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Climate has just changed. It is currently very much cooler and soothing to skins. Slow breezes are flowing in and across in every, sphere. It is of utmost surprising aspect of the way climate changes in this part of world. There has been many instances of the proper flow of informations of what went wrong possibly due to change of climates all around in this part of world. What ever be the reason what so ever the thought emanating out from it we should understand that the absolute result of cooler weather is most important. After Makar Sankranti, mostly it is expected that sun moves towards closer towards that part of earth which means more and more heat towards that part of place. Surprisingly, now it is raining just like a complete rainy season which suprises me to see what is happening.

Many say that due to the advent of El Nino, in the previous year that affects till to date even during the winter season that makes the entire winter hotter. With plenty of rains entire climate changes suddenly with stronger cool winds across all over. To my utter suprise entire area of Puri has been drenched but due to stronger drainage system all over, and better sewerage system most of Waters moved out from the entire vicinity. That is a good sign for Puri at most times due to the advent of large numbers of tourists all over this area, entire area needs to be dried for comfort of the floating population as well as natives. Due to large amount of developmental works out here with strongest possible underway drainage system most of times now the amount of collected waste due to advent of rain or any other sudden natural happenings now slowly all of such waters moved out from Puri town with complete ease.

Nearer to the main hospital of Puri, there has been some temporary food shops which are more popular and mostly natives know. One shop just after the blood bank of Puri town which makes temporary food items just after evening time. That shop makes three types of local food items and it makes one food item after. Most of the local people flocked that place to eat or take home such food items. Owner of that shop adds most of a large number of vegetables in that food items even during times when food costs are on the higher side. He does on reducing the amount of vegetable to be inside fried food items thus does not reduce the quality of food items even during times when food costs are on the higher side. That is why most of the people who are fond of fried vegetable food flock to that shop.

Another shop which specialises in another form of fried items and is hugely popular is located nearer to the Gundicha temple of Puri. That shop deals with one fried vegetable item but the vegetable shop owner used to generate huge form of benefits out from it. Those forms of vegetable fried items used to cost on the higher side than normal market costs, but still most of food lovers used to reach out to that place to buy that food. He used to make those fried food item with deep dry technology with specified and right ingredients stuffed deep inside it so that it tastes good for the satiable mouth of people. Even people who used to go for a visit to shoulder to show case the food items to in laws home.

All these trends just got bigger due to the advent of such stronger local brands shops which time and again prove to provide, the presence of such stronger cases for local brand shops. Nearer to Gundicha temple, there has been some other shops of fast food items which are popular. Time and again if some rooms around those places, one could witness presence of large number of people standing there and eating fast food items. Fast food items are local food items which are mostly ready made and mostly non-vegetarian in nature. Those shops provide the price for money for people but in reality the stuffs inside some rolls food items used to be not so presentable food materials that have been used to be. That is why most of knowledgeable people does not reach out to those food shops as most of times the non vegetarians food items that has been sold there are not so upto mark of quality and there could be larger chances of food poisoning if some one happens to eat those food items there.

Inside most of chicken rolls sold in and around area beginning from saradha bali nearer to Gundicha temple towards Nayak Plaza nearer to Mausima temple of grand road of Puri town used to sell the same type of chicken made items which are mostly waste products of chicken as most of these are devoid of mostly the meat part of chicken. That is why there is every chance of people coughing food poisoning out of it if they happen to eat those stuffs. Most of chicken roll the food stuffs are made from waste part of chicken and most of these are hidden inside a bread roll and that is why they are able to give those stuffs to people. Most of chicken rolls are to be eaten without opening the bread rolls of it and most of these stuffs are rolled and hidden inside and that is why most of waste part of chicken are used it and all these are mixed with finely chopped onions and all these are mixed with red colors which is used to disguise as that of using of tomato sauces.

Even if food lover opens the chicken roll instantly in order to examine what is inside those stuffs which could be very difficult to understand it as most of times all these stuffs are colored in red as if there has been large number of tomato and chilli sauces are added into it. It should provide one of complete disbursement for food loving persons. That is therefore important to omit such shops while purchasing any of such food items from there. In addition to it, most of these street vendors use waters from tube wells. Most of these tube wells extract waters from nearby water levels. Nearby water levels in and around the area of main hospital Puri deals with mostly the running of drainage water and underwater sewerage levels which tends to provide mostly the pollutant water and that should possess most of undesirable pollution levels. Most of these foods are prepared from these waters which tend to create mostly the polluted foods with plenty of existences of germs attached with it.

There are plenty of panni puri venture out on the grand road. These vendors are mostly prevalent. While walking beside the road, one could find people standing in and around such street vendors would be eating out such panni puri one by one. These foods should be avoided by natives as well as by tourists. Mostly mixed water used to server with puri used to be mixture of tamarind soluble water. It is done with hand and there is no guarantee whether the food vendor is providing the right kind of cleanliness while preparing for such types of food as well as the water that has been meant to prepare such kind of tamarind water most probably comes from the same tube well water which has very near reach towards water but do provide the most pollutant water due to underground sewerage systems all over entire space of Puri town. Before reaching out to such street vendors one should always be concerned about such incidents as well as, should always be careful of such foods which not only provide plenty of germinated waters as well as can cause deeper health hazards.

As natives of such places one should not eat such foods as these can harm the entire health system of yours completely and that should make the entire processing settlement of yours to complete standstill and that should be avoided in the first place. On the other hand, if you are a traveller and part of the floating population of Puri you should also not want to ruin your health for purchasing of cheaper food from these vendors. It should be avoided in the first place. If your health deteriorates as a result of eating such foods, your entire schedule of your journey and travelling in and across such places should be gone to stand still. It is yours that is real wealth as with a good health the cost of life goes higher and do create more and more powers to you perform absolute responsibility that has been attached with you and that has been polished to you for betterment of your future.

Further you move towards Lord Jagannath temple you should find enough place for one shop that has been selling the dried rice mixture. That has been a good shop as you can find that the specified dried rice mixture is inside of contains and that has been sold on a fair price and that should be a good idea for natives and visitors to buy those stuffs in order to mitigate the spare time with some nicely fried dried rice mixture. It should provide one of the better placed food items which have two variants in spelling at that place. It is being shown and one should find it easily as most of these shops are inside of the grand road of Puri. Most of these shops are occupied by grand road as most of these shops have been done illegally. How these shops are allowed inside of the grand road which compresses the entire travel route and most times due to presence of large number of vehicles roaming in and around those areas it is almost difficult to move from that place. On the other hand the dried fried rice mixture is a good take and by buying the appropriate version which costs amounts higher but it tastes good and nice.

Entire Journey of the grand road from the Jagannath temple to Gundicha temple is full of many hurdles. It does provide plenty of large set of different stoppages due to traffic congestion and a large number of shop occupants residing here and there and the entire route of traffic journey becomes clumsy. There has been the presence of many shops that have been stationed at different places of the grand road. One should always be careful of while walking inside of the grand road. Always be wary of riding on auto rickshaws. If you are four persons and want to hire auto to see side mostly they should take 50 to 60 Indian rupees and they should agree to it. Then after reaching at the sea side they would quarrel with you and said that they have told that it should take that sum of money per person and at last you have to pay as a tourist for 250 rupees. If tourists continue to agree then they resort to threatening of tourists and try to garner as much as money they can. It is a disappointing situation for most of the tourist who should feel for a greater comfort level all over but fail to find so it is important always be conscious of such situation if you are travelling to Puri and always be aware of such situation.

In today’s world entire life, sum is difficult to manage and understand. It is important always be careful of where you have been and what food items you have been taking off and how to manage your life in order to have a greater consolidated lifestyles for your perusal. One should always be careful where to travel and also be careful of all sorts of situations as while on out one should always be thankful of the fact that entire situation are not of very much helpful and one should always go what he thinks best and should always research well on these subjects before venturing out to open for enjoyment and augmentation of health in order to create a proper and well managed tourist destinations. Life is not roses all the way. There ought to be instances of thorns which one needs to find out and better take a well managed preventive action in order to create an entire wonderful situation and environment to live and enjoy the entire environment. In this article, I try my best to showcase how in such a tourist destination is be careful of such situations while taking food outside. It is a lesson for most of the people of the natives as well as of tourists as one should always compare such situation with that of cooked food with that of home made foods. This always creates the most intrusive and correct reminded of what are the foods we have been taking of and what are the instances of foods that we need as we as the human body cannot allow such polluted instances of foods to our stomach.

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