Improving performance of Facebook on Android with performance and network segmentation

It is the fourth Saturday and it is a holiday. This time weekend is longer and this produces the exact space for thinking more about gadgets as well as the way android and computer applications works. With the advent of Windows 8 come the mobile concepts of presentations of applications. With due course of time, with full use of mobile application especially android and Windows applications the redefinition of wishing for more convenience and more comfortable journey while using such applications comes into complete prominence. Android as operating system evolved fully and with due course of time more and more brilliant features of android comes into light.

Major concern for some of popular android applications is the way they performed and behaved within android eco-system. What is the saddest part is that some of these applications are renewed and being used worldwide and most users installed those applications on their android ecosystems. For example Facebook is popular and being used by huge number of people worldwide, and this application of android being updated regularly but still it takes huge resources and most times slow down android operating system to a considerable extent.

What could have been the solutions to this, as most preferably, we see loading times of Facebook are faster that what it takes time to load in a web browser in windows computer environment. Still, the amount of internet use is far higher and this goes to provide slower android operating system as well as a huge burden of system resources. While using Facebook with Galaxy model of Samsung we have come to realise that it slows down the system to a considerable extent and makes the entire operating system not workable.

How to speed up Facebook android app:

Facebook has the option to install it on SD card and most of users prefer to use it on SD card as it provides them and allows them to preserve default hard disc space and enable users to install more application in the blank space of default drive of android operating system. Experience shows that even if you use high speed SD card still the speed and hanging of Facebook while loading take place and it is wiser to install it on default drive so that it should load with greater speed, though it should not be considered as perfect as it is to be perceived with.


How to speed up Facebook android app

How to speed up Facebook android app

This is the option if you want to stay with Facebook app within android ecosystem. Most of android have their stock browser installed by default and these are known as “Internet” in most of galaxy devices. Load face book from the web browser and the mobile face book should be loading and it should also provide everything what you are looking for and in this way, you can move out from installing big face book application annoyances.

Using Facebook within a web browser can be a bigger boost in terms of data usages as well as in terms of speeding of android operating system. Most of Facebook application do have a bigger role within android system such as giving lock screen notifications as well as contract list synchronisation as well as moving towards greater point of an ace operating system within the core android operating system. Facebook application works in multifaceted ways as there are plenty of related services are running on and this compels android operating system to work in a specified and slower manner.

Facebook application syndrome:

That is why it is important to understand the way it operates and it is important for users who want to and wish to have speedier operating system should run face book within default web browser so that every other possibility of crunching android operating system should not come out in the surface. Due to extremely popularity of Facebook most of users world wide prefer to use it all over and we should be looking into such alternative forms of use so that with due course of time we should be using it and knowing about its updates from time to time without any slightest form of resistances.

It is for sure one could not find the same set up experiences which one finds while using Facebook app and when browse mobile face book site with the default web browser. Users while reinstating Facebook app always thinks twice as the customisation and the feature rich face book still comes into mind which one should not be finding while using face book on mobiles. This is the most confusing decision but still you could be reaching with here and now as most of times you should be finding more informations about it as with due course of time one could find Facebook is continuously trying hard to improve its applications on every operating system platform.

It is for sure current Facebook application is mostly speedier that its predecessor and most of continued updates of Facebook are all about speeding up this application so that it continuously provides wider level user experiences. Its application is now use progressive JPEG for speeding up image loading times and one could find the pictures loading quickly than its Facebook mobile version and in this way the most renowned part of Facebook is that of photo sharing that comes handy and with due expertise and that creates wonderful part of using this app even if people use it irrespective of what they use on their operating system.

Progressive JPEG redux:

Progressive JPEG is a new and innovative concept and most of modern web browser have been using this in order to render image speedier and faster. It renders same image in different formats and then see which format is mostly compatible with yours operating system and does provide greater transparency of picture and with due course of time it continues to create the same set up default format for yours operating system and in this way entire speed and continuity of yours operating system remains constant and it does not impact heavily on system resources,

With the use of some progressive JPEG on Facebook at the first install the same image is rendered in low quality in order to reduce visibility time quite considerably. When, user taps it to see in bigger resolution then it produces the good quality image so that every pixel in the image can be seen in greater detail. In this way, while using lesser resolution image. Facebook app reduces data consumption quite considerably and this could help users to reduce the use of data wisely.

Why Google’s webP format is not available with Facebook android app:

Google’s webP image format also provides faster image loading times and also reserve superior quality image within shorter pixel formats. The negative side of Google’s webP image format is that it does not support progressive rendering and that is why Facebook decide against to use this image format from Google to use on their Facebook applications. Facebook applications work in multiple ways. Its news feed is the default presentations of what your friends are updating their statuses or what they like it or what ever else they are doing with Facebook. Android has its own list view object oriented programming language which Facebook employs in order to present a more stable version of Facebook and this creates the most anticipated form and factors of continuously flow of Facebook timeline and this create the mostly the live flow of informations.

Why Google’s webP format is not available with Facebook android app:

Why Google’s webP format is not available with Facebook android app:

Latvian function of android does provide suitable ways for customisation of different tasks which should work in one format and the time duration of execution of such functions comes within the shortest span of time. This speeds up Facebook timeline to a considerable extent. In this way, it does manage considerably good amount of android memory management, which has been included considerably inside of news feed items on Facebook which has been considerably divided into header and footer formats inside Facebook news feed.

In this way, different class objects are created which progress and render information in real time and within milliseconds to bring back information within the shortest span of time and this provides awesome information swiftly without any slightest form of waste of time. This reduces application errors and also it does stop fewer out of memory errors as well fewer application errors in order to mobilise faster loading times. These improvements are not well shown to the eyes of people but still continues to go for smarter enhancements and with due course of time people tend to appreciate the much anticipated improvements parameters while using Facebook app.
Battery draining of Facebook android app:

One day I was reading one article on the guardian about how uninspiring Facebook app saves upto 20% of android battery life. If one wants to have Facebook app, then one should also consider installing some better battery saving apps such as Greenify or Opera max which also stop annoyances caused from connecting to internet without your knowledge. It is true, Facebook applications does negatively impact performance and function of android but still with the use of either of these two application one could potentially hibernate such huge central processing consuming application to perform and stayed in hibernation so that they should not be contacting internet in order to update time line from time to time.

It has been seen after uninspiring Facebook app one finds that performances of other application speed up and this is true and that is why this is the most annoying part of Facebook app and most of users and lovers who have been using such applications look this way and this is the most confusing part of application management which users find it and mostly realise it in such way. Most problem of Facebook app is that it is consuming more power in terms of background processes which are slowly hurting the performances of android phone in real time. Even if people who use Facebook lite or other Facebook wrapper application still find it hard to believe the amount of resources these applications use and the amount of performance degradation one finds hard to dine with.

That is why improvement in performance of phone or android is significant. There has been lots of background services which do stop actions of other applications to work in freely. After reinstating of Facebook app, such services of other applications works like a buffer and it does use to expedite the process of such applications. Most of times, such background applications do not show that they are intended for Facebook but in actual all these are background applications of face book and do utilise huge system resources.

It is evident with due course of time, more and more people now resort to using Facebook as their default medium for communication and that is why it is important for Facebook to provide suitable and most easier accessible product presentation in order to showcase one of dynamic and most easier accessible application so that people who use it does not find it difficult to access. That is why most of Facebook releases on Google Play has been continuances and mostly speedier that earlier versions. In developing world presentations of continuous development showcase one of most important parameters of successes as it showcase continual interest of developers in dealing with and leading with continuous development of specific product as well as it does showcase one of most promising part of development where people have seen continuos development cycles and especially these are mostly presentable in the case of older and newer devices.

From time to time developers releases suitable versions that are mostly related with prominent part of development where we find it mostly, the suitable presentable case oc bytecode which can be related with prominent part of development and the end user only find it stiff console of find these are mostly suitable for most of these applications as well as these should indulge and provide awesome presentation of applications which provides complete assurances of continuous development in this cycle of continuous development. There are some applications which do have longer development cycles, which do not assure users as they feel the fear of no longer development as this can cause irritations of users of installing such application on their mobile device.

Facebook android app verses Facebook windows app:

What ever form and factor of applications we still find that in the segment of mobile most of these application settings are not the same as that of environment related to Windows computer. Most times, within the ambit of Windows computer we tend to install more and more software due to vast size of RAM as well as ever changing and ever expanding hard disc arena. In the case of mobile whatever the increase of mobile space in terms of hard discs as well as that of RAM is there but we still find most of these have the same set up limitations as we tend to go towards the chance of choosy in choosing specific applications and that is why most of mobile applications developers should watch it carefully and observe how specific these should have been before venturing into this space.

If at any point of time mobile users find some specific application behaves weirdly and has tremendous impact on the working of mobile operations, then they tend to uninstall those applications within specific period of time. That is why the sense of continuos development as well as continual faster development cycle is the need of hour and that should be looked into extremely cautiously in order to present one of better standards of product optimisation so that with due course of times user find it best to see it in perfectly suitable conditions to venture out in the open and use such applications with the complete assurances of that these should be developed and more and more optimisation options should be reaching out to them within some specific period of time.

Every application development guarantees some more signs of specific environments for product developments and provide certified guarantees for product optimisation in the times to come. Android is the biggest mobile platform and there are varieties of product standards as it varies from product to product and for this development of applications on android platform is singular important factor for consideration and that is why it is one of most difficult platform for developers but they cannot ignore such platform as with due course of time they are interacting with largest possible number of users and that is why it is most important for developers to go and create such applications.


Every application development brings out the set up performance or efficiency improvement to user’s device but at some point of time due to varieties of sets of large number of original equipment manufacturer we find it extremely difficult for developers but still one finds it extremely easier for development purposes. Most of Facebook application deals with Java and its embedded bytecode and that provide different parts to optimise the code in order to showcase the most presentable application environment for users to perform and excel. It is important to introduce, series of complete performance improvements through the process of continuous transformations through code optimisations.

It all comes in the form of creation of java code through class compilations, and then moving those code formats into redox format and then bundled into these code compilations into apk which is the default format for installation of application into android mobile operating system. Facebook tries hard to provide performance optimisations in the spheres of product optimisation in the arena byte code which does provide heavier and smart acceptable code format execution which does provide smarter optimisation packages but these processes are still under development as most of these output in terms of apk does showcase that most of these development packages are not of smaller size but still it is appreciable that the continuous development process is in progress.

There are many such regions for complete reduction of bytecode in the output packages as this should organise every form of code in the form and factor of code execution and this should reduce complete assurance and complete abstinence of code execution. Fewer bytes means that faster download as this should help heavily for mobile system that have less than one GB hard disc space size and this should be optimised for every form of mobile devices as ultimately the prime function and direction to create a perfect form of development is leaning towards the most proficient and most understanding form of complete assurance of a perfected transformed and constructed application development environment.

Optimising bytecode in Facebook app:

It is important to remove all such resource intensive bytes code from the code packages in order to showcase and satisfy the need for creating a perfected executed code formats. If some of product optimisations levels are reduced considerably this should provide enough assistance in creating one of perfectly amplified optimal application in order to showcase the perfect application environment and most of times developers should adhere to it and should go for it without any such need for such minimalists development so that at every point and every stage of development there should be enough assistance and product transformation in order to showcase one of most prolific and satisfiable product development.

The ultimate reduction of byte size in its product development in dex stages of Facebook applications development provides one of most awesome and well manage and capable product development presentation of all times. It leads to the concept of minification and compression. All these product and application development concepts comes from the complete and satisfiable idea of complete generation of ideas where we find that it is so much similar to that of, optimisation of code of website. In the case of WordPress website we find PHP code is generally heavier but still it is in use because the one important parameter that it can easier to convert PHP code into HTML code easily with web browser, that is why it is important to remember in every form of code execution and performance improvement we find that most of these codes satisfy perfection in execution and all these can be done with the introduction of minification and compression.

Minification is mostly done in the code languages where we find that these tend to run within a website environment. Most of these android application are some form of presenting a particular website in the form of web browser view. It provides more of a justification option as well as personalisation due to perfect attendance of personification of people at that instance. While development of applications for strings that are attached to a different class of application release development, makes it easier for development engineers to know the exact series of development cycles, but it also consumes a large set of applications size and this creates the more form of product development, and that is why it is important to create the source, forms and factors of minification of codes in order to provide perfectly ambience code presentation with proper transformations of code that create perfectly ambience code environment for users.

Finally removing dead codes in Facebook application:

It is important to remove the long human readable strings, with some placeholder strings. While creating final package installer for building and creating strings, while crating similar back map for debugging provides stormy ways, to create and optimise, strings attachments into every form of product development. This reduces files sizes and package installer, as these strings would never ever be used for development and for any machine for code execution and it is important to remove those useless stings that should not be used by any machines outrightly so that they perform exceedingly well in its development formats.

It is important to go for good engineering practices in development of products and all these are equally created and constructed, in every enterprise level of product development such as that of Facebook and other which efficiently goes for complete development arena where every other forms and factors of developments comes into existence. Developers can learn all these forms of minification of codes from the running of wrapper applications which use the most simple form of application processing interfaces where they can execute a series of complex and difficult product development parameters. It does not exceedingly depend upon performances and employment of product development lifecycle but still it manages to compel and create sustainable acceptances to manage and perform the same set up functions in the spheres of easier access to code control mechanisms. It cuts out performances and functions of middle men and creates one of the most immediate executive functions so that every form of class attributes goes on to showcase the most common and minified formular for successes.

Final thoughts:

Though in the case of polymorphisms of functions such parallel wrapper function seems to skip some of important functions as well as skip some functions and that is why it is important to capture the exact idea and exact location of performance improved in order to manage and optimise run time of mobile applications. It is important not to skip the intermediate function as these could be the form and factor intermediate trivial stage which could be the most significant performance improvements which does immediately describe the forms and factors of performance optimisation through the complete process of transformation and identification of completely important part of series of codes.

It is difficult to identify the set up identifiable series of codes which prove to provide the series of polymorphism while code execution due to the advent of a large set of code parallels. It is important to watch out these while performing the processes of complete minimisation of codes. Ultimately, finally it is important to remove the series of dead code execution as the code which is not necessary for computers and machines to understand as well as these should be removed immediately as these should not be disturbing execution of such codes at any point of time and this ultimately provides and where polymorphism does not need these codes and immediately remove such codes in order to reduce final executed byte size.

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