The Invisible & Dangerous Indoor Air Pollution Problem

In this world of continuous computing environment where all the presence of smart devices which lead to semi automation of all tasks within minimization of times. We are living in the world of fast wireless systems were in the air we could find a larger possibility of air waves related with audio signals. Air signals of audio, video and high definitions, bandwidth. Wireless and other input signals such as GPS, blue tooth, tetherings, hotspots. This means that most of the spaces which we breathe and think is healthier are full of largest possible miscellaneous signals.

It is unthinkable the amount of wireless signals of different forms which we are dealing with from time to time. Just think that for the sake of paperless office and smart office and home office we have been constantly dealing with large sector of wireless signals which are not visible and provide immense forms of convenience for users to interact with different forms of communicative mediums but still it is unthinkable of the amount of sheer large quantities of send and receive of unthinkable amount of data which if calculated in real times, could amount to larger forms of garbage of data.

All of these are sheer forms of unthinkable proportions considering the aspect that once the data is sent to space or go wireless it remains there for ever and it stays there for longer bit of time and then move to different positions of universe in order to create the larger forms of junks which probably moving at different locations all over the universe. There are innumerable amounts of stars, planets, galaxies all inside this vast universe. Probably, we are the only ones which we have been constantly, throwing larger amounts of hardware as well as software data into universe. Why such humongous amounts of data are needed for general transactions of humans.

When we see all other animals living beside us, we see them hardly send large sounds and varieties of different sounds in order to send and receive communications. Why humans have been giving away so much more of louder sounds which used to move with space to reach from one person to the other. WIth the development of technology which primarily focuses on the larger portion of wireless connectivity within certain specified and derived space parameters which lead to larger forms of sending and receiving of communications with one another without any further need for checking and receiving environment variables.

For example you have a 10 laptop, and latest version of android device and now with the help of both these you can completely create one of entire wireless audio system. WIth Bluetooth, Wi Fi entire wireless mediums all sharing of data becomes easier. But should we also think how these data are communicated and how we are creating a form of heavier nearby environment by constantly exchanging data in such environments. Pollution to our immediate environment has been constantly going on and all these environments of utmost pollution where most of these air spaces remain invisible as ever to move forward one of the most polluted environments. When we tether one device to the other, the first and foremost important aspect of such tethering of the device is related to sending data from one device to the other.

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Suppose we make Bluetooth tether with one device with that of other and then allow the songs to run from one device to the other and this could make that from one device from its file explorer songs ran from one device to the other smoothly. Songs from one device stream to other devices and then it runs in the other device. This means that the portion of streaming of songs from one device to the other goes on in a super sonic speed. This goes on to show the amount of stress on air space due to larger use of spectrum for private space within certain permissible distance limits. This goes on to show and prove how such state of air is constantly being violated lawfully but still one finds harder aspects of understandings of different myths associated with paramount use of dynamic utilization of air space.

It affects us invisibly and that creates the most difficult part of understanding such phenomenon of huge and possibly unthinkable amount of the colossal problem of dealing with large amount of air pollution. We always feel disturbed by the amount of audio disturbances due to high density of audio usages but we never ever think seriously about presence of large chunk of audios moving inside ours space from one device to the other providing larger amount of pollution which endanger ours life completely. Though streaming of music from one device to the other goes on silently but still one could hardly hear the sound but still not able to find the amount of disturbances moving from one device to the other.

For the last few years, we have been experiencing the developments and spreading of direct to home (DTH) broadcasting service which enables people to receive television broadcasting even in difficult terrains. It is all possible due to direct broadcasting from satellites to home television from receiving antenna which receive signals and then convert these signals into television mediums with the help of set top box into television. All these coding and decoding of signals are converted in space and all such done invisibly. This goes on to prove that when one goes to terrace nearer to antenna of DTH. It is of a clearer message that the immediate atmosphere. It is optimum clear that from now on your immediate atmosphere is full of pollution data distributed and transmitted from space to your home television. In this way, your personal air space is now covered with transmitted data which are being constantly broadcasted from different television stations through satellite linking.

We do not know at any point of time if at all any stage of satellite broadcasting, the concept of viruses of any form which could propagate different health hazards and that could lead to serious massive pollution of space elements and this could prove to be real hazardous for people. All these could be done invisibly which is not wanted and should not be done. Thanks to development of such technology which enables wireless transmission of television contents with digital encryption and which can be receivable at any point of land where the traces of cable-television or wired broadcasting of television signals find difficult to reach. People wanted more convenience and want to observe digital content so that they could find it easier to see and enjoy televisions.

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It is the sheer need for ultimate human comfort that leads to advent of more and more technological brilliance which computes for creating more and more wireless technologies in order to create more and more innovative as well as performance optimised technologies without concerning minutely about any such pollution related with air spaces. With the advent of encryption, digital and high definition broadcasting which paves the way for more and heavier transmission of data that amounts to more polluted air space which we live and breathe. More we send and receive data more and more air space should be constantly used in order to show cause more and more pollution and that data traces should be there all over and should be moving slowly towards atmosphere and beyond.

These invisible pollutants elements always pose for more and more invisible advent of health hazards. All such wireless technologies always creates more and more invisible boundaries which always touches people who used to read around those places and that should have some sort of effect of health hazards and all these could prove to be more and more disastrous for humans. With the advent of Bluetooth technologies which create tethering of music, internet, devices, and all such sharing of informations performs under the wireless technologies which stay just nearby areas of yours in order to show case speedier and automatic sending and receiving of shared informations. Inside universe there perceived to be the vast vacuum of space where most stars and their concerning planets, sub-planets and asteroids do exist there on. All the left over places are there for free movements of planetary movements of these elements.

When we create so much of data traces wireless within these space elements we tend to forget that those should be there always and those should be deposited within our immediate environments or within our neighboring environments. All these tend to provide some sort misnomer due to presence of air space and all such pollutants agents comes in the form of invisible traces. We live in this air space and take respiration from these airs. How could we pollute such air spaces with such huge amounts of continuous air flows moves in and outs within ours specific air environments. Now we live in the age of high definition age where most of the visitors used to watch televisions in terms of clear and lucid display mechanisms. All these comes in terms of large number of sending and receiving of data wireless and that could have become more source of pollution in airspace.

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What should be solutions for all these invisible pollution which are mostly not so noticeable at different places. We should go for complete wired solutions in order to prevent such state of affairs. One needs to use wired computing, land line when at home, cable-television viewing in order to provide a smoother and cleaner environment to stay healthy and fit. On the contrary all these are possible or not as with due course of time we tend to find the amount of time we need to perform each and every tasks where as for performing of most tasks we tend to find the amount of time we need seems to be shrinking further which amounts to mostly the most difficult phase of choosing the most advanced technologies over everything. If we choose all such manual methodologies of different gadgets at home, which depends mostly upon wired technology tend to provide and show case for more exercise of brain and tend to lessen the amount of released pollutions to environment.

All these takes time and in the case of television signals as well as other forms of communication mediums we tend to find that most of such technologies do go for minimisation of utilisation of amount of time which tend to maximise the amount of time we do have at ours kitty. It is always a difficult choice to choose from technology and extreme technology. It is upto individuals to choose it from. There are different angles when we tend to move towards minimisation of use of mind in exchange for move towards complete wireless environment where as in the form of use of simple technology, which amounts to semi use of technology with that of use of manual implementation of person who happens to use such technology.

It is a difficult choice but where as one tend to move towards all forms of technological brilliance then we tend to think all about how to use such technology where there would be minimal dumping of invisible data all over, which tend to provide more and more comfortable elements all over where we do find most of comfortable elements of choice without any such need for implementation of all such other application environment to create one of most reliable and smoothing places to breathe in and out.

All such configurations and anticipations to create one of the greatest environment of air space depend solely upon us. In a world where we advocate more and more use of large scale of technology for convenience of personal use. We need to decide between good and better and choose between comfort and health. It is upto us to decide and move forward no one else would help us to do it as we tend to march forward in attending the best of best. It is our responsibility to wipe out invisible pollutions in order to create a safer place for humans.

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