Many shades of heaven

In the head of winter where the shades of seemingly stronger summer in anticipation of the moors of stronger winds justify the amnesty advent of anxious summer which is slowly showing its defining existences in most of part of a year. In this part of the world where the stronger summer has always been there and it becomes one of most difficult to manage summer season and how to deal with the habit of travelling in this summer poses a greater challenge for the author. Mostly during weekdays it has been habited to move and toy around the natural environment in order to gain the most out of difficult days and the work pressures.

In reality the pressure on work just not been of great significance as it varies from person to person but the leisure with the addition of work pressure has always been a desirable subject of action where most part of living habits move with different dynamics to stay ahead of race of times.

Style symphony:

With TataZica the entire smoothness bubbling around anticipation to cross to different barriers just becomes easier and mostly comfortable even during these summer days ahead. It is already eight am and am ready to drive forward for a longer drive to watch the environment and reach close to nature in order to garner some fresh oxygen as well as to change my mood into brilliant proposition as well as move ahead into garnering some driving inspiration and some comfortable closeness time with TataZica.

While driving with it just the feeling of kite like flying above up and above and providing some raw feeling just like that of bird’s fly as well as it just provides me enough inspiration of happiness and the movement with ease all around and even in dry and difficult roads in this part of the world where most of roads has been into hill roads followed by close trails still one finds nothing shades of weariness and difficulties in these arenas.
That is the reason why I fond of driving with TataZica where everything possible is closely associated and running vehicle in and around in these areas does not imply the shades of tiredness. It is the same as flying all around without feeling any such pressure of driving forward. Style symphony of TataZica and the concern prestige all around it just goes bigger with it while moving forward as I could watch the eyeballs of people moves with it till it crosses their vision of horizons.

The simple edgy look of TataZica just provides some awesome demonstration of absolute entity where it draws unparalleled eternity attentiveness of people in general. It lends heavy part of concentrative attentiveness was mostly the existences of beautiful world does provide various anticipated and correlated dynamic sustenance of stronger brilliance of visual symphony with TataZica.

Many shades of heaven3

In the meantime, I uploaded foods which should be equally important for the long journey as it should remove the signs of boredom and loneliness while going out for a longer drive. I moved out from the hill town where the signs of summer are absolutely presenting the ominous signs as most of clouds which used to touch around shoulders while walking slowly moving out and there is some curvy sunshine around which is pleasant for this part of the world. Being a hill town as well as related to mining I surprisingly find itself wonderful to have it there as most of the time the weather is brilliant and native people always present smile with brilliant passive accustomed acquaintances. I crossed the hill town and then moved nearer to famous ‘zero point’ and then it’s so called ‘Tiger Lake’. I moved my glance into waters of it in order to find any tigers on its western side whether they are drinking waters from there or not but so far I have not seen any tiger reaching there but as the name suggests and also many people have boasted themselves to say to me that they have seen tiger.

Whitewater angling:

Sadly, I cannot boast this to say to this as I have so far moved from their one hundred times unable to see the footprint of a tiger. The lake water is slowly moving out from the state of feebleness and the waters should be extremely cold due to chances of snow falling even in the midst of end of winter seasons. As always, I stopped TataZica for some moments and hold my breath and move close to Tiger Lake to have the glimpse of clear water out of it. Due to existence of some light in the water is reflected in nicely from there and does provide some awesome glimpses of rare reflection of lighting out there. Whitewater angling of tiger lake which goes on to justify the presence of rocks inside some parts of water provides excellent amenities for visitors to stay for some time and enjoy a brilliant presentation of the natural water environment out there.

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Some natives who works in mining plant also tends to say some brilliant praiseful stories of tiger lake where they used to say that at some part of ancient time there has been one highest mountain and during those times due to some curse that mountain fades and turns into lake. It is the belief of people who cannot be questioned but the enchanting beauty of the lake provides awesome glimpses of amalgamation of presenting thoughts for many thinkers. In the meantime I withdraw some of my thoughts on receiving on the basin reserve of tiger hill and moved out closely nearer to TataZica to have the strongest and mightiest friend of mine and move beyond from there and go out wandering in the green roads as well as plucking out oxygen from air in order to have completely distilled air presence out there.

Hill roads and trails:

Within the shortest possible time amidsts deeper presentation of stronger hill existence on both sides of roads completely visible the advent of hill roads ahead. It is part of longest in this part of the world and it is mightiest when one look down to deeper dungeons from the sides while driving. With TataZica the fear factor while driving in these difficult roads that are coupled with stronger possible mighties hill on one side and the heart fearing and dreaded dungeons on the other side goes on to show how difficult entire route can be and for this one need to stay cool as well as enough control of steering wheel with satisfactory safety facilities to cross over these difficult roads. In the meantime, I switched on surround Harmon Music system of TataZica which does provide me enough comfort to raft around the raging roads to move with enough comfort and satisfaction.

There are options for USB and Bluetooth. Bluetooth streaming from Android app is possible with juke car app which can be downloaded from a play store. Now, entire cabin space is abuzz with dynamic music just to remove the course of gorgeousness, as well as it helps in removing the concentrated fear factor that has been compiled in order to present itself in these solitary torrents. I found the stupendous musical experience and wonderful thought provoking live pinned music all around everywhere inside cabin layout to have greater audio experience within interior cabin layout. I could see the presence of teak trees and many trees all around as well as there has been much known fruits trees and different shades were the signs of the sun probably not been shown here and there. Entire space is filled with silent hills and signs of moving some creatures here and there from the distance.

It is the natural environment and signs of natural presence of different animals as well as insects out there and probably the entire space is slowly abuzz with dynamic presentation of differential living styles. It is one such anticipated place where there has been lesser number of vehicles moving in and out in those areas and during time to time I could see the presence of passenger vehicles with full of people all around but the way drivers of these bus drives just close my eyes as even in these hill roads they are nicely comfortable and they run with good speed without any such difficulties. With TataZica the stubborn engine, which has five speed manual speeding transmission with lower wishbone front suspension system which has adders such as McPherson Strut with coil spring just makes entire movement of safari dynamic with strong and correct braking system and entire structure of vehicle is well prepared and made with strongest possible alloy to make it more sustainable as well as picked well for these longer and tougher hill drive.

During slope drive, I could sense the importance of the rear suspension system to work nicely so that it should uphold the gravitational force by compelling reverse gravitational force and stay vehicle at that posture for longer duration. The semi-independent twist beam which has dial paths strut just enable entire journey forward for the most pleasing and most rearing anticipation drive with brilliant all surrounding aircondition which has nicer chrome nozzle makes it most satisfying and derived drive forward. In the mean time, in almost half of Hill Drive I could sense the presence of a valley where the road is nice and wider and comfortable.

As always in this passage there are some shops and mostly natives who sold as well as there has been the presence of some people mostly the road strangers like me who moved out from these regions to see and enjoy the presence of the entire route in a comfortable place.
From this place, I could see the presence of three hills at the right side and most people are taking a screenshot with their cameras so have to have these signs of glimpses of these time and enjoy the presence of three mountains. Like always, mountains from these distances look nice with the strongest presence of a larger number of trees which are being shown like that of flowing forms of moving water as there seems to be moving in slow winds all around in these places. Owing to presence of disc brake front braking system as well drum brake back breaking system, stopping TataZica in this valley becomes easier and smoother.

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It provides me with awesome control as well as the strongest possible management of the vehicle so that I should feel the presence of the strongest ever safety standards while driving in these hill roads. In the meantime, I could hear someone calling in my name as it surprises me and I moved on the side to see who is there even in these parts of a strange place for one known people. From a distance I could see another TataZica standing out there and from its front door one hand waves and from the distance as well as due to presence of large number of people in these smallest valley place I could not see the face of that person but I slowly with definitive wilderness coupled with stronger confusion of knowing the stranger surrounds me like never before. I moved there and reached there was another TataZica was standing out with pearlescent white color. Mine is being berry red in color.

She smiled at me and I was surprised to find one of the closest school mates standing there, meeting her after almost six years. We both overjoyed with our presence and while looking at each other the signs of unending smiles could not stop from both of us. My first query to her how could you recognise me from such large number of people considering the small valley which we have seen. She said that she spotted first the presence of Berry TataZica at the other side of the valley and while looking at its I came out from it. She asked about my present state of life, I said I am at the execution state in this mining town and enjoying my stint out here and making most of weekend time moving in these long drive with TataZica.

Many shades of heaven

She said, she is doing non governmental works and trying hard to educate people about cleanliness, sanitation and how to fight malaria and safeguards against these so as to present one of the most cleaner and modern lives for tribal people. She is doing her research works on tribal culture and their ancient and continuing traditional songs so as to collect these songs and in the future she has hoped for publishing books on these songs. I am surprised as well as a whole lot of praise for her for pursuing such works. After talking for about ten minutes I moved towards my next location of reaching out to some other locations as I know in the road leading to trails of valley there would be downside slopes, and for this interior of cabin layout as well as differential safety standards are important factors in making entire driving excellence.

Strange affinity bond:

Its cabin layout has dual-tone black and beige interior and it has eight harman-sourced connect next infotainment system with Bluetooth, USB and better navigational system to provide excellent collaborative as well as synchronisation facilities to make entire interiors comfortable and brilliant to sustain in these difficult terrains. Entire atmosphere is bereft of sunshine due to nicely green environment all out here as well as entire atmosphere presents nice and healthy oxygen so as to provide the strongest possible healthy environment all around here. Entire atmosphere has almost similarity of interior cabin layout of TataZica, with complete and flawless design structure, rectangular air vents, and integrated dashboard console to have complete control to concentrate on these challenging roads. One could always control the entire environment with the greatest control mechanisms so as to provide one of the most satisfying journey environment all out here.

I could see on the left side of the valley some group of trekkers going for trekking and from the distance it seems to suggest as if a presentation of some sort of galaxies in the clear night sky. As if those trekkers have some idea they waved their hands towards me from the distance and I reciprocate them and providing some sort of rare strange affinity feelings within these solitary places. I have been to these places for quite some time but for the first time I saw trekking and hiking people. For some time back I have been to Munsiyari and trekking there and I know the joy and satisfaction of complete trekking and for this I revived my feeling of trekking out there and that too with TataZica on my site makes me feel the most comfortable to think of such nice feelings due to wonderful and safeties driving conditions.

It has redesigned power windows switches with revised gear lever make it most sustainable while driving against gravitational force. It’s brilliant power trains provide awesome and peppy performance through superior fuel efficiency and mightiest moving out from these lands towards trails of mountain road.It’s naturally designed futuristic engine with complete turbocharged and revised Revotron engine makes entire journey experience brilliant and performance oriented. After moving for some distance, I could see the presence of a wider trail at the left side of the hill road and then I decided to move into that zone of trail, and the probable surprise might have been there. I am stationed in TataZica on one side which has some form of wider presence and then slowly moves towards that zone of trail to reach out those pathways. It is a solitary road which is mostly of muds through most of it is not what but some part of it as most of it has not been dried as the signs of sun not reaching in those parts of the world. Both sides of roads are covered with a large number of vertical trees and it’s most of its leaves are red in color and some of it are blue in color.

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Most of these trees have shed their leaves and some of it has also a new bone leaves out there. Entire trails of roads are covered with these red leaves that virtually signifies the presence of sounds of dried leaves out there. After walking for about one kilometre out there, I feel that trail is continuing and about to return to the main road as I feel the presence of not discovering something in these paths.

Awkward encounter with stranger leading to trail:

I stood there for some time, and then drink some water and think good things about TataZica out there for some time and then I decided to move back to main road and at that time I hear some of sounds from the right side of trail which is seemingly of some of bigger animals. I was surprised as well as full of fear and apprehension is nowhere to go from these lands. I please wait for some time and then one person appeared and after looking at him I was assured that no animal out there. The person with longer beards and moustaches and most of these are white in color, he has one wooden stick and a longer leather backpack made probably by him out there.

He smiled at me and advised me not to make progress in these trail. I was surprised as every form of negativity comes into mind the childishness of enquiring about what could have been the reason for this. he stops for some time and said in the front there have been beautiful lake which has not been seen by anybody and those people who have seen have either disappeared or continue to stay here. It is one of the cursed place and please do not move there and return to your world.

He continues his advice and said that extremely beautiful lake that was which should make a strong bond with humans and humans tend to forget everything in order to stay with those beautiful environment. I was sure there is more to in this secret, but I am not going to reach there as I am an avid traveller roaming on weekends not interested in discovering everything and everywhere. I smiled back to a strange person who appears from nowhere and then I moved at the front side to reach back towards TataZica. I have been almost half an hour from my beloved vehicles and for this everything and every other strangeness just not comparable for me and I continue to move forward towards reaching to the main road. In the meantime, I see backwards but that person was nowhere to be seen.

Many shades of heaven2

How could he be vanished within shortest possible of time, and who could not I have heard the sounds of footsteps of him as there are everywhere signs of leaves all around. I was full of fear and apprehension of what that person could have been whether he is a messenger of Lord or an evil or anything else, the first and foremost tasks is to move from here as I should not run in these trails as that sounds could possibly woken up wild animals from sleep. I slowly moved from there, thinking everything all about and also my TataZica. I have to reach there as I always wish to drive it for extended duration and stay half of my life out there. I wish to move towards regular city life and running with TataZica and want to forget everything and I know after reaching inside cabin layout I should be forgetting everything about these strange feelings and an awkward encounter with a stranger.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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