi from the distance and the sheer energy with healthy oxygen makes me most moved towards reaching to Abbott Mount. Slowly, I reach towards top of peak with my hiking team and then the team leader talks about the presence of smaller cricket pitch in and around Abbot Mount. It is regarded as the second highest in terms of height cricket pitch all over the world. It is the shortest conceivable walk. It is only under 7000 feet from sea level.

Highest stationed cricket pitch is at Chail. The view of Abbott Mount peak from the cricket field is exceptional and wonderful. It is more clearer what it is from the ground station.
I could see numerous fields of paddy at the different bowl area. Small stretch of land is possibly leading towards Pithoragarh. The routes from the top peak of Abbott Mount show a wonderful life line of Uttarakhand and possibly makes entire stretches of land the most vibrant path of life line which could make it the most possibly life line of that state. Paddy fields are situated in between Nanda Devi and Abbott Mount peak. While standing at the top of Abbott Mount I could see vast stretches of completely grown paddy fields and some fields of farmers are working and some places people waving hands provide one of vibrant truth of life I ever seen. Of course from time to time I could see moving of clouds under my feet and just trying hard to move towards make the ultimate confusion of living in real life or in dreams.

Even in this wonderful place, I was thinking about my TataZica stationed at a base camp. I was feeling sorry that it could not reach to this top of this place as there is no road there and also there is no way hiking could be done but still I admire the strongest presence and the way it figured out in my lifestyle and the amount of journey all over for the last seven days with its strongest possible help is the outstanding happenings which I could think of and revering into my total thought processes. Suddenly, sudden burst of astounding clouds running into my feet and give me the feeling of flying high just like birds used to fly all over around. I watched moving out of diverse trails from there. These are promising tracks created by pedestrians on reaching to ground and different bowls around there. It goes on showing that there are movements of life all around and something had passed in those trails possibly humans.

Possible existence of large chunks of wild flowers in and around those areas and most of the trails leads to garden. It goes on to show existence of a natural garden all over the entire area and this provides one of the most awesome moments of glory to watch out for. I was amazed to find large chunks of gardens and all these are not being maintained but being maintained through natural processes goes on to provide one of most revered and satisfying moments of life and I always wish to stay within those times irrespective of where I live and worked into. All these are active moments of my life and it goes on to show how these could impact of my life and corresponding agglomeration of considerate part of thinking beyond any such horizons.

The wraps around this smaller environment up and above Abbott Mount provides some of most entertaining environment as if I were a kite and seating on the cabin inside out with my steering on TataZica and moving towards revelations of life moving towards optimum goal of achieving the perfect attendance where it seems that I could possibly ride in those trails leading to different gardens most of unknown quantified towards much relieved gardening environment. I could wish to drive TataZica within those pedestrian paths easily without any need for help or assistance from any and move towards discovering different fresh herbs and plantations in and around those places out there. I along with some crew members decided to follow some of trails to see what these garden is all about and slowly move with the pedestrians stipends of roads leading towards beneath of Abbott Mount.

We find existences of some of rarest of rare wild flowers as some of the locals used to call these flowers are from paradise and they call it wild flowers but it ultimately goes on to show that these are some of beautiful flowers I have ever seen of. While looking at these wild flowers in and around Abbott Mount trails which are mostly snowed and white capped due to snow falls seems to show case and provide the synonym of my TataZica stationed at the side of base stations. These wild flowers showcased enormous honeycomb mesh structure of TataZica craving for most renowned honeycomb pattern out there throughly paint of my into and every part to go on the most similar part with that of complete structure of overcoming all such study and difficult road conditions of India and goes on to showcase how such strongest car could possibly be made of even in these difficult road conditions.

In some other parts of these gardens, which comes about from the trails of Abbott Mount, the existences of fat and richer and whitish mushrooms which are beautiful to watch out for. Even I do not want to eat those mushrooms as the look and showcase of these mushrooms are so nice and beautiful as I want to stay in those beauties for ever without wasting my time in plucking those mushrooms from there. I have never ever seen such enormous mushrooms which are white as snow and show rich and prudent to watch these grow as I thanked nature for allowing me to watch and see such beautiful product growing in lonely places with solitary identification. I was little lost in these gardens of wildflowers with white snow cap as well rich and beautiful mushrooms growing wildly and from there we feel Abbott Mount not visible and possible there could be chances of lost in these trails so we decided to come back towards base station up and above Abbott Mount so as to reach there on time.

Abbott Mount was a round mountain peak and trails leading to garden are around it so it is easier to reach to top from any side of its base so we slowly moved up and hiked towards top and in between I could see the glimpses of base camp where my TataZica rests and while looking at it perhaps it does tell me invisibly that it wants to see the top of Abbott Mount, wildflowers capped in snow, large, richer and wilder mushrooms inside gardens from the trails of Abbott Mount and possible the clouds touching feet of mine and am feeling sorry that these tranquility atmosphere could not be ever enjoyed by TataZica so I decided to write a completely and lively blog post on this subject so that it could read if so and get the feel of it. I know it cannot but I do consider TataZica as my perfect friend and it can understand my feelings of what I experience in these peaks. Most of part of these experiences I do feel cannot be describable but still am feeling I manage to write the most part of it due to comfortable environment out here as well as excellent driving and cabin architecture of TataZica.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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