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Improving performance of Facebook on Android with performance and network segmentation

It is the fourth Saturday and it is a holiday. This time weekend is longer and this produces the exact space for thinking more about gadgets as well as the way android and computer applications works. With the advent of Windows 8 come the mobile concepts of presentations of applications. With due course of time, Continue Reading »

Manual of instructions on Project Finance

For longer durations most of commercial and nationalised banks depend heavily on lendings in order to meet working capital requirements. With the course of liberalisation and modernisation the perfection and compiled way to move towards greater financial expansion to enter into the arena of term finance due to the large set of demands into real Continue Reading »

Tips and tricks for faster and safe computing

Computer is there everywhere. The internet is not a safe place. It is full of hackers. With due course of time, there are different types of internet worms and viruses which are lurking everywhere and always trying every time to enter into infected computers. Knowledge about internet and safe security practices is important. Every computer Continue Reading »

Why should I buy Zica from Tata Motors?

Concept of power is deeply interrelated with the concept of power. Power gives authority. Exercise of power does provide seamless ground for managers. It is all about perception of authority. Most times, control of power do not depend upon through the concept of ability to exercise power. It solely depends upon personality as well as Continue Reading »

What is a positrons brain?

Fictional science literature has a significant role in defining the generation of newer inventions which ultimately pave the way for refinement of unknown and most possibly the subconscious consciousness which from time to time brings about newer dynamics of scientific inventions. Science of fiction has continuously built a stronger presence for the creation of the Continue Reading »

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