The Long Tail

In any form of marketing concept, the primary understanding of the concept of a successful marketing theory is to produce one of brilliant benefits of commerce between supply chain management. From time to time one has to seriously think all about is your marketing is proving to be out of sync with the times. It is not about complete up gradation of what it was there some years back. It is all about creating and managing different forms of new marketing that have been slowly arising from time to time due to the presence and advent of different new ventures. For some years back the term internet marketing is a completely newer ones, slowly it becomes absolutely clear for marketers to move towards this and create an array of followers from within popular social networking websites.

By creating a page with Facebook, campaign with Twitter, page with Google+ and so one with large number of followers one could find a massive increase of visibility due to multiplicity concept of self duplication of Facebook likes and retweets. This is a case in the aspect of considerate viral marketing. There are many loopholes of viral marketing. It all goes within the cyber world and there is no way could know whether the engaged user is an organic visitor or an internet bot. All these create one of many misnomers of shadow populism which might be in actual times should not work as it is anticipated.

How to become an organisation that thrives because of New Marketing?  

New Marketing is like seeing and making existing products more attractive and contacting organic consumers in order to compel them to buy it. Suppose you are inside a pizza shop and you have insulin diabetes, and suddenly you find that there is no such suitable product for you to eat and that makes you feel disappointed. New Marketing concept exactly deals with these shortcomings were every form of supply and demands is met with considerable proportions as well as all these have strict form of dealings with individual need and demand.

A new marketing should go straight away and find all such ideas such as categorized and customized need for diabetic pizza so as to make offerings and customized identities of customer are well met and the concerned diabetic consumer must find suitable pizza for him/her so that the image of brand of such organisation stays with every other persons without any signal doubts. It is not about going towards the form of mass marketing. Which intends to mass advertising of products and intended for mass generation of interests among consumers so that they should strict reach out to shop with humorous forms of hopes and aspirations for shopping for greatest for something great in offerings.

This concept of concerning the tastes of persons with different forms of attention is known as new marketing. It concerns with persons to persons instead of garnering mass advertising but instead it deals with dealing with individual choices and provide person to person personal attention for the best of choices.

Mass marketing vs. new marketing concepts:

Many traditional companies as their set up suggests have been facing large scale difficulties in shifting from legacy marketing concept of mass marketing towards reaching towards the goal of nucleus marketing which deals with consumer to consumer marketing proficiency which amounts to large scale suspension of mass marketing concepts. It is the foundations of concept of new marketing which demands more and more new trends of marketing concept which firmly deals with different forms of attractive options to reach out to new individuals and providing them with large scale personal attention in order to garner and generate more and more interesting option to create more and more bonds which is more powerful than generation of brand image of any company. Take an example of Twitter as marketing campaigns. Twitter has limitation of 140 words but still with a series of re-tweets one should reach out to millions within a span of seconds.

It is called the forms and factors of mass marketing. This one could not find exact details of every individual who has retweeted your campaigns. It might have been internet bot which you probably would not know. That is not going to get you any visitors. Most of internet bots are automated internet visitors only for meaning of garnering more and more visitors. It only shows you how many followers in yours Twitter account as well as of yours Facebook page. That is not going to get you back more and more visitors for you. This is form of mass marketing which is mostly for purposes of visibilities. On the other hand, with the advent of new marketing, most of enterprises deals and concentrate more with the forms and factors of dealing with each individuals who are mostly organic visitors and dealing and corresponds with them to know their tastes and favorites so as to customize product and brand offerings as per their wishes and wants.

Shift to fundamental principle of marketing:

It is the new form of nucleus marketing which is the form and factor of new marketing where every offering is customized in accordance with demands of customers. So, every organisation must thrive for excellence to reach out to a stronger and smartest goal of organisational attentiveness. In brief, concept of new marketing is not an organisation. It is a movement which every part and parcel of organisation deals with driving direct relationships with customers so as to bring back more and more concentrated visitors towards customization of product offerings.

In this way, forms and factors of growth of organisation come as it deals with new marketing tactics. It is a different form of offerings of approaches of fundamental marketing tactics with differentiated forms and factors of product offerings. In legacy marketing concept of mass marketing, everyone knows how to create the product but many would hardly know how the product to be sold. This is important and the fundamental principle of marketing is that for every product sold a customer has to be there. That is why it is important to create the differentiated forms of marketing concepts which deal directly with a little bit of differentiation as well as straight forwarded approach towards creating one of the most masterful individual marketing elements concentrating each and every individuals.

Here, the concept of marketing continues with during advertising and after advertising concepts. It deals with dealing directly with customer and knowing their needs and wants and prepare every individual in accordance with their product demand and services. Companies tastes financial statuses of customer and their tastes and demands and that slowly makes them to reach towards the impressive conclusion of reaching towards the most satiable goal of creating and delivering much desired product for customers. For average customers they offer same average product with the same brand identity with few lesser prices so as to meet the budgeting need of individuals. All of these products and offerings are done continuously in order to provide greater convenience to customers so as to build a stronger foundation of brand identity for concerning company.

Sending right product to right people is mantra of success for new marketing:

It is now completely clear and lucid in understanding that the concept of new marketing is not a static one. It continues to evolve change from time to time in order to show case more different and versatile form of marketing concept which mostly deals with dynamic presentation of ideas and offerings which does not contain itself with single form of marketing trend as it continues to forms and factors from different form of perceived identification of perceived consumer demands with relationship with supply chain management.

In the era of old marketing concepts which deal with providing wider acceptance and good oriented trend for stronger and wider sense for customers over the offerings of average products which mostly after consumer purchasing for the first time should either accept it or not. Old marketing deals with creating a sense of differentiation in terms of product offerings while preaching a stronger sense and case for an average product. On the other hand, concept of new marketing trends deals with moving the right product to the right people and providing customized product offerings in accordance with demands of customers.

It does not deal with creating much needed attention for products instead it goes for direct dealing with communities and similar interests. It does not deal with advocating of attributes of products but deals with direct interaction with customers. New marketing spreads far and wide move towards different people as well as spreads like wild fire with word of mouth. Due to customized product offerings most users have become satisfied with these offerings and it creates one of the most anticipated campaigns for word of mouth and spreading of nicer words all over and everywhere.

For example, during the recent assembly election of Delhi, where AAP defeated BJP comprehensively. It is despite from the fact that most of the elections of BJP concentrates mostly on large marketing campaigns of creating bigger election rally which shows comprehensive gathering of people all over there but that could not turn these into voters. These are examples of old marketing concept whereas the forms and factors of new marketing concept deals with reaching out to each individual who is voters and knowing their wants in order to make entire election campaigns most successful.

Comprehensive identification of all forms and factors of product ideas that lead to complete satisfaction of customer needs and wants:

AAP during Delhi election goes on for new marketing which deals with direct dealings and contacting with all these persons to know their customized demands. Most of these modern marketing concepts prove to be most successful as most of these people are contacted with a person which creates one of the most versatile popularity waves all across every segment of consumers. New marketing does not extract more and more attentiveness were as it generates more and more hidden forms of word of mouth among all across every sphere of marketing populism.

In this way, perfect feed back can be generated for marketeers which create more and more powerful and attentiveness campaigns for generation of large scale of marketing proficiency among all genre and walks of marketing environments. Wants of the customer remains the same all over but detecting and identifying such continuous series of strengths creates generation of product ideas which remain to provide more and more customized identifiable product solutions. in this way, series of marketing interactions lead to complete and comprehensive identification of all forms and factors of product ideas which lead to complete forms of satisfaction of customer needs and ideas.

It showcased direct interaction and communication of commercial interests between producers and consumers. It removes all forms of gaps of communication between producers and consumers. It do away with all forms of internal research and development aspects of organisation which tries hard to show case and create much needed attention of generation of right product ideas in order to generate and compel marketing companies to show case the much needed and anticipated forms of products.

Now, organisations can create better products for their customers as they know the preferences of their and can create single most direct product for their customers. In this way, all aspects of customers, employees, prospects and readers can be known excellently in order to find out the most interesting form of factors and facts of product ideas in order to garner the most interesting aspect of product ideas all over.

Companies must create direct interaction to customer to create complete awareness and send direct message to customer to avoid any false propaganda:

New marketing ideas and trends product ideas come from customers and marketing giants learn new trends from them instead of conveying them with newer forms of trends, and in this way the voice of consumers reaches directly to authorities without any forms of distraction and inattentiveness. There is no such need to hire any such highly paid commercial human resource organisation to garner new product ideas as with this direct contact with marketing companies one could directly interact with consumers and know their preferences and other forms of marketing ideas which slowly create more and more forms and factors of generation of ideas which no one would have ever think it before.

It is like creating a self-hosted WordPress blog. It is optimised and people oriented and reach towards most of people with complete easiness and it reaches to more and more people and most of workings of blog goes with what people commented on blog post and that creates the most desirable and estimated anticipation of understandings of what a decent blog should have been and going to perform in near future. It is all about scaring you and knowing what good things of consumer and how all such ideas related to different forms of anticipations of creating and generation of newer marketing ideas could generate more and more generation of prosperous marketing campaigns all over.

Consumers hear about concerned organisation from any sources. Those many sources could be from positive or negative from different sources. It might harm the prospects of organisations to many folds as it could create a complete sense of adverse effects of organisation which might result in negative campaigning of product ideas of companies. Companies must tell the most authentic stories about goals, products and perceived ideas of organisation directly to customers without any slightest need for alteration. With direct interact with customers organisation should send a direct message to customers as well as prospective customers with ease and independent.

Recently, Tata launched its next generation of car product namely Tata Zica, which is the next generation of product from Tata and in the near future expected to replace its popular Indica and Indigo brand of products. What it does it select 40 bloggers from Indiblogger communities and calls them free test drive of its new launches and then they write down on its Tata Zica experience. It is a factor of reaching out to prospective customers through choosing of the most influential bloggers so that they should write and popularize this concept and people continue to read the right perspective of what the Tata Zica is all about. It is a newer form of new marketing.

The long tail:

New marketing gives way to longer tail of several trend in unit. It creates other forms of electronic commerce all over where we find the existence of several trends working in unison. Forms of online shopping, which provides and empowers producers to create unending form of warehousing compare to that of what offline retail marketers do provide. Digital products are easy to sold as they are not to be show cased within different forms of shelves just like that of offline marketing trends and there is no need to create a centralized inventory as most of these products could be stored at different essential marketing locations with the concept of hub and spoke networking.

It is the long tail which empowers people with many such choices to choose it from and it is upto people what to choose for and what to go with it as with due course of time people want all of their products should be listed and should be with the purchased price what they intended to be while they are doing purchasing part. With Google customers can know every bit of information without any additional need for assistance and with due course of time with the advent of digital technology provides an additional way for storing and creation of customized digitalise solutions for customers.

The Long Tail which creates the fundamental concept of marketing ideas first coined by Anderson in his book and on his blog. His blog is in the same name as that of his name which provides sufficient identification of the generation of a normal marketplace where choice of people is paramount and companies should not detect people what to buy and what not to buy. With due course of time most digital technology slowly moving towards the stage of complete digitization of non-digital products in order to provide more varieties to sales.

In the longer run more varieties and different existence of products in sale cataloger could lead to larger generation of sales and larger benefits for companies. It is all about finding a market track which has not been tapped at any point of time or by any marketers and thus could provide more generation of sales need and dedicated marketing communities to choose it from and which brought the most successful new marketing concept.


In a large scale of old marketing concept, most of modern and innovative marketing concepts do tend to go away due to large scale organisational constraints.Where as in the spheres of new advertising one could see the light of spreading of stronger and potentially vital presentation of new and innovative concepts which get direct support from customers to make it a success right away. It is now complete shift from how many customers to who are such customers which should straightly provide some form of basic generation of ideas which should move from the era of gatekeepers of marketing of products to no gatekeepers and direct and straight marketing.

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