A byte-sized paradise

Life is full of newer experiences with due course of time more and more new and innovative incidents to surprise what life could be about comes to the way of humans from time to time and all these create the precis of life incidents where a person’s used to see and experience all these with due course of time. Every person is unique and so is the experience comes towards life with a different perspective and unique setup incidents where people always face the unexpected coming their way.

All these incidents comes as the result of complete setup accumulation of humans with due course of time and slowly accumulate all such learning experiences and then with due course of time all these incidents puts some bit of impacts on human thought processes and it is not a set up principles how these set up incidents going to impact each and every persons no one could be able to spell it out in detail. It was the same time now it is, the beginning of weekends and this time due to lesser work pressure I have decided to go for a long drive in this weekend so that with my all new TataZica I should be able to dwell into long drive easily and enjoy its wonderful cabin experiences as well as complete driving experiences on the go.

I want to cross over the nearest hill roads and move towards the small jungles where one of my class mate was living there when he was a child and then I should pick him up and then move towards exploring the deep with him and wish to stay inside there and wish to watch live living of jungles so that I could learn from it and could make some research on it. It is expected to be long and hill roads ahead as well as state highways as in this part of the world where most of roads are not actively taken care of and for this am sure my TataZica should be able to fight it out move with comfortable journey here and there.

TataZica not only presents one of brilliant driving experience but also wonderful style statement attached with it with a brilliant and gorgeous look. It is evident that while driving on hill roads as well as on state highways I have seen even cattles also look with it more gel and anticipation goes on to show the most natural beauty and wonderful driving environment currently am with it and with it comes brilliant surround music surround system which enable me to listen wonderful musics all over out there. Driving alone does not make me boring even in this rugged road terrains where for longer duration there would not be any vehicles and for within course of 15 minutes there would be one or two vehicles crossing and also with due course of time the point of boorishness moved out from my mental state to concentrate on safe driving.

Glossy honeycomb color of TataZica showcased fine superb designing elements were even dust and other environmental hazards does not remove its fine designing. In addition to it comes ahead of its superb lamp casings and its tail lamps are nice and very much comfortable to have given entire trails of vehicles and environment that are in and around the vehicles. I moved into the car and just crossed the main market of my posting town which is basically a mining town and there I slowed down and then at the center of marketing one of colleague greeted me and I waved my hand and then moved ahead. I saw there has been a large chunk of a larger hoarding all around in the town of a political party that is in power and of course that is wasting the beauty of this hill town.

Clouds are moving here and there and they used to touch on shoulder and move beyond it as if they do not care about and move ahead. For this it is important to slow down driving speed as for some distance it is not able to watch moving vehicles that have been up front. Due to going down from top to down, the extreme slope of this hill roads needs to be carefully controlled and better be watched into as most of time these roaming vehicles used to take higher speed due to extreme slope and for this one need to have greater control over steering wheels so that nothing should be difficult while making driving. My TataZica provides me excellent control over these sloppy roads as while facing steep downward slope and there are hurdles such as moving clouds remove extreme visibility factors one need to have such care in order to control entire vehicle movements.

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a byte sized paradise1

Zero Point:

TataZica provides modern day car driving with the introduction of good-level of security features such as anti-lock braking system with en-force electronic brake force distribution and corner stability control. It provides perfection and shared equilibrium while moving for complete and safer driving environment and that makes entire driving even in these hard and train lands easier and smoother. The curves in this hill roads are extreme and I have to take it on my side in order to move from side to side and also I have to put up horns from time to time in order to let the vehicle know that my vehicle is moving from that direction.

Slowly, I reached at the base of hill road known as zero point. In this part of this world it is of extreme surprising that in this point there are signs of snow falls but in the land which I was posted which is much higher than zero point does not see snow fall but only moving of clouds touching shoulders here and there. That is why the base point of this hill road is called as zero point and after on kilometer another hill road in upwards slope should be beginning and in between there should be a pond which is better known as tiger pond name by the locals out there as most of them have told that they have seen moving tiger and reaching towards pond and drinking waters in order to quench thirst out there.

I have not seen this personally but there are many people who have seen this and they say in such way that you have to believe it out and that is why locals out there used to advise us not to drink that water as those waters are for tigers only. This suprise me as a pond made especially for tigers only interesting. I moved slowly while crossing that pond on the right side and I drive slowly looking at that pond which should have nice and cleaner water there upon. Due to the advent of winter, half its water is frozen and I could see cattles and some dogs are standing at the middle of the pond considering that these are solid lands.

Humans used to know the difference of solid surfaces made from soil and ice but perhaps animals not able to understand in clear detail. I decided to stay for some time beside the tiger pond and take some pictures from there so that I could post these on Whatsapp and Facebook as well as on Instagram in order to share these updates. I find it lovely to see half of this pond is on ice and half of it on the water. Water must be very cooler there as well as it seems some signs of snowfall have already began.

I wore headgear so as to prevent me from getting cold. I decided to stay inside TataZica and from there watch the beauty of Tiger pond. Cabin layout of TataZica is exceptional and wonderful with costly cabin material makes you feel at home with seemingly wider accommodative cabin inside provides one of the better accommodating environment. Its nice finishings makes it more convenient in terms of ambience and entirely presentable environments. I could hope to see the advent of tigers drinking waters from the other side of this large pond from the northern side of tiger pond leading to heavy jungle.

The road moved towards those jungles while crossing large hill roads which are upfront waiting for me to drive in TataZica out there and I do hope to reach there and enjoy natural live movements and wish to learn from their movements and garner more experiences from there. After 15 minutes, I moved towards steering and run TataZica in the sturdy and difficult road ahead. This time the slope is upwards and journey could be more difficult considering the advent of large number of heavier vehicles moving from the top downwards.

Ride quality with TataZica is of excellent the amount of control with it even in this difficult driving conditions has been superb and excellent and it does provide everything control of other ancillary features such as air condition. Sophisticated Harman surrounds music system inside the steering wheel. I slowly, move towards top of hill roads and there at the top, one small village is situated. At the side of road there has been small market which is mostly endorsed by passerby used to stop their vehicle for some time in order take some more punch in their heart to move downwards towards down of hill road to reach towards base place of hill road.

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My friend Thandu’s native village is there and he was on leave and it is expected that he should be reaching there or might have been reached there and I stopped the car nearby one small food shop just at the middle of the hill top road. I saw, there are many who are eating some foods. I have my foods so I do not achieve there but stood there and watch the owner of the shop who it seems of my age. While watching the shop keeper from external appearances what I could summarise most upon goes on to show that the face seems to be familiar to me but could not recall who he was.

a byte sized paradise

On that place clouds used to move from side to side and makes entire climatic conditions hazier as well as there is no electricity on this hill top plane land and for this appearance of face of that shop keeper seems to be not so clearly visible at all. After some time might be after five minutes, after some guests who paid for their breakfasts on that shop that person looks at and smiles at me. I was surprised as from the outlook it is evident that it is a familiar face, but I could not recall his name. He called one assistant of his from the shop and to my utter surprise he walked towards me, I found myself in the state of mixture of confusion and surprise. In fact, I could not find the real word to describe this situation. he comes smiling at me and called me by my first name. It is for sure.

He knows me and his familiarity of his face just makes the entire situation for me ashamed as I could not recall his name. He asked me who was am I and then he said we are classmates in schools as well as in management and engineering days. I recalled his name as we used to call him Ravan as friendly name he has absolute power in his teeth and used to pull everything with his teeth. We consider him powerful and mighty. He is a good friend of mine and he left management and engineering days and does not keep contact with us as we have searched him everywhere but could not find him and now we know he has done excellent job of marketing foods and providing cleaner and sterile foods with good and affordable costs to tourists as they all are satisfied with it.

He is doing this job with passion and service in mind and he is very living in his native place by employing natives and teaching them modern education by opening a modern day inside in these torrid lands. I salute with him and then we exchanged contacts with each other, and I was surprised to find he kept all of my writings as well as follows my blogs regularly. I was amazed and also wish to once again to see his school as well as other learning innovations he has been engaged into and provide more and more opportunities to poorer people to understand what their life is all about and am sure with its stupendous and meritorious education career he should be doing more to poor people in letting them to see the development oriented education standards. In the mean time, Thandu comes walking and been extremely apologetic to see me waiting. As he said due to change of climate crossing the trails of plateaus makes extremely difficult.

Both have seen TataZica and I was amazed and surprised to find both have same set up TataZica the futuristic and modern car as I am and it is really one of most satisfying aspect of owning this vehicle by ours generations which not only inspires us to perform well ahead but also go for various adventurous movements out there without any such difficulties. TataZica is the most energetic and zippy car in action is durable for every form of roads as well as it does provide the most outstanding and complete control while driving in addition to it does provide faster and safer environment to move the cars in any sort of roads. The total liveliness of inner cabin lay out does provide the most enjoyable driving environment ever in order to showcase and continue the most presentable environment to move towards a completely and safer driving standards.

Natural mango park:

Due to its dual-path suspension mechanisms completely drive out with TataZica has been exceptional in driving towards top of the hill top. In addition to it meeting my school friends has been part of the most outstanding moments of my life. After completion of my graduation days we all have been engaged in ours different fields yet meeting them after five or more years and watching them cultivating good values of education for the utmost benefit of people who need as such has been exceptional and proud moments for me.

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a byte sized paradise

I knew my TataZica has been the witness of all such incidents and all these incidents have the signatures of TataZica with it for all of memories has been simply the stand of authenticity with it. Then we are decided to move towards the trail moving out from there now all three friends decide to march forward to move towards the expedition of jungle. We all seat inside TataZica and I switched on Harman module and then open the juke app and connect all smart phones of ours to provide relentless and non stop beating music with clearer environment with plenty of trees all around we reached at the stage where we see many mangoes trees those are being cultivated and grow automatically naturally without interference of humans.

I stopped TataZica there and then we all go inside that natural mango park. Many ripe mangoes fall there, and we just pick some up and taste it and found that it is the sweetest of them all. In the meantime, we hear some noises on the other side of natural mangoes Park. We all are equally frightened as well as equally eager to know what all these are. We just looked behind and we saw three cubs of the lion are riding on three sides of TataZica standing out there.
We all this take as fun as well as take some of screenshot of it but wish not to share on social media as all these are genuine infancy playing at their best. Perhaps they thought TataZica as their best toys ever. It is indeed it is one of the most lovable vehicle you could have been.

It is a beautiful love and completely adorable and one of the most outstanding mate of your life could it have been. It has not only best engine module to drive all along roads of Indian conditions but also one of most driving force and wonderful part of it is its decor of interiors as well as exteriors which just make it one of most stunningly beautiful vehicle what it has been. We could find stupendous presentation of ideas with coherent and inherent mindset attached to it which provides marvellous and intellectual engineering all at its best. In the meant time, Thandu told us, if cubs are here then so as lions could have been so it is better to move towards TataZica and enters into it.

We eagerly and with fearful sense move with some mangoes and then we throw some mangoes on the roads and the eager lion cubs just jumped on to it and then we slowly enters into TataZica and while I switch on ignition Thandu told me to wait for few minuters as he was sure lioness must have been there and it is true, it appears and wildly search for her cubs and then see them playing with mangoes out there and she stopped them from doing it and then she come near ours TataZica and stood there and watch its honeycomb eye catching color from external and seemingly to suggest that it is one of best creation made by humans. Her eyes and expressions convey us that it is a marvel to have already. We all have been glorified by her presence out there.

a byte sized paradise2

We are all proud that we all have been inside TataZica and perhaps the color and enchanting presence of TataZica made us safer as the intention and concentration of lioness moved from us towards marvel engineering of TataZica. In the meantime, we switched on surround music and turned the air conditioning system in order to feel safe in front of the lioness and her cubs. We slowly moved out from there and thanking Almighty and TataZica for saving our life. Recourse in the meantime Ravan reminded us to taste some mangoes we plucked from there and indeed the taste of these mangoes are heavenly and a rarity inside the jungle where no one to take care of them but nature.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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