Thought leaders

There has been so many instances of great examples of thought leaders who have excelled in their respective categories in order to excellent performances and create unaccessible instances of success which provides stipulate wider examples for future generations to excel. There has been excellent examples of such leadership who have surpassed all forms of odds to make it most suitable and amazing success stories of theirs. For the sake of inspiration and emulation for peers and others which should inspire them relentlessly for future examples. Those successful leaders have excelled wonderfully in the field of law of situations and gained immensely with sheer grit and determination with the perceived level of excellence at their disposal.

Thermax group:

Adversaries does not deter any personalities to excel in any form of success. The example of success in chief of Thermax even sudden tragic death of her husband and closely followed by passing away of her son at the age of 25. The compounded grief of sudden loss of her husband and her son does not deter Anu Agra of Thermax group which manufactured boilers and heaters of great quality to create one of multi core valuable and excellent firm for effective treatment of waste water management and greater level of pollution control. It goes on to show an individual cannot take the life for granted as we cannot predict how many ages we should be living with as well as an organisation cannot take success for granted. It is the sheer presence of success with grit and courage which can make and provide a wonderful platform for organisations to success and excelled in their lifetime.

Her motive is to take seriously in customer care. To attend customer all the time and think about their benefits is the primary motive of her being in business. This creates large level of good will and excellent thoughts of word of mounting all around to present herself in a successful venture. She has difficulty personal transition phase but she does not impact these phases while she was inside business and continue to grow it and create one of the dynamic atmosphere of tremendous work environment for every person to pursue and grow. The wonderful job environment compels workers of organisation to feel fully satisfied with the present work scenarios to perform with due diligence and wonderful affinity while dealing with customers. It reflects on their behaviour due to presence of the wonderful job environment all around provides a different way of interaction which tends to feel at home for customers who are talking and working with them.

Novartis and its future of medicine:

Medical director of Novartis Dr. Dhanajay Bakhle pioneered the use of medicine with information . It promised solutions for medicines which prescribed by a doctor within two full days. It immensely helps out doctors in finding solutions for difficult diseases and make them feel at ease while dealing with patients. It is forwardly looking strategies which aim at capturing the minds of doctors and placed permanently on the minds of doctors for many years while prescribing for any medicine to patients. He has given the movie, ‘The Poseidon Adventure’ which is all about passengers are trapped inside an imminently sinking ship. Then, he widens his scope this concept towards thinking about the patients who have mysterious diseases and does not have any ideas how to move there from the death trap. He aims to move forward towards creating an environment for better care and discoveries of innumerable medicines for better cares for patients.

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He went for MD of pharmacology the same stream as of his wife. This stream of medical science aims to bridge the gap between assured and allopathy. It is a noble idea and aims to bridge the gap between contemporary and ancient medical sciences. Though in earlier times he has a lucrative offer relating with Glaxo as he felt this would not fit into the cause of him which he was looking forward to aiming to emulate in future times. He aims at creating the new trend for future medicines related with the new anti-migranine drug derived from fruit extracts and continuosly update doctors about new medical and legal support to garner more and more fruitful ideas and generations of larger forms of consensus among different spheres of doctors and physicians all over . He constantly challenges the way he works in order to increase the way he thinks about his work environment and standards of living of people. He wishes medicines to be affordable for the middle classes.

Kodak India:

His main aim is to create one of the most likable likings towards the job however distasteful it may have been. It should provide one of the most reliable work environment of all time so that the process of innovation and constant discovery should be in line with success. His career at Glaxo where he rides to the top post of managing directory despite facing out heavy odds shows the brilliance thoughtful minds of his where he choose to go with his sole aim of touching successes with any means goes on to show how he has performed ultimately in work environment. Despite severe odds he introduced ‘Zinetac’ the anti-ulcer medication by surpassing all the hurdles in the shortest span of times. He believes in creating an opinion and helps others to pulsate with a defined form of enthusiasm which is the prime motive behind the launching of different forms of ideas and factors which emulate him to develop and pursue his goal for ultimate perfection.

While his stint with Kodak is famous for establishing a factory in Nepal despite all odds seem to suggest and prove to be the master stroke for the company for many years to come. He wants to find the niche marketing orientation for his stints in diverse companies such as Glaxo and Kodak. It is the sole idea of creating one of excellent institution of the sense which proves to show case whatever you do try to make a mark with it and try to ensure no one should be doing this in earlier and should be the form and factor of emulation for many more in years to come.

Father of white revolution in India:

Dr. Verghese Kurien is renowned as father of Indian diary industry. He is also famously known as father of the white revolution. He is architect of the white revolution which mesmerises the world with stupendous achievements to fill the shortages of the gap between wants and needs. He has achieved it long years back what has not achieved so far in many spheres of India as he convinced the then prime minister of India Lal Bahadur Shastri to establish the diary factory at Anand way distanced from Delhi in order to minimise the curved effect of red tapes and make the entire process smoother and smarter. This management mantra is now practised by many though he has successfully established this connotations way back and with successful ideas to deal with. He believes in mastering out his own ideas by fulfilling other’s need with complete emphasis and focus on fulfilling the complete need in order to create an environment of good will and reach towards fulfilment of accomplishing endeavour for entire success. It needs complete clarity of mind which is absolutely factor and knows the devils is in the details. In the initial phase of building at the plant, even UNICEF does not want to be it to be established by the way distanced from Delhi but he does not oblige and continue to build it at Ananda which is now a history.

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Successful people do not depend upon others wishes to emulate in stead they move towards their own visionary ideas and development oriented scenarios to pursue towards the ultimate development orientation of the strongest ever achievement of all the time. In the later times, Nestle does not oblige his request to train Indian professionals to create condensed milk as during those times most of Indians does not have any such ideas of creating such condensed milk. It does not deter him from following his pursue towards creating condensed milk and Amul later manufactured this produce successfully with its in house technical brilliance and continues to develop it and spread all over India to remain one of the top milk manufacturing company of India. Later one Nestle realise this and realise the complete loss of confidence and later on send an unqualified apology to Kurien. It is the sheer strength and determination which ultimately pave the way for a complete generation of success stories where every form and factors of odds can easily be won over other forms of difficulties without any further hindrances.

Then union minister Jagjivan Ram wants a diary factory to be built-in in his constituency but Kurien strongly replied no to him. The minister then orders his transfer but within one hour his order of transfer was reversed with a short note that says “Don’t touch him”. It goes on to show it is important to master one’s own subject and side by side focus on other’s need so that constructive form of development while toppling out all forms of bureaucratic forms and factors where the devil is in details but the creation of greatest form of endeavours goes jumping from all forms of hurdles without interruptions.

Narayan Murthy:

He believes it is better to under promise and over deliver. He believes always to stay as mild as ever and continue persuasion towards extreme success over others. He created Infosys with strongest possible brand value to achieve greatness in every sphere. he was poor during his education days.  He has cleared IIT but not able to deposit fees to reach there. He leveraged software competence through the forms of Infosys. It showcase one of major uplifting of Indian landscape with its wonderful marketing ventures and complete upscale of ideas to sustain all the forms of excellence. All the while you have to provide the senses of positive strokes in order to find out more and more negative feed back and that makes the most satiable experiences for users. It always connects with you in providing you with more and more value to customers in order to generate different forms and factors of values to customers in building towards more and more complete customisation and attainments of successes all the time.

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He believes in developing a wider form of focus in all spheres of life. Without focus you should be losing forms and factors of energy all the time with complete focus one could reach towards optimum level of success stories where one could find eminent forms of attainment. He believes a lot of us do not utilise one hundred percentages of energies during our entire life span and it is important to focus on our own set up a goal and pursue the continuous building of such goals. Infoscions believe there is no tomorrow. They have great form of ambiences in their work place which does provide larger forms of job satisfaction within work spheres.


It is the sheer form of commitment, persistence, distinctiveness, differntiation with complete curiousity to reach towards ultimate goal of success which has every form and factor to create the enabling form of excellence towards level of suprise where each factor of competence could be generated from risk taking with complere focus of values with complere energy identification of learning with complete humility and stories of great success which needs to be completely examplied in ultimate form of success stories of great thought ful leaders which aims to define success stories to perform excellence. They pass on these thesaurus of thoughts to people in general from all these thought leaders which could say that do not feel emptiness after reading this article as ultimately all these thoughts needs to be emulated in different spheres of life in order to create another form of examples of innovation where every possible adventures could lead to another form of definitive and distinctive adventure to perform excellence.

Life has limited presence in this mortal world. During this minimum time limits even some one does not know how much definitive age one would live for the day, still one finds enough evidence of work order  so that their thoughts and work ethics would be staying there forever without any such of mightiest presence of hindrances. All these ideas of thought leaders remain with golden letters for many more generations to follow and pursue the ultimate aim to emulate towards create many illustrious presentations in situations where everyone finds their presence at the optimum optimisation levels.

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